Tyler The Creator, the controversial and most visible member of L.A. hip-hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All has signed a one-album deal with British label, XL Records, according to the Los Angeles Times.

XL Recordings — a label known for its rock and alternative acts such as Vampire Weekend and Radiohead — was the winner in a bidding war to nab Tyler. Other labels interested in him included Interscope. Sources within the Odd Future camp also told the Los Angeles Times, part of the deal allows Tyler complete creative control and ownership of his masters.

The deal comes in the wake of Tyler's controversial video for "Yonkers". Within 72-hours of its release on the Internet, the video has amassed over 400,000 plays on YouTube. "Yonkers" is currently available for sale on iTunes and is the first single from Goblin. XL will release the album at an undisclosed date in the Spring. Tyler himself confirmed the deal in a tweet earlier today.

"Yes, I Did A One Thing With XL. That's Family.," Tyler wrote. "Don't Trip. Still Have %100 Creative Control Over Raps, Beats, Videos, Covers. Fuck You."

Well then, Tyler.