After a two-week hiatus following the Conference Championship games, Super Bowl weekend is finally here. We already know who Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa are riding with in Sunday's showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers, but what about the rest of the rap game? Well, we wanted to figure it out. So, in honor of the big game, XXL reached out to 25 folks across the industry to get their take on the match-up. Everyone from rappers, to DJs, to producers, managers and record execs have weighed in on winning team predictions, scores and the reasoning behind their picks. Hip-hop embraces the Super Bowl every year but this year even more so than usual.

Each team has an anthem to amp them by one of the biggest heads in the game right now, with Wiz "Black and Yellow" and Weezy's "Green and Yellow." And if the song quality and our industry poll are any indication (13 people took the Steelers, 12 took the Packers), we're in for a close, high quality battle.

Who you guys got?

DJ Drama, DJ
Steelers-24, Packers-20
’Cause Green Bay beat the Eagles, then they beat the Falcons and I rock wit the city of Pittsburgh!

Curren$y, Rapper

Packers-4, Steelers-20
I gotta go wit da steelers... da homie wiz wldnt have put a yellow stripe in his doo for nothing...da score will be 4, 20 steelers way..but its jet life.

Dru Ha, CEO of Duck Duck Records
Packers-24, Steelers-13
It’s going to take Pittsburgh more than fluffy hair and long beards to win. Too much Rodgers, the Steelers miss Pauncey and I’m not sure Polamalu is 100 percent.

Pharoahe Monch, Rapper
Packers-27, Steelers-17
I’m picking Green Bay by 10 points. They are hot and they have better momentum.

Pastor Troy, Rapper
Packers-28, Steelers-17
I want the Packers to win. The score don’t even matter, I just don’t wanna hear “Black and Yellow” for a year.

Wild Wayne, DJ Q93-New Orleans
Packers-37, Steelers-27
Green Bay is peaking at the right time. Aaron Rodgers is slinging that rock! Matthews is a beast! Plus, Big Ben is gonna crack this time.

Juggie, DJ Q93-New Orleans
Packers-35, Steelers-17
I think Green Bay takes it because they are just a more well rounded team as opposed to just having a few good men. Both teams have at least 4-5 players from New Orleans or at least 30 miles away from Louisiana!

DJ Sab1, DJ Q93-New Orleans
Packers-42, Steelers-35
I got Green Bay because I don’t rock with AFC.

DJ Holiday, DJ
Steelers-31, Packers-20
Pittsburgh will beat Green Bay because they have great defense and defense wins championships. I’m speaking from experience since I was a star safety for my high school.

Richie Abbott, Senior Director/Publicity at Warner

Steelers-31, Packers-30
Close game.

Nipsey Hussle, Rapper
Blacc N yellow.

DJ Diamond Cuts, DJ
Steelers-23, Packers-10
Pittsburgh because their defense is unstoppable and Ben Rothlisberger always comes through in big games. Black and yellow.

Eric Beasley, Smack/URL co-founder
Packers-28, Steelers-24
GB’s defense is just as good as the Steelers and their quarterback is more mobile.

Nigil Mack, Director of A&R at Universal Motown
I feel like the Steelers definitely will win. It’s going to be a big lead as well!

Sickamore, The Famous Firm
Steelers-24, Packers-10
Troy Polamalu is an unstoppable force. Way too much for Lil Wayne's Packers.

Carl Chery, Executive Editor, Music at
Steelers-28, Packers-17.
I can already see Big Ben holding the Vince Lombardi trophy, recalling how rough it was to start his season with a suspension.

Hanif Sumner, Manager, L.E.P. Bogus Boys
Steelers-27, Packers-14
That black and yellow gonna leave the Packers black and blue. #defense

Young Sav, Mixshow Manager
Packers-28, Steelers-14
Brett Favre in the rear view for Aaron Rodgers.

DJ Skee, DJ
Steelers-28, Packers-21
Gotta go with the black and yellow due to the experience, talent, and because it seems like the pressure its starting to get to some of the Packers. Vikings next year (or maybe the next... or next).

DJ Scream, DJ
Steelers-20, Packers-13
The team has the heart! They've won several super bowls! They know how to win championships! That's proven!

Zaytoven, Producer
Packers-14, Steelers-7

Skyzoo, Rapper
Packers-28, Steelers-24.
It won't be a landslide, but I think Green Bay got it. Aaron Rodgers has a lot he wants to prove to people who doubted him or may have questioned him belonging in that starting QB spot. So yeah, Packers will take that.

Shawty Lo, Rapper
Packers-21, Steelers-17
Aaron Rodgers is a monster. While they both have the top two defense teams, I believe the Green Bay Packers have just enough offense to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bun B, Rapper
Steelers-27, Packers-24

B. Rich, Manager, B.o.B. and Playboy Tre
Packers-31, Steelers-17
I just think Rodgers is going to pick them apart plus GB got the killer line backers.