Tyler The Creator Signs One-Album Deal With XL Records

Tyler The Creator, the controversial and most visible member of L.A. hip-hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All has signed a one-album deal with British label, XL Records, according to the Los Angeles Times.

XL Recordings — a label known for its rock and alternative acts such as Vampire Weekend and Radiohead — was the winner in a bidding war to nab Tyler. Other labels interested in him included Interscope. Sources within the Odd Future camp also told the Los Angeles Times, part of the deal allows Tyler complete creative control and ownership of his masters.

The deal comes in the wake of Tyler’s controversial video for “Yonkers”. Within 72-hours of its release on the Internet, the video has amassed over 400,000 plays on YouTube. “Yonkers” is currently available for sale on iTunes and is the first single from Goblin. XL will release the album at an undisclosed date in the Spring. Tyler himself confirmed the deal in a tweet earlier today.

“Yes, I Did A One Thing With XL. That’s Family.,” Tyler wrote. “Don’t Trip. Still Have %100 Creative Control Over Raps, Beats, Videos, Covers. Fuck You.”

Well then, Tyler.

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  • kflk

    this video does not have anything close to 400,000 views and the lyrics make absolutley no sense at all, just full of illumunati subliminal shit…..O i 4got xxl is a pawn for the illum@%^

    • Don mcCaine


      ^ 404,349 views…step your google game up…

      • jgfjgk

        Happy Valentine’s Day !! Still waiting for your soul mate?
        :P ~~~Blac k’ whi te’ F lir ts. C’ 0- M ~~~The most s uccessful interra cial da t ing c lub. The best p lace to find your swee t “milk” or “chocolate”!

        Go for it !! You will have a da te soon !!

    • T

      While you’re wrong about the views, I agree. The song is HIGHLY “illuminatic.” It’s sad that satan is becoming even more and more powerful in music. Smh. Fuck this guy. :/

      • Francis N

        Yeah, this is wrong, they been rapping this subject matter before they were making money off of it.
        It’s possible to be non-religious and not be part of a theoretical evil society who apparently plans to reduce the population to a small percentage though music(?).

    • Caleb

      fuck you faggot you think odd future some Illuminati because you haven’t been with them since day 1. odd future is getting big by doing what they want and not giving a fuck what the mainstream thinks, and big ups to them for that shit.

  • Married2DaKicks

    Yaw Ma Fuckas Really Dont know what yall talkin bout….Tyler is a fuckin Atheist (if thats How u Spell It) which leaves the nigga free to talk about god and satan anyway he wants to…U Super religious assholes Fuck Off. Golf Wang

    • EARL

      For got an E, but anyway Odd Future is that shit, fuck if the radio, or you church bitches aint understanding. We in here you heard, and b4 you condemn him with, non nonsensical lyrics, cop his Bastard LP, You try telling me then if he aint worth the deal.

  • Tim

    Yeah you motherfuckers are dumb as hell. They rap about satan, coke, rape, whatever they want. And the difference is, they aren’t doing it subliminally. So they aren’t part oft he illuminati, they are just teenage kids from LA who like to rap about whatever the fuck they want. Golf Wang.

  • still best rite now!!

    omg…not only are all the hiphop heavyweights illuminati, but yall claim a 19 year old underground MC from Cali is too? smh that shit is so last year

  • http://www.datpiff.com/ALee_Legendary_ALee_Legendary.m79764.html A.Lee Legendary

    you wanna hear that creative original out of this world black music??? click on my name and let your ears go through a musical journey


    People need to drop the fucking illuminati shit. First of all, OFWGKTA isn’t secretive about what they talk about. So how are they like any of the other “illuminati” rappers? Every time a good rap act comes out people automatically say that shit. Fucking annoying.

  • Mike

    You guys are f%ckin retarded, this dude aint illuminati, and he never will be…maybe once they control his music n everything hell become a so called puppet of the fraternity, but hes just comin up not even blown up yet idiots…. his style aint full of messages about that shit , its nothin new its jus an acid rap style he has, think esham, Eminems earliest shit, D12, etc … DETROIT stand up!

  • g man

    please stop talking about illuminati for onceeee



    ahah yea it their wrong about the views because it has over 2 MILLION VIEWS this niqqa is bick as fuck

  • OFWG


  • JugularKill

    You niggaz are clowns.

    White man tells you big rap stars are Illuminati and you eat that shit up!

    You suckers… Everyone who is at the top of the list is black, rich and famous….

    Don’t you understand it’s racially motivated hate… No rappers are Illuminati you are just stupid!
    The day when niggaz stop believing in fairy tales and start having independent minds of their own will be the best day in the world.
    Ifyou believe

    Jay-z, Tyler, Kanye, Rhiannah, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Opera Winfrey, Will Smith, Obama and so on is Illuminati …….
    YOU ARE THE BIGGEST SUCKER IN THE WORLD!! you’re telling me you can’t see a patten?
    No one is saying Marlyn Manson and death metal rock stars are Illuminati.

    FUCKING RETARDS grow a brain and a dick!