XXLMag.com Presents: Top 10 SMACK DVD Moments

DMX Back On The Block (February 2006)

Who else but X could go from a photo shoot for his label to sipping brews, shooting dice and having push-up contests on the block? Peep the interview at 4:45 as a drunk X manages to be crazy, insightful, hilarious, and enlightened all at once. Only the dog.

Eric: It was just a crazy day, man. We went up there and he heard about what we were doin’. We basically shot him for the day and it was an ill scene. This dude who was like a mega platinum star to be able to go back in his neighborhood. And he’s doin push-up contests…

Smack: —Nah, and get so much respect, too. They respect X in his hood, too. Like, I think that he’s just a person that’s just kickin’ it with the people in his neighborhood. A lot of the artists that make it to the level of DMX—you gotta keep in mind that DMX actually been on feature films in the movie theaters—for him to still be able to go back to his block and his hood and everybody love him, I thought [it] was incredible.

Eric: It was crazy, too, just to see how raw and forward he was. To be able to mention Jay-Z, L.A. Reid and Ja Rule and just talk about them on an honest level and express how he felt. So, it was definitely ill for him to just say those things directly into our camera, you know what I mean? It was dope to see that we was able to move around with him like that and he felt comfortable enough to have us behind the scenes, you know, doing artwork for his album. Runnin’ around; and to see him one minute be around his industry people up in the studios taking photo shoots for the cover of his album, and then the next moment to be with him on his block in the middle of a dice game having a push-up contest was just crazy.

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  • caino

    Ahh memories! lol

    Jae Millz won!!

    Damn X man saying ‘ l’m not putting myself in a situation that puts you in handcuffs, l aint putting on handcuffs’………..damn if only he knew!

    waka always been wack!

  • DH

    damn where would we be with out these videos?? Thanks smack. This is the reason we get to see all these rappers out side of magazines and shit. They get on a video, talk shit on a nigga, and then theres beef, which means better music. Hood affairs, cocaine city, all this shit, is just like sour diesel, straight fire. Thanks smack.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Respect to DMX

  • lucas

    mr west kills us again with songs

  • DiilGang

    This is Hip-Hop history in the making right here. Smack went into the streets where it’s all at

  • P

    SMACK was the shit. Always had the best footage.