The 25 Best Rap Crew Songs [Feature]

They don’t make ‘em like they used to. Back in the day when rap crews were in abundance, rap fans were assured of hearing a host of solid cuts from hip-hop collectives like, The Juice Crew, Dungeon Family, and No Limit, just to name a few. Even when a song appeared on one members solo album (Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up”) you could count on the rest of the set showing up in full force to support. These days with only a few crews really reppin’ it’s a good time to run through some of the best cuts, 25 to be exact, from rap crews past and present. Despite the current state of things there’s still strengthen in numbers.

Song: “Lean Back”
Crew: Terror Squad
Year: 2004
Performers: Fat Joe, Remy Ma
Team Terror Squad put the Bronx back on the map with the Scott Storch produced club banger that would go on to become their biggest hit.

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  • o towns finest

    you missed quite a few. include Swag Me Out by Odd Future.

    • ertdsg

      I love this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

      i met him via —– H ot’ Bla c k’ w h it e. C” 0- M—-

      The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • Worley

    Yet another top/best list. Stop it.


    There have been so many dope ass posse cut’s but how could you forget songs like 4,3,2,1 off of LL Cool J’s cd or even further back “The Grand Finale” off of DOC’s 1st album or “The Last Song” off of Above the Law’s, “livin’ like a hustler” albums. Even though they were known as “Gangsta” rapper’s, Ice Cube, MC Ren, DOC, & the rest of the Ruthless Mafia Clan etc. were all spittin’ like a Tech-9 on those 2 songs. Review your history, check those songs out & see for yourself.

    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’11!!!


    D12′s Devils Night and D12 world had way better crew songs than fight music.
    G-Units song G’d up is by far their best Dre produced song.


    I agree with the yet another top list comment. come on son. let hip hop write itself. i mean write about whats goin on now. kick some truth. its no voice in hip hop journalism.

    As for the list, its way too many songs that got left off and too many ones added just for pub.

  • sp tha ghost

    the list was goin well till i seen YOUNG MONEY BEDROCK?!?!?! all credibillity just got fucked, shanked and left pissing blood on the floor of the prison showers

  • cliff

    Anybody ever heard Live at the Barbeque? Main Source? How did that not make the list (unless I missed it)?

  • alister13

    what about Welcome 2 Houston!!!

  • comment

    Blogs on the best crew/group effort is a part of hip-hop. Beef, arguments , debates or w/e are indicators that the rap genre still breathes. Rap fans parallel sport fans in that we want a definite best and worst labeled on somebody at all times. This list is alright – if you don’t like it close your eyes.

    Be Nice if it didn’t take 20min to get to next page though … but maybe its my connection.

  • mav

    how in the fuck is lean back #1 that aint even a posse cut its just a fat joe song featuring remy wtf and young money bedrock? if yall wanted to do ym yall coulda used roger that
    and how is oochie wally ahead of the symphony? that shoulda been number one

    • smush

      Lean Back is #1 because that was the jam everyone was rocking to in 2004

  • Jo Mamma

    How the fuck is Triumph not on this list?! #epicfail

  • ???????

    Who the fuck made this list????? You shouldnt have got this one. Shouldnt be that many songs on here close to 2011 in years, on the list. These type of song were made for you trying to write one of most retarded rhymes, too be the stand out on the track out all the emcees on it. Not make a muthafucka dance or none of that shit just pure Spit nigga, not a club banger, but some shit you wouldnt give a fuck, longs as your was like ooooooh shit. So many so many Real Crew Songs to name that aint on this list! Thats why this shit is dumb.

  • Don mcCaine

    RocAfella Jigga>>>>>>>>>>RocNation Hov

  • me

    wu tang could have 10 alone! the Wu Banga 101, winter warz, ice cream….come on man!!!! get it 2gether xxl. the dungeon family should have more than 1 too. i could keep going with other groups like the suave house clique, boot camp click, nwa, etc.

  • dynamicwayne

    List is missing a few tracks

  • iliveonce1

    lost boys beast from the east featuring a+, Mr Cheeks, Redman and Canibus

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (2000) (by Three 6 Mafia & HCP)

  • Veteran Eye

    What happened to “Scenario”? Bad List guys. How could u leave that off?

  • GHBJ

    How the fuck did some of these songs that weren’t even that great make the list. Some of them don’t even have the same caliber as some of the old big hits.

  • Yessir

    Just had to leave out all the classics from MOBB DEEP huh?

  • Ste

    Blog’s like this describe how bad hiphop has gotten..

    WTF, Where the hell is Flava in ya ear remix?? amongst numerous others.

  • Seby

    G-unit is the Best

  • KILA

    Shop Boyz – Party Like A Rock Star

  • Mr. Scientis

    none of these songs can even touch Protect Ya Neck.

  • Que

    this list is Hot BURNT CRAP, Symphony isn’t in the top 3 are you F’ing BUGGING, Protect Your Neck not in the Top 5 what about Buddy that is a Crew Classic. WTF Scenario the original OR the Remix didn’t make this list XXL Mag is losing it’s touch

  • pmac

    you forgot many tracks from bootcamp click alway back to enter the stage to now.

  • jesterdxxl

    How in the fuck you gonna put Cash/Young Money but no N.W.A, Westside Connection, G Unit, Bone Thugs, Cypress Hill, La Coka Nostra or even Wu-Massacre yea, yea I know people gonna say that pretty much the Clan but Death Row be up there twice… Fuck Baby & Wayne shit I’d put House of Pain u[ before those clowns!

  • alderman j

    WATCH FOR THE HOOK, big gipp, three stacks, daddy fat sacks, cool breeze, cee lo green, witch doctor, khujo goodie, t-mo!!!! CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!!

  • Mack

    I agree with some of the already mentioned omissions including “Grand Finale,” “Live at the BBQ,’” and “4321.” Also where the hell is LL’s “I Shot Ya,” Coolbreeze/Dungeon’s “Watch for the Hook,” and the damn “I Got 5 On It” (remix)?

  • fuck xxl

    Everyone @ xxl kill yourselves. Signed, everyone. Seriously take the ratchet and off yourself.

  • Grant Cole

    LOL at not including Scenario.

  • jc

    no diggity – blackstreet and dre??