Maino's back once again, serving as the hip-hop prophet. Last year it was "'10 Predictions," and now it's time for 2011. BK's crystal ball seer is coming in with a 22% success rate after his predictions about dude's pants getting tighter, groupies winning, the Knicks still sucking, and Jay not retiring came true. So is here to break down and spell out Maino's prophecies for the New Year. Here it is folks, "2011 Predictions" unfolded. —Amber McKynzie

“Somebody gonna die over damn Twitter beef”
Now, Maino could be on to something and this could be funny, except for the fact that this already happened last January when Kwame Dancy, 22, was gunned down by his homeboy Jameg Blake, 22 in Harlem. BK’s musical prophet was right, just a year too late. This year, let's find a different way to bring New York back.