Wiz Khalifa: A Video Retrospective

In celebration of Wiz Khalifa’s major label debut, Rolling Papers, officially hitting stores this week, XXLMag.com takes a look back at our 2010 Freshman’s lengthy videography. Though he’s only been in the game for four years, Young Khalifa has already racked up a pretty stunning array of visuals— from his first LP, 2007’s Show and Prove, to 2009’s buzzworthy Deal or No Deal; his Flight School mixtape, to the Twitter trending topic powerhouse Kush and Orange Juice, and of course RP. So light one up and let your eyes take a trip down memory lane with some of the Pittsburgh, rhyme sayer’s greatest hits. You know what it is… —XXL Staff

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  • Nunya

    I heard Say Yeah so long ago…and never knew until now that it was Wiz.

    Interesting…on Shame the hook says got 2 Sweets rolled…

    • Michael C.

      Wiz used to be all about the swishers up until Deal or No Deal

    • freshyboi

      that was before he started trying to be curren$y

    • freshyboi

      check out the video of him on worldstar getting mad and making dudes put out their blunts at his listening party

      “we only smoke papers here”, what a joke

  • mayo

    xxl got shit outta order like hell lol yall shoulve let a fan do dis still dope doe