Happy Birthday Timbaland: 40 of Timbo’s Best Party Tracks

Every party needs the right soundtrack. More likely than not, if we were to gather up a list of our favorite party hits, producer/rapper Timbaland would have his records take up a good chunk of said list. Whether it’s on the hip-hop, R&B, or pop tip, Timbo seems to know the secret ingredient for conjuring up the perfect club jam. As the iconic producer celebrates his 40th birthday today, XXLMag.com decided to give him the playlist to his birthday party in the form of his own records.

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Best of XXL

  • jojo

    “Luv 2 Luv ya” should have been included in the list

  • ChevyRyder

    Shout out 2 Timbo.Evem though the nigga’s a pop head now gotta give credit where credit is due.Much love from ATL

  • Escobar9300

    Timbo is dope, but that fake ass Nate Dogg impersonation he did on “Kush” was wack.

    • The Reason

      What the hell are you talking about? Timbaland had nothing to do with Kush.

      • Escobar9300

        Look it up homeboy. That isn’t Nate Dogg doing that “Hold up wait a minute” bit on Kush, its Timbo doing a fuckin Nate Dogg impersonation (albeit a good one). Nate is still suffering from the stroke, he ain’t recorded shit since that stroke.

  • Chris S

    i was gonna throw a fit if Elevator wasn’t on there!

  • Hunt

    What the hell…no aaliyah-if your girl only knew?! one of the sickest beats ever. fuckin hot.

  • http://xxl.com Dr. Love

    what happen 2 DROP….timbo magoo & fatman scoop killed it dat was the best party song ever