Mac Miller Breaks Down Best Day Ever Track by Track

When, just over a month ago, Mac Miller announced while UStreaming that he would be dropping his new mixtape, Best Day Ever, on March 11, his fans were justifiably excited. The project they’d been anticipating since he dropped K.I.D.S. in August of 2010, finally had a release date. Mac promised that if the Best Day Ever became a trending topic on Twitter that night, he’d drop a song from the upcoming release. He kept his word, and before long, “Donald Trump” was out and trending itself. Soon, Mac and his Most Dope team premiered the video, and in under a week it had over 1 million views on YouTube.

Mac received strong support from his fans when he finally released BDE late this past Friday evening (March 11), but the XXL Freshman may have exceeded expectations. Word is BDE got roughly 300,000 downloads in 48 hours.

Now just days removed from the release, Mac took some time to chop it up with and offer a breakdown of the project, track by track. Thumbs up. —Adam Fleischer

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  • protoman

    this is really a great tape from top to bottom. u did ur thing mac.

    • T


  • Antre

    Mac and Wiz keep making this dope ass music

  • shawn

    KEEP FLOATIN- best song on the mix

    • ROBD916


  • freshyboi

    he should have talked about how they butchered a good meaningful song that dj premier, guru and scarface made back when he was in diapers by talking about absolutely nothing like on every one of his songs

    you cant remake a song dj premier made with guru, some disrespectful shit right there, super corny shit

    • Anthony

      freshyboi your probably some black dude who hates on every white rapper because there not rapping about guns and “Killin every n-gga on the block” and their gang, Hes talking about havin fun and living his life, you can’t really hate on someone for rapping about their life…?

      • the1uluv2hate

        cosign Anthony

    • richie

      it makes me laugh how people listen to his music just to hate aha .. bro mac does his thing and he does it well DONT HATE

  • makavelli

    wiz and mac r great have all thier stuff… i have 2 say though ive only knowin about mac since the freshman cover and i was shocked. why is wiz came up so much faster, yeah hes great but mac is lyrically 10 x better….

  • RAWshad

    Wiz is lyrically better, you trippin.

    • shibbyswag

      naw mac kills it in his verses but wiz isn’t really that much of a lyricist most of the time
      but id smoke to one of wiz’s tracks over one of mac’s everyday, even though i dig miller alot more

      • ROBD916

        mac is definitely more lyrical

    • richie

      i agree mac is definetly more lyrical but i like um equally .. wiz just mainly raps bout smokin and partyin and mac raps bout his life but both of them are great .. they are gunna be 2 of the best rappers for our generation

  • Moreffa

    Fuck this corny cracka

  • Smashone a.k.a The God

    Yo I’m sorry but everyone needs to stop riding this kid’s dick already. Are ya’ll so desperate for music that you jump on the first thing that pops up. If someone told ya’ll the sky was orange with green polka dots would you believe them? I’m not hating on Mac and all I just don’t think he’s nice point blank period. And this is coming from someone who tried to see what the fuss was about and actually LISTENED CAREFULLY to some of his songs. Still not feeling it. And before you start NO I don’t think every song has to be about gunz drugs and this that and the third. But if I’m gonna listen to some different shit then they need to be able to spit. The kid is wild corny and not even that nice. So please hop off his shit…Ya’ll so desperate to have an heir to Em that you wanna put anyone in that slot. Fuck outta here.

  • Nickels

    Yeah, we want is an heir to Em cause all that matters is that he’s white. Really dude?

  • RapRadar

    ignorance makes me laugh

  • Antre

    Fuck all this arguing.. wiz and mac both make chill music to sit back and smoke too. Everybody chill and light one up

  • tre22

    cant wait for Rolling Papers yall

  • alldayallnight

    mac dosent need to show his lyrical talent on “kids” and “best day ever” he makes damn good music if u want to hear him lyricalls listen to “the high life” he really goes in on that mixtape

  • Dedxsad

    He needs to mature…don’t tell me hes still a kid, cuz when Nas was 19 he made Illmatic. He didn’t talk about f*cking girls and partying, he gave a outlook on life. Mac needs to be more conscious and give more social commentary. I don’t hate white rappers so don’t even try saying that, cuz I listen to Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, and Eminem. Mac has a huge fan base, but he hasn’t got me over. I like Wiz tho…Kush & OJ was an amazing mixtape production wise

  • http://TWITTER.COM/SHAWN_BIGGS Shawn Biggs

    Wake Up should do a video