In a world where breaking news leaks faster than a New York minute, social media networking heavyweight, Twitter has become the go-to source for being in the know, especially in the entertainment realm. Whether it's finding out about Cee-Lo Green’s secret pre-Grammy show, or discovering that Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told is No. 1 on iTunes hip-hop charts (congrats homie). The fascination and popularity of Twitter has reached new heights.

As it continues to impact the way information is sent out, Twitter has also become a top tier for celebrities when it comes to interacting with fans. Recently, it was reported on Twitter that popular fashion designer, Marc Jacobs, is currently on the hunt via Twitter to find someone that would be able to professionally run his tweeting account. With the abundance of rappers on the social networking site, it’s without a doubt that a couple could use some tweeting advice, more so some tweeting help. Although there are a few occasional manufactured tweets being sent from their account.

With that said, takes a look at a few emcees that should follow suit with Mr. Jacobs in hiring someone to tweet for them.

From the look of Em’s timeline, the lyrical tyrant could use some help on getting those inner thoughts on the Twitter rounds. Imagine what he or a hired gun could’ve tweeted last weekend while at the Grammys: “Just dropped an F-Bomb on stage, did ya’ll peep it?” Maybe some inside info on Detox as well, right?

God’s Son hasn’t really spewed much content in Twitterville, hopefully it’s because he’s in the studio crafting a soon to be classic. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a twitpic of the homey Raekwon and Nas in an epic studio session (i.e. “Rich & Black). If Nas is to busy to Tweet, maybe he could employ his brother, Jungle to snap pics and give us updates on his behalf.

Pusha T
Pusha Ton has publically declared that he doesn’t man his twitter but, it would be dope (no pun intended) to see the new G.O.O.D. signee tweeting his day to day operations. Maybe some key (again no pun intended) advice or even some dishing out the progress on his highly anticipated Fear Of God mixtape.

Hov on Twitter has become equivalent to spotting Big Foot in Brooklyn or figuring out the release date for TM 103. Not much to say here but, HELP!

Although he does have his occasional tweets here and there, many would love to see Kiss drop a few more noteworthy tweets. Maybe, alongside Styles P, tweet the sequel to “The Heist, Pt. 1.” Hey even better yet, Styles P should just Tweet for his fellow LOX member.

You’ve read’s list, now let’s read yours. What rappers do you think might require some tweeting help?