XXL Breaks Down Wiz Khalifa’s Cabin Fever By The Numbers [360]

1. Rhyme Time?

On the concise 36 minute offering Wiz rhymes for a total 9 minutes, 19 seconds. The rest of the tape consist of hooks and guest appearances by Juicy J, Big Sean, Chevy Woods, and Tra Tha Truth.

2. It’s no secret Wiz loves to roll with the “bitches” and “hoes.” here’s a look at who go the most mentions this time around.

3. Gang Related

As always Wiz made sure to rep for his Taylor Gang throughout the mixtape. The Pittsburgh spitta mentioned Taylor Gang 47 times, with a ton of mentions coming on the crew repping cut “Taylor Gang.”

4. Californication

While its no question Wiz reps his hometown of Pittsburgh, on this effort he didn’t deliver any hometown repping gems like “Black & Yellow.” He did shoutout his “town” a few times, and mess with a “bitch in Atlanta,” but for the most part Wiz spent his time in Cali smoking up that “OG kush.” So its safe to assume his cabin was probably located some where in the hills of California, Beverly perhaps.

5. Laughing At ‘Em

And for you haters, Wiz is still laughing at you. Khalifa dropped his signature chuckle 16 times throughout the tape.

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  • http://tonye.bandcamp.com Tony Echandy

    Cabin Fever sucked… I love Wiz but he sounded like a knockoff Rick Ross

    • Matt

      hop off the hater bandwagon, you act like you can make anything better.

      • Aaron

        Noone said they could. It was still a wack mixtape. Everyone who disagrees with you isn’t a “hater”.

  • Brian Culpret

    Cabin Fever was great. He killed those Luger beats better than Flocka or Ross.

  • Phill

    love cabin fever. i been waiting on it for a long time. he showing you he can make all type of music and make it sound good. you can listen to kush & oj for that smooth shit and cabin fever for that bass knocking music. best of both worlds.

    • Hannya

      Agreed!! Haters are knocking Cabin Fever just because it doesnt sound like Kush & OJ. It’s not meant too!! Get over it!! Best of both worlds like Phill said.

    • Matt

      it doesn’t really make sense to compare any of his mixtapes to eachother, the objective of an artist is to make something different every time… if you want kush & OJ, fuggin listen to kush & OJ, that’s what I say. I still haven’t a bad Wiz Khalifa song yet, he just keeps pumpin out hits!

  • lilrizq

    homicide is the best track from cabin fever, and it is the oldest track on that mixtape. he recorded that song back when he was making burn after rolling. there is a day today(khalifa’s youtube show) episode where he debuts the homicide track.