Remember Lil Kim: The 20 Best Musical Moments

Since the emergence of Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim has seemed to make her way back into the limelight, but everyone seems to think it’s only to fight the Young Money heiress for allegedly jacking her style.

While hip-hop’s Queen Bee might not be on hip-hop’s radar right now as the dopest female MC, people shouldn’t forget that Kim helped pave the way for women in hip-hop. Whether you remember her as Biggie’s mistress or as the explicit female lyricist, there’s no disputing Lil Kim can flow and her talent reigned through ’90s. To help you remember all that the hip-hop queen had to offer, is here to take you down memory lane to look at the best of Lil Kim. — Amber McKynzie and Ralph Bristout

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Best of XXL

  • Kattz

    I remember hearing a story about Kim being rushed to the hospital for swallowing too much jizz. Confirmation??

    • Cashy

      no thats not true we would have had a news report and everything on that soo sorry not true

    • Sory

      And I also heard nicki at Remy’s box? Ok.

  • LongWinded

    Completely forgot about her verse in Float On remix from Ron Isley. Fail by XXL.

  • Kattz

    I’m a hater! I always make up lies.

  • A.

    XXL you’re slackin.
    first, that’s not the actual version of Suck My Dick, its a poorly made mash up mix
    second, instead of Kim & Mary’s Hold On from Notorious Kim, you got Hold it Now from La Bella Mafia. the titles may be similar, but thats where it stops.
    third, theres definitely music videos for Whoa and Lighters Up among others that could have been posted instead of slideshows.

    sorry to be harsh.

  • Q461

    Lil Kim is def an icon when it comes to females in hip-hop. Can’t forget the ones before her like Lyte, Latifah, Salt N Pepa, Yo-Yo etc, but Kim brought a new attitude and style to the game with that gangsta sex talk. I for one am sick of the female mc beefs and would much rather hear Kim work with Minaj, Foxy etc than these dumb ass repetitive diss recors. I love battles but the female rap battles have gotten to be mad uninspiring, I mean noone cares between Kim, Jackie-O etc neithier of yall was Griselda Blanco so stop frontin, break bread and do a track together .

    Yall did a good job listing Kim’s hits and rado joints, got my favorites on here, Queen Bitch, Big Momma Thang, Magic Stick, Lighters up etc, but I wanted to add some of her lesser known bangers and rare tracks for the true heads.

    Spend a lil Doe
    MAFIA Land ( all from Hardcore)
    Can you hear me now? with Missy (from LaBella Mafia)
    Whats the Word ( bonus track from LaBella Mafia)
    Spell check ( from the Naked Truth)
    My Niggas( not sure where this is from)
    Chillin Tonight ( from her mix tape Ms GOAT)
    Wanna Lick ( with 50 cent from Ms GOAT)

    a few dope features

    Money Power, Respect with D block and DMX
    Call Me with Too Short
    Do Wrong with Twista

    Peace to Kim, keep doin your thing baby.

  • TheTruth

    Love this :) People forget how much Kim did for female hip-hop

  • Haha

    Wack!! Young Money baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Like she said, the BEST that ever done it, the BEST that lived it!

    Lil Kim is the GREATEST female rapper of all time. She is in the top 10 EVER, male & female.

    Her music is ahead of its time.

  • Starkk

    QueenB :) FOLLOW HER @LilKim

  • Hon

    Yall need to out the REAL version of “Suck My Dick”!!!

  • DG

    Hilarious that you guys put up that bullshit Download track. That shit is awful

  • tumi

    compare all dt Kim to dis nicki bullshit… no comparison

    The Naked Truth is one of hip hop’s most slept on albums PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mav

    this new generation kills me wit they lack of respect lil kim is hands down the greatest female rapper of all time…whether we talkin sales or lyrics and she has two classic albums naked truth and hardcore nikki will never make a classic and she probably wont sell more overall records than kim that bitch based her entire career on the how many licks video

  • mav

    didnt nicki rap off that jump off joint? wannabe….

  • McFly

    This was a very good look. However, you are really not doing your homework. Lil’ Kim didn’t have a verse on The Lox’s “Money, Power, Respect.”

  • Clinton

    ahhhhh i love my queen <33

  • rin

    this joint needs to go on the front page man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moni

    yall have the wrong song link… for ” hold on” ft. mary j blidge…… you all have the song ” hold it now”! “hold on” was a deeeeeeeep song! can we get a correction please!