Charlie Sheen is on fire. For those playing catch up, the actor has been making headlines recently thanks to some of the things he’s been saying in the a handful of interviews he’s been doing on television and radio. He’s appeared on the Today show, Good Morning America, Howard Stern and more (with the kind of press he's been doing, there may even be an exclusive Q & A posted on later this week). The Two and a Half Men star has battled alcohol and cocaine problems, though he doesn’t believe in the concept of addition and claims that he is now clean simply because he wants to be. Now the rest of the season of the sitcom has been canceled, and he's got something to say about it.

More than a few onlookers and interviewers have suggested that Sheen may have gone off the deep-end. He’s talked about the “Goddesses” that he lives with (the two women he’s in a relationship with); that he’s “tired of pretending I’m not special;” that he has “tiger blood;” that CBS should apologize while “licking my feet” and plenty more gems. Plus, he looks like that ↓.

It's the old car crash cliche: We're a bit horrified, but just can't look away. There's no telling what this will do for Sheen's career; it's still early for that—though he expects to be "winning" before long.

Plenty of rappers have had their own moments where they’ve said or done something that has made hip-hop scratch it’s collective head. Sometimes, it's at an important moment in their career and adversely affects the path, while others simply signify that off-the-deep-end moment. In honor of Sheen's spectacular antics, we present to you: Rap’s greatest Charlie Sheen Moments.