It's safe to say Eminem's been on a good run of late. Recovery was the highest selling album of 2010, he's leading the way for all artists in nominations for this weekend's Grammy Awards, and he, along with his new Shady 2.0 crew, is gracing the cover of our March issue (out newsstands now...go cop it!). To continue the run, this past Sunday, Em starred in two commercials during Sunday's Super Bowl (which turned out to be the most-watched show in TV history), both of which seemed to have gotten generally positive feedback. The Lipton spot was funny; the Chrystler joint was heartfelt tribute to Detroit.

All this got us thinking...there have been more than a few commercials with rappers over the years. Some have been funny, some witty and some just plain old corny. Still, we've had some good ones. So, below, we present to you our 15 favorite. From 50 and Jay to Pac and Snoop to MC Hammer, many of the game's biggest stars have gone commercial.

50 Cent and Jay-Z Get in the Studio for Reebok

50 and Hov were only two of a handful of rappers to get their own sneakers (for others, check out 50 Times Rapper Have Had Their Own Kicks), but since both were signed on with Reebok, the sneaker company managed to get them to drop some bars in the same frame. For what it's worth, their chemistry trading rhymes did seem natural.