Rapper New Year Proclamations On Twitter

Soulja Boy

Probably of Happening: 4/10
We love that you aim high, SB, and we hope that everyone out there is “going for it all.” Actually realizing this will be a difficult undertaking, though (again, depending on your definition of “it all.”)

Wiz Khalifa

Probably of Happening: 9/10
Admittedly, it’s unclear if the following from Wiz Khalifa is a New Year’s resolution, a proclamation or just a general statement. But being that he dropped it in the waning minutes of 2010, we figured he put some thought into the tweet. Chances a rather large portion of Wiz’s fanbase will get high, get the munchies and then eventually smoke again. Whether or not they will be thanking him may ultimately hinge upon the quality and success of his upcoming debut album on Atlantic Records. only time will tell.


Probably of Happening: 4/10
Diddy has become known as a man of inspirational tweets during his time on Twitter. Not surprisingly, he continued the trend to start off the New Year. Not exactly sure how to measure this, but consider us on board for “no bitchassness.”

Rick Ross

Probably of Happening: 7/10
More than anything, this resolution and line from “John Doe” is just confusing. Bo Diddley is a blues and rock and roll legend. Usually people are “still balling like [insert athlete name here].” We’re guessing Rozay meant Bo Jackson, but he’s been retired from professional sports for some time, so who knows. Nevertheless, like the man said, go cop that #AshesToAshes if you haven’t yet.

50 Cent

Probably of Happening: 9/10
50 Saying he’s on his way is a little off-base. Seems like you’re already there. But it’s that level of continued hunger that the Queens native starts every year off with that keeps him making moves and staying relevant.

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