The Best of Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa may have dropped his official major label debut album Rolling Papers yesterday, but the Taylor Gang general is no rap rookie. The Pittsburgh spitter has dropped a whopping nine mixtapes and has been feeding his fans underground hits for years. recently caught up with Khalifa and got him to make a pre-Rolling Papers Best Of Playlist. Okaaaaaay!— Rob Markman

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  • Tru Talk

    See a lot of this shit is good….. He could have picked some better tracks then these 11 but still, Lay em Down, Go on Hate, with a mixture of songs like Mezmerized and ink my whole body its great, this rolling papers is jus well, i can’t rip on wiz no more so I aint even gonna say

  • ROBD916

    never been, the statement, and still blazin beat out the songs from the prince of the city mixtapes, and nothin from BAR? who even made this list?

    • Michael C.

      Your asking who made this? Wiz did haha, but yea i agree some B.A.R. should be on this playlist.

  • Eagle

    “Kid Frankie” is the dopest of these

    It’s crazy to see his progression from P.O.C.1 to K x OJ

    Prince of the City 2 is my favorite pre K&OJ mixtape

  • BJizzle

    I’m not one of them lames who claims to have been down with the Taylor Gang since Day 1 (who gives a fuck), so a lot of these I haven’t heard. But I am sure Spotlight, This Plane, Car Service, Takeaway, and Glass House could have taken the place of five of these songs.

  • ayyy

    this list is shit nigga has wayyy better songs than this stupid ass xxl

  • Al

    Yeah list is good but I thought “In The Cut” and “Still Blazin” would be there

  • Chucky

    why the hell isnt this plane on there?

  • francis nasim

    my copy comin may 5 happy cinco de mayo buyin a gmc my name not camrons and.. im paradin beanie sigal na na na na -chronicles-rolling paper 2 comin soon-yah kno!

  • francis nasim

    10 years from now my ninja-i luv u boa

  • BrookNam

    That album fucking sucks keep it real. Kush & OJ was fire but that album is prolly the biggest disappointment in Hip Hop history.

  • Jeremy

    Wiz stole the name Rolling papers from OFWGKTA. Wolf Gang over Taylor Gang

  • Kris

    why are u guys trippin….wiz made this list himself…these are songs he picked, his favorites…not urs

  • aboynamedandy

    The researcher clearly just downloaded the Prince and OJ tapes. No “Deal Or No Deal” ish, “B.A.R.” ish, “Flight School” ish (a few joints are okay on that mixtape)?

  • luke m

    hahaha all his old shit is better! but this is missing the thrill which is probably his best song