“We Here Now,” XXL‘s Article on the Top 5 Rap Groups to Watch in 2011 [April 2011 Magazine Exerpt]

Cali Swag District

Members: Montae “M-Bone” Talbert, 20; Chanti “Yung” Glee, 20; Corey “C-Smoove” Fowler, 20; Cahron “JayAre” Childs, 20
Reppin’: Inglewood, California
Notable Credits: Single: “Teach Me How to Dougie,” 2010
Currently Working On: Deeper Than the Dougie mixtape (release date TBD) and their debut album, The Kickback, due March 1
Label: Independent
Side Hustle: JayAre and C-Smoove do production work and have provided beats for the group’s upcoming projects.

“Teach Me How to Dougie”


“Back It Up and Dump It”

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  • chef

    how can you guys leave out atmosphere they got an album dropping april 12 you people always sleep on these guys and they’ve been putting in work for over a decade

  • Brett Howell

    XXL knows who slaughterhouse are and that D12 is dropping another album soon right?

  • K. Wells

    How can you guys leave out groups like Pac Div and The Cool Kids? Pac Div just released “Mania!” with the single “Anti-Freeze” and The Cool Kids just signed to the Mountain Dew label and released the new single “Bundle Up”.

    • aq

      thats exactly what i was thinking. pac div been putting in work and i feel like alot of ppl been sleeping on them. And the cool kids are bout to drop when fish ride bicycles

  • fullmeltbubble

    das racist be crazy

  • Jamie

    wow. No “Detour”??? There Songs “Gucci, Louie, Whateva” & “Anxiety” Should Have Put Them On Blast!

  • Tim

    How in the hell are you going to leave out Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All? Golf Wang is making more news than any of these guys, they are getting bigger every day and have been backed by Kanye West, Lupe, NERD, GZA and Beyonce among others. Even though I love Chiddy Bang and Das Racist, this list is invalid.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=941462 J-e The Pioneer

    L.E.P. Bogus Boys got to be the best on this list! Stand up Chicago! 57th to 53rd GDN! You making it my dudes! I made a beat for these dudes!

  • zk11

    Pac Div ? Odd Future ? …travis porter sucks


    Pac Div & Gorilla Warfare Tatics make the list 7. It’s a good number!

  • koolkarol

    wheres Pac Div you busters?????

  • caino

    No Pac Div?? FAIL!! !!!!!

    Tho Chiddy Bang, Opposite of Adults is a class tune!

  • Valentino St.Claire

    Pac Div was on that list last year.

  • http://imjustjeni.wordpress.com Jeni calhoun

    PacDiv shouuld have been at the top of this list. Mania! is going to secure the groups slot as one of the greatest rap groups of our generation.

  • kid vic

    yo pac div im pretty sure made last years list, the cool kids have been mentioned in this mag so many times (im a fan shoot out to rocks report). Slaughterhouse is made up of a crew that is in no way shape or form freshmen, im gonna put my money on saying this article is written for the unsung freshmen. NOT the biggest group. the lack of odd future might just be because Tyler didnt really want to be in the freshman thing i dunno but that makes sense to me