It’s a very, very small list of good NBA ball players who picked up the mic and gave a respectable performance as an MC. In fact, the list is so small, they don’t even have a bench. There’s only five, and we have them listed here.

Together, these are the ball players who have the best chance of making the rap/basketball two-sport athlete hall of fame wing if ever one existed. This is not to say any of them are good, this is just to say they didn’t completely stink the joint out when they performed. And remember, there are others who attempted to rhyme and aren’t on the list.

In preparation for NBA All-Star weekend, here are the five NBA All-Stars with a sampling of their musical endeavors. At the bottom of each one we ask you the reader to rate their efforts using the XXL Ratings scale.

Chris Webber ft. Kurupt — "Gangsta"

Player: Chris Webber
Position: Forward
Rap Name: C-Webb
Project: 2 Much Drama
Rap Game Breakdown: At least the man had Kurupt on a record, thus demonstrating his good taste.