Should This Kid Be the Next Young Money Signee? [360]

At first glance, ACE Primo can be mistaken for a young-looking Lil Wayne. They both share a Southern swag thanks to his North Carolina upbringing. And, similar to the back-in-the-day Weezy, he’s got the long-hair-don’t-care braids. But, most importantly, it’s the teen’s talent which has attracted the likes of Geechi Suede of Camp Lo who gave him his first shot in the studio.

The 15-year-old, who started actively pursuing rap in 2007, caught the attention of super-producer Rodney Jerkins who ultimately signed the teen MC to Dark Child Records. Just because ACE is signed doesn’t mean that Young Money can’t partner up with Dark Child and scoop the young spitter. Considering the Charlotte native’s delivery, style, and flow reminded us a bit of Young Money’s general, it seems he could fit into the YM family easily.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any Young Money/Cash Money affiliation, but bheck out Ace Primo’s videos and let us know what you think. Should ACE Primo be Young Money’s next signee? Share your thoughts in the comment section. —Nicole LoPresti

ACE Primo “Go”

ACE Primo “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” Remix

ACE Primo Live

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  • Chyllmatic

    He reminds me of Diggy for some reason.

  • Cheryl

    he can actually rap but i think he look better than wayne tho

  • BDOG

    Dude got swag i can see him in ymc

  • Falon

    Damn. Forget Young Money, This lil nigga can be bigger than that


    Young Money/Cash Money would be the perfect home for him, unfortunately Wayne always has a group of youngn’s he’s looking after so the move might be cool publicity wise, but he may not get any shine there. I’d say take him to Jermain Dupri, JD knows how to work with youngsters and his roster isn’t ridiculously full at the moment.



    • 3zazer1

      Isn’t that bad??

  • avenger xl

    could it be wayne has a new ghost writer? Seriously though folks this kid is nice. The only question is which way will young money stir him? Uber pop/thug to be the next in line for the weezy throne or will he be in label purgatory with J millz,J cole,J electronica(damn shit ain’t looking good for cats not named Jay-z) or tyga.

  • Chris86201

    lil dude be spitting like CRAZY!! Swag off da chain and got da look to sell to all the young ladies!! No cursing either dude got a promising future… real talk

  • carlos

    I think he is the next superstar

  • TyZZy

    He’s definitely nothing special…

    Has nothing unique about him whatsoever.

    • theTRUTH

      Glad you took the time out of you day to share that opinion. Next time you have an idea, keep it to yourself. Negative ass lame…

  • Sandy


  • still best rite now!!

    nigga sounds like he watches Youtube vids of everybody favorite rapper all day and then hits the booth…get this cookie cutter bullshit outta here! theres dope unsigned Emcees who deserve a XXL look fa real! smh yall fallin off

    • theTRUTH

      By the looks of you name and reading you comment, you come off as real bitter kid. Step you game up. Stop hating use that negative energy as motivation.

  • DopeFeen

    he has a nice flow compared to the hip hop teens in his age group no doubt he can be a strong competitor among those teens

  • bieberfan4life

    he should forreal sign with YMCMB..him and tunechi need to do a album 2geth

  • Horisa

    he’s mad good…
    but maybe doing the solo thing is best for him right now
    Young Money would definately be a great look for him…

  • CrackKills

    smh at da haters who aint got shit going for themselves lol this kid is actually pretty good..i will be looking out for him Good cover XXL

  • Slaughterhouse

    Ya this kid could definitley be in YM cause he’s wack just like most of them young kids in YM only good rappers r wayne,drake and nikki and NO im not a hater but im intitled to my opinion just like everyone else!

  • The187Worm

    This lil cat better then youngmoney……Fuck wayne, drake, minaj, all them muthufuckas……..but if he wants to make that cake i guess he got to get connected with that commercial garbage cuz thats where the money is

  • Chrissy

    Niko ! Yess , He should. This my nigga and he got potential for anything . Congrats on yah success so far .Love you and miss you .

  • dynamicproducer

    this kid will be everywhere soon

  • Flyymama

    Lil dude got crazy swagggg and madd talent!! We most def will see him again.

  • 3zazer1

    It seems like he’s too much of a Wayne rip. Same style, rhyme scheme, esc, but he’s more tolable than half of the rappers on the radio now. Personally, I wouldnt want him to go to Young Money because Wayne dosnt know how to maximize young talent. There just Jobbers in his songs most of the time. I would rather pefer he would go to RocNation or DJ Khalled’s Label where his talents could actually be used

  • Jay

    youngster got a future ahead of him…longest he has that ambition in him to provide for the fans of hip hop I see something happening for him as far as cmym.