Six Degrees of Eazy-E: 20 Artists That Can Be Traced to the West Coast Legend

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  • Eazy-E
    Eric "Eazy-E" Wright's become known as the architect who build the foundation for Gangsta Rap and West Coast dominance in the '90s. But in the 16 years since his passing, his impact has reached a much broader scope. Some of hip-hop's biggest names can all be traced back to Eazy. On the anniversary of Eazy's death, <em>XXL</em> takes a look at some of the artists the West Coast legend has influenced. R.I.P.
  • NWA
    N.W.A.:Eazy founded the world's most dangerous group, N.W.A. in 1986. Comprised of Eazy, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella, the group released two platinum LPs.
  • DrDre
    Dr. Dre: The good doctor left N.W.A in '91 to become arguably the most influential producer in hip-hop history. Dre formed Death Row with Suge Knight in '92 where he birthed the careers of superstar Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound, Lady of Rage, Nate Dogg and others. He left Death Row in '95 and formed Aftermath a year later. Since then, he's birthed more mega stars like Eminem, 50 Cent and The Game. Though Dre and Eazy feuded for a few years, they reconciled before his death. Dre visits E's grave in his latest video, "I Need a Doctor."
  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube: Cube was the first member of N.W.A. to leave the nest. Since then he's gone on to release seven platinum and gold LPs and become a major Hollywood player. Though he and Eazy were at odds at the time of his death, Cube always pays homage to the man who gave him his shot.
  • Bone
    Bone Thugs-n-Harmony: Bone kept the lights on at Ruthless Records post the N.W.A. era. They released six records with the label, four of which earned multiplatinum certifications. "Tha Crossroads," a song dedicated to Eazy, reached No.1 on Billboard 100 and won a Grammy.
  • BlackEyedPeas
    BEP's international pop sound may be a far cry from Eazy's gangsta soundscapes, but the group's frontman,, signed to Eazy's Ruthless records under the moniker Will-1X in the early '90s.
  • LilEazyE
    Lil Eazy: Bearing a striking resemblance to his father, Lil Eazy has been contributing to his pop's musical legacy for years now. He was previously signed to Virgin Records and is now inked to Universal.
  • snoop_dogg
    Snoop Dogg: Big Snoop was signed to Dre's Death Row Records in the '90s. He even jumped into Dre's feud with Eazy-E and dissed him on <em>The Arsenio Hall Show</em>. These days he gives Eazy his just due whenever he gets a chance.
  • warreng
    Warren G: Though he was never linked to Dre, contractually, Warren G was always in the fold. As a West Coast MC, he's taking cues from what Eazy's built.
  • NateDogg
    Nate Dogg: The hook man extraordinaire was signed to Death Row Records in the '90s. He's connected to Eazy through Dr. Dre.
  • Tupac
    Tupac Shakur: 'Pac was signed to Dre's Death Row label, which was founder when the producer left N.W.A.
  • #wcrapper
    WC: WC is connected to Eazy-E through Ice Cube. He was part of Westside Connection.
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  • TheGame
    Game: This West Coast MC has name-dropped Eazy on countless songs. He even has a tattoo of Eazy. Game is connected to Eazy through Dr. Dre.
  • TheDOC
    The D.O.C.: The D.O.C. was signed to Ruthless Records. His debut, <em>No One Can Do It Better</em> went platinum and is heralded as a hip-hop classic.
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  • Michelle
    Michel'le: This R&B vocalist was signed to Ruthless Records.
  • Mack10
    Mack 10: Mack Dime is connected to Eazy through Ice Cube. He was part of Westside Connection with Cube and WC.
  • LadyofRage
    Lady of Rage
  • Kid-Frost
    Kid Frost: The latino MC was signed to Ruthless Records in the '90s.
  • JJFad
    J.J. Fad: This female trio was signed to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records. Their debut album, <em>Supersonic,</em> went platinum.
  • #GUnit
  • eminem
    Eminem: Slim Shady's signed to Aftermath, which Dre founded after leaving Ruthless Records.
  • doggpound
    Tha Dogg Pound: This dynamic duo was part of Death Row Records, the label Dre formed after Ruthless.
  • #D12
  • 50Cent
    50 Cent: Fif is one of four superstars Dre's produced since leaving Eazy's Ruthless Records.

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  • ra

    first gangsta mogul….eazy-duz-it…r.i.p.

  • RahRah

    dis shit aint even about artists influenced by eazy…dis shit is more like niggas connected to Dr. Dre. dis whole post is fucked.

    • WiseGuy

      Hell yea I was thinking that exact same thing. This shit makes no sense. I’m surprised I wasn’t on it since I listen to Dr. Dre’s music and he knew Eazy-E.


    Fuck easy and west coast QUEENS NIGGAS ALL DAY

    • c_realla

      fuck you corny ass ni99a WEST UP Beeyatch

    • Venice RIFA

      you can rep queens all day but without us on the westcoast you pussies aint shit

  • 860

    Yeah this is wack. What about all the rappers directly connected to Eazy like BG Knock Out and Gangsta Dresta. Oh yeah and how the fuck could you not mention MC REN?

    • dre

      what about above the law

  • tha truth

    this man is a pioneer…any one dissing is disrepcting the entire genre of hip hop..

  • Ants

    What have queens bruthas got these days bro easy was da realest can’t compare no body to be honest eazy started dat gangsta shit

  • biged


  • tyrksa

    Is this artists that can be traced to Eazy, or traced to Dre? Like 80% of these guys are “connected thru Dr. Dre”.

  • DavySupafly

    LOL it just goes to show how little of an impact Eazy actually had on the game, no doubt he had hot verses but alotta them were written by Ice Cube (betcha didn’t know that) he may have started ruthless records but it’s Dre that put it down for the team in the end, Dr. Dre is the ultimate west coast representer. R.I.P. Eazy E though niggas die too young nowadays.

  • The187Worm

    damn man this article is only thing u guys can throw up…Eazy E was connected to alot more muthufuckas…and why dont this magazine throw up Lil Eazy’s tracks on this shit huh???? His shit is bumpin ….oh thats right u only play good shit once an a blue moon…Fuck you

    • jimmyjam

      i dont wanna be this guy. the guy who act tough on the net but id love to meet you so i could kick ur face in. u a pathetic little troll who prbably spends all day in his moms basement. its sad.

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        Actually i spend all day on my grandmama’s couch muthufucka , and u dont wanna be the guy that threatens over the internet but you def is… i have never been the type of muthufucka to threaten some ignorant ass piece of garbage over the internet …..but i dont need to see u face to face , cuz i already met muthufuckas of the likes of you…thank you have a wonderful day! :)

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  • Eazy Fan

    yeah, this post was mad wack! major fail. try again!

  • http://twitter/iamchrisvergara Chris

    I lik the idea of the post! but there is so many artists not mentioned! BG Knocc Out, Dresta, Menajhatwa (dont know if i spelt it right)
    Eazy-E does not get the respect he deserves!

  • DJKiddMarvel

    Ab-Soul most definitely… Dude kinda look like him too

  • jimmyjam

    why is easy e a legen all he was, was an imae. he never wrote orproduced he just stood there acting cool.

    • The187Worm

      such a youngin…and you forgot the G in image …maybe cuz u aint one and trying to be.

  • TheVillian

    Eazy also signed The Black Eyed Peas when they were The Atban Klan, and also Blood of Abraham to Ruthless.

  • wcfinest

    not even a name of the author … dude that article is wack, step yo rap game up nigga.

  • Jay Cole

    LOL @ this article. this is PURE BULLSHIT

    more like “20 artists that can be traced to the West Coast Legend Dr Dre”

  • oskamadison

    Is it just me or has XXL’s had more “lists” than actual articles in 2011? Are y’all payin’ homage or are y’all runnin’ out of ideas?
    Anyway, you can’t deny Eazy’s impact on Hip-Hop and personally, I don’t think dude gets his props the same way as say, THOSE TWO. Y’all know who I’m talkin’ about so I don’t have to say their names. Yes, more than a few people on this list had direct connections to Dre but the point is, without Eazy, there is no Dre.
    Finally, for the record, anybody STILL trippin’ on some east coast/west coast shit in 2011 is a sad, lame, pathetic, time warp set on 1996-ass muh’fucka.

  • EL

    lol lol!! get ur virgin ass of the couch!! mad funny
    and by the way eazy whuz that O.G no doubt about that.
    if u use 2 listen 2 N.W.A around that time u know what i mean.

  • Jim C

    what the hell is this shit, just wasted a minute of my time to be told of 20 artists linked to dre who was perviously on ruthless records, great connecting skills there!!!

  • eazy e’s brother

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    god bless the memory of easy e R.I.P

    • raza