Which 2011 XXL Freshman Is Your Favorite? Come and Vote

It’s now been two days since we released our 2011 Freshmen cover and just about everyone has weighed in. From the artists themselves, to other rappers, to writers, bloggers and, of course, fans, everyone’s got some pretty strong feelings on the cover. And we think that’s the way it should be. Yesterday, we asked you to weigh in on the list by telling us who you liked and didn’t from the cover, as well as what your list would have been. Now we want to know, who is your favorite from this year’s Freshmen? Who are you most excited to watch in the coming year?

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    • gary

      mac miller his music is diverse excellent production good flo and hes not afraid to be himself unlike yela Bitch!

      • Jakw

        how can you say yela has no flow and trys to be himself tell me??

  • jfl11

    every xxl poll it doesn’t give me an “enter” button after I select my vote… this happen to anyone else

  • http://facebook.com/swaggeryoung SwaggerYoung

    Yelewolf/Mac Miller and a few more but you guys need some NW Rappers on here! J. Pinder, Dyme Def, Macklemore, Logics c’mon XXL do better research!

  • Dortiz

    Diggy Simmons & Lil’ B. Diggy because his style is unmatched I hate when people think they look fresh but look like everyone else. Diggy stands out. Lil B “thank you based god” keep the cooking videos & hoes on my dick that’s the only reason why I listen to him because the shit rocks & it’s funny. Swag

  • Haute

    Big K.r.i.t, Yelawolf, CyHi Day Prynce, Kendrick Lamar, Diggy Simmons, Mac Miller, Meek Mill, Fred The Godson, Lil Twist, YG, Lil B In that order

  • Haute

    Big K.r.i.t Yelawolf CyHi Da Prynce Kendrick Lamar Diggy Simmons Mac Miller Meek Mill Fred The Godson Lil Twist YG Lil B In that order

  • Dortiz

    BTW listen to Diggy’s verse on “Oh Yeah!” off his AIRBORNE mixtape with Lupe & Pharrell that’s why he is a freshman of ’11

  • http://www.xxlmag.com FlookaMane615

    only ones worth checkin on is yelawolf, mac miller, meek mill, and big k.r.i.t, they need don trip, all star and zed zilla on there.

    • jfl11

      you’re crazy if you are checking out Mac Miller and Meek over CyHi… thats all i’m sayin

    • BonesThaVillain

      KEndrick Lamar

  • T

    Yeah, Mac is my personal favorite. Diggy after.

  • Shawty J

    For me it’s probably a tie between Diggy Simmons and Yelawolf. I haven’t heard everyone on the cover, but out of the ones I have heard I like them the most.

    • Shawty J

      Accidentally left off Cy-Hi. Gotta support the home team.

  • D90

    Meek Mill i been fuckin wit him 4 a min Yelawolf n Kendrick Lamar are dope n my homie jus put me on CyHi shit

  • dmfslimm

    yelawolf and K.R.I.T get my vote. the future of the south.

  • Pancake Nigga

    Mac Miller all the way son! I’ve been Listening to him since the beginning and he’s really breaking through. Keep it up Mac.

  • The Great Spade

    Big K.R.I.T. is the truth….He should have the cover by his damn self…

  • Jess Devitt

    they all fucking suck. reek da villain is the best freshman.

  • gripp

    yelawolf and mac miller thats it them other niggas is trash!!!

  • keith smith

    Kendrick Lamar is the truth! No gimmicks just real rap. West coast stand up!

    • Redemption

      No Gimmicks… Look at all those other niggaz posin and cheesin there’s one boss in that picture

  • bigups413

    meek mill is the future watch and see

  • Mercy

    Diggy Simmons duh like his song everybody late go hard .. but i also like yelawolf and yg

  • Dub

    I only mess wit Krit, Prince, and Millz

  • BigAl

    Mac miller is a great rapper and not a single other person on that list has a shred of talent. What the hell do these other guys rap about? LIl B is just absolute garbage imho.

    • arch215

      idk wtf u be talkin bout. Meek Mill is the hottest rapper alive and he got way more talent than mac miller. dont get me wrong mac doin his thing and i rep PA thats whatsup but dont go on here sayin meek mill aint have a shred of talent.

  • tara


  • MarshaLL GRant

    MAc MIller deserves this to the fullest

  • http://www.twitter.com/chris_vergarap Chris

    you kiddin? KENDRICK LAMAR!

  • Josh

    Meek Mill number one on this list easily… mac miller a good number two.

  • kale from mpls

    This award doesn’t mean what it used to…
    I only like 3 of these artists.
    Rest are a joke.

  • Diego

    Kendrick Lamar you faggots. Who the fuck is voting for Meek Mill and Mac Miller

  • sw∆g


  • Ell

    no vado?? than this is a joke!

  • Kirk kelly

    Meek,Mac Miller,Yelawolf,Cyhi,and Bi Krit deserve it.The rest r garbage.Im Philly dude.I predicted all the artist I named.All the other Freshman issues every artist was the shit.U only have 5 that r great.Yg,I hit wonder,Diggy is just wack,LIL Twist LOL!!.Kendrick Lamar is wack to.U should of picked some different people.Big ups to Meek!!PHILLY GONE!!

  • Redemption

    Are you serious?? Y’all are sleepin on Kendrick…

    Pussy and Patron 1.5, The Relevant, I Do This…

    And I agree there were better artists to choose from in 11

  • thebest1

    mac miller and cyhi da prince are mi fav

  • Hip-Hop Head

    Really suprised that Talent Couture didn’t make the list. He’s right there with a lot of these cats.

  • A.K.

    Out of all the Freshman covers, this has to be the worst one. Ill pick Diggy tho, he got flow and substance.

  • Chrissy

    Big KRIT And Yelawolf For Me…Hard To Say Who I Like More

    • dmfslimm

      like i said they the future of the south.

  • Antek

    Dudes… they shouldnt have to be out there searchin for rappers to make frechmen of… Dudes should make a noise by themselfves and MAKE XXl see THEM… obvious if u think about it… Basedgod bitches



  • KILA

    K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time) nuff said.

  • the ghost of hip hop’s past

    How did XV get snubbed?!?! this stings. it just goes to show, it aint about the talent–it’s all about deep pockets [cough] Diggy Simmons…Nepotism clouded the hell outta this one.

  • satuarnando

    man this year freshman cover was not good at all..-_-
    why is lil twist on here he didnt do shitt last year to be on the cover and where the fuckk is dom kenndy? he came out with a crazy ass mixtape and what about vado he came out with his first album i swear xxl mag is fuckkin up…
    but im happy for mac miller,diggy,cyhi,lamar, and yes even lil B..lol

  • MiloMik3

    Cy-Hi ,YG , Diggy Simmons but we all knoe lil twists shudve been last but am i the only one thinking Vado andFrench Montana Shudve Been in this shyt>?

  • Eagle

    Mac Miller/Yelawolf (TIED)
    CyHi Da Prynce
    Meek Mill
    {{Never listnened to the rest. But here’s where i put them anyway}}
    Lil B

    who on the second half of my list is worth listening to?

  • Trell


  • derrell

    why is lil b on the list….he is pure trash….i would rather listen to 50 tyson than that clown….anybody that think he can really go is on that charlie sheen….where is killa kyleon @….

  • capcom!

    MAC MILLER, YELAWOLF, & Based God kus he can fuck my bitchhh Swaaaaaaa