In light of Black History Month and Bun B's recent course at Rice University "Religion and Hip Hop Culture," has found more ways for education to be present in hip-hop. Looking at artists who’ve become staples in their endeavors outside of music, and some that have made statements with their special eccentricities. What if, just what if, they all put it to test in the classroom?

Taking a look at some of today’s hip-hop heavyweights and moguls, we’ve decided to breakdown the role they can take in the classroom and how they can provide more than just sex and controversy to today’s youth.

Student: ”So what you’re telling me Prof. B is that instead of just inspiring to be an Underground King, I can further my hip-hop intelligence through religion and become a musical philosopher…?”

Prof. B: “You’re finally getting it student 11236. There’s more to hip-hop than just being trill, ya dig. Now watch my video and learn something.”

10 Rappers That Can Give Back to Hip-Hop Through Education

Jay-Z, Business Management at NYU

Student: When you’re done “Big Pimpin” and you’ve dropped a mil, should Corporate Takeover be a state of mind?

Prof. Carter: Throw ya diamonds in the air for me one time…

50 Cent, Investment Banking at Columbia University

Student: Aight, I invested in my share of beef, but on the real tip “I took quarter water sold it in bottles for 2 bucks, Coca-Cola came and bought it, for billions, what the f**k?”

Kanye West, Public Speaking at Loyola

Student: So Prof. ‘Ye, you’re telling me that if I don’t want to speak I can give a silent speech or interview?

Prof.‘Ye: [Nods head, yes]

Lil’ Wayne, Philosophy at Tulane University

Student: Some misunderstanding, but what’s the world without enigma?

T.I., Forensic Science at Georgia State University

Prof. Tip: Aight dawg, so if you could pull out ya “I’m Serious” and “Trap Muzik” LPs we could begin this lesson.

Dead Prez, Social Justice at Columbia University

M-1: Aight, so it’s like this, the music industry is crazy son Let’s not even get started on the corporate takeover, hey student 13241325 “turn off the radio…”

Wale, English & Literature at Howard University

Student: Prof. Folarin, with Valentine’s Day coming up what should I write my girl?

Prof. Folarin: You let her know like this…” Ambitious girl, the drive-drive me crazy.
I'm tryna stay with you, lay with you,
I'll pay you tuition, n pray with you if you ain’t intuition…”

Class: [Snaps]

Talib Kweli & Mos Def, Social & Cultural Analysis at New York University

One two three/Mos Def and Talib Kweli/We came to rock it on to the tip top/Best alliance in hip hop, Y-O/I said, one two three/It's kinda dangerous to be a MC/They shot 2Pac and Biggie/Too much violence in hip hop, Y-O

Student: So the essay topic is “Violence in Hip-Hop?”

Gucci Mane, Body Art 101 at Clark Atlanta University

Prof. Gucci: No need for a syllabus shawty, you’re body is ya canvas now. Ice Cream and lemonade for everyone…

Class: [Cheers]


Wiz Khalifa, Media Studies at University of Pittsburgh

Prof Wiz: So, I dropped a slew of tapes, but Kush and OJ took me to new heights…no pun intended.