XXL Selects Our NBA Rapper All-Star Team [360]

It’s a very, very small list of good NBA ball players who picked up the mic and gave a respectable performance as an MC. In fact, the list is so small, they don’t even have a bench. There’s only five, and we have them listed here.

Together, these are the ball players who have the best chance of making the rap/basketball two-sport athlete hall of fame wing if ever one existed. This is not to say any of them are good, this is just to say they didn’t completely stink the joint out when they performed. And remember, there are others who attempted to rhyme and aren’t on the list.

In preparation for NBA All-Star weekend, here are the five NBA All-Stars with a sampling of their musical endeavors. At the bottom of each one we ask you the reader to rate their efforts using the XXL Ratings scale.

Chris Webber ft. Kurupt — “Gangsta”

Player: Chris Webber
Position: Forward
Rap Name: C-Webb
Project: 2 Much Drama
Rap Game Breakdown: At least the man had Kurupt on a record, thus demonstrating his good taste.

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  • Money Mitch

    you couldn’t see me in the day time with a flash light- last actually pretty dope!

    • hgjh

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  • D90

    ron artests contribution 2 hip hop has def NOT been respectable

  • Lord Maximus

    At least C-Webb had SOME production lol kinda feelin the beat

  • David HussleSoft

    If Shaq focused on rapping like he did basketball he could have been a pretty good mc.

    I had Shaqs first album when I was in 3rd grade and I am not ashamed lol

  • matty21

    aww i didnt look too close, but i thought u were gonna pick a starting 5 line-up from dis rap game… our starting 5 all-stars in da game, or have a xxl vote for it(next time)… dont know how we would split up; da east, da west, mid-west, and da south, should have just 2 lineups; but maybe do it that way, with 2 and 2, but that would be a cool idea…people would like 2 see that

    in no particualr order, teams for da most part Un-Known:

    1. Wiz Khalifa
    2. Wayne
    3. Jay-Z
    4. Drake
    5. Kayne West

    1. Kid Cudi
    2. T.I.
    3. 50 cent
    4. Boosie Bad Azz
    5. Eminem

    *honorable mention/reserves: Officer Ricky-B.o.B.-Jeezy-Gucci-Waka-Yelawolf-Webbie-Snoop-Bun B-Slaughterhouse Crew?-Nipsey Hussle (Just a few put there for da happiness of others)

    and sorry if any1 was forgotten, cant think of any1, and if i cant think of em’ welll then ha, but i mite of… but if u up on da game(unlike dem fools at mtv’s hottest list, and unlike most of da bullshit, biest lists i’ve seen in da past and just shut off half way thru); den dats pretty damn on point….. lemme know who i forgot, or who’s deserving

    • allhiphop>xxlmag


    • nquestion

      C,mon dawg how can u compile a top mc list and not include one of the top mc,s of all time in NAS

      • matty21

        na, i was more saying now…shit, dat would include a pac, a big…others… like compare it to an NBA all-star selection mid-way through da season we in, right now… dat would b a cool idea and dats what i meant… an all star draft and a starting 5 of THIS season

  • jayru

    you cant stop the reign was shaq’s thriller. had a lot of heat on it. classic. the one wit rakim was ill.

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicproducer

    i understand why yall did this, but still