Get Ya Sheen On! Ten Charlie Sheen-Inspired Rap Songs

Charlie Sheen is the best! Sorry, Khaled. Not since Pimp C has anyone stringed together so many outrageous, yet “grandiose” quotes in such a short span. With pop culture presently obsessed with the Two and a Half Men star, it’s only a matter of days before rappers fittingly start abusing Sheen references in their music. XXL beats them to the punch by listing 10 Sheen-inspired songs we’d love to see authored by MCs who would make Charlie proud. We even swagger jacked some of the actor’s monster quotes for a few lyrical suggestions. Winning!

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  • Diggz

    none of the links work

  • ben

    none of these songs are real…like what

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    this is umm WACK!

  • fazetwo

    it clearly says “XXL takes ten of Sheen’s most memorable recent quotes and IMAGINES which artists would make songs inspired by them…”

  • matty21

    haa love it! and ha, it’s real for da most part, it’s not like this is un-imaginable or unbelievable, or fiction either… people dont know how 2 react when someone comes this strong, confident, and defiant with it; against da grain and dont give a fuck they are… and in that way also, look how much heat da rap game gets, and how it’s used as a scapegoat, judged, and brushed off at times(but they can only brush it off for so long, dats been proven)… and maybe some of the respect dey dont have, that they then have 2 fight unusually more for than others, to earn and receive…da situations could be called very similar

    …for da most part, dey probably dont understand and gotta start putting labels on it and shit, gotta call it crazy, and every other name and assesment in da book(gotta figure it out); probably cuz dey dont understand, or dey themselves really wanna be that way… or really wanna believe what dis “crazy” person is saying and living, but cant(in that moment)

  • swagswag

    funny article