“Play Your Part,” XXL‘s Article on the Top 5 Labels to Watch in 2011 [April 2011 Magazine Excerpt]

Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment

Birthed: 1999
Founder: Kawan “KP” Prather
Description: An Atlanta-based management company and independent label bursting with talent from less-popular parts of the country, such as Alabama and Las Vegas
Past Achievements: Launched the careers of Young Bloodz and T.I.; locked distribution deals with Island Def Jam in 2009 and Interscope/Shady in 2010 Current Roster: Yelawolf and Mr. Finley
We’re Making an Impact on Hip-Hop Now Because… “the artists I sign or deal with are respectable and able to get the respect of people who have gone through it. If a vet can’t find something about you to respect in your newness, it’s probably not there.” —Kawan “KP” Prather

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  • Aaron

    Strange Music still gettin no love…they takin over the word this year n they don’t get on here? Yelawolf n Big K.R.I.T. were the only good rappers I saw on here too.

    • thinker

      Strange Music BEEN doin their thing longer than anybody on here, this if for the ones just comin up. And how the fuck is you not gunna mention K.Dot? smh get the FUCK outta here

      • Trego J

        Fuck K dot. How you not gonna mention Wale or Meek Mill. And XXL is fucking up. You didn’t add pill to the maybach group!

  • Chris

    Top Dawg! 4 good rappers!

  • http://www.iap-tv.com UndergroundKings

    Rock solid music dnt get no love and they sale mo ‘than half the niccas yall pushin chit Big Krit was onwww.iap-tv.com fo 11years before yall found him! SMDH>>>>Lazy Bastards!

  • Daze

    Wheres Strange Music at???

  • POKE

    only good rappers on here be krit and yela maybach music is afucking joke


    maybach music is fucking wack none of the artist are any good except mill. gunplay is fucking ridiculous and ross is fake