Over here at XXL we spent much of our 2010 free time following rappers' antics on Twitter. It provided us a much-needed escape from following rappers' antics in real life. So as the calendar turned on the New Year over the weekend, we watched as our favorite artists across the Tworld were punching in resolutions and proclamations for 2011. Some we agreed with while others made far-fetched statements that we couldn't quite co-sign. Whatever the case, XXL breaks 'em down.


Probably of Happening: 5/10
As usual, Fab got his Trending Topic on just before the New Year. Here we find two of the highlights—both relatively "everyman" resolutions. Unless Fab gets pulled over for tweeting while driving, though, it's gonna be tough to know if he keeps his word. Though we will be watching his timeline to see any mentions of late-night food.

Joe Budden

Probably of Happening: 2/10
Joe Budden is a lyrical cat. Words are his thing. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Joey's hopes for the New Year are language-related. 2011 is definitely gonna be a movie, though. (Sorry. Actually, we're with you Joe, just had to get that off our chest before the word is retired once and for all.)


Probably of Happening: 1/10
While we applaud Game's motivation tweet, the truth is that not all of us will capitalize off of "EVERY opportunity bestowed upon us," it's just mathematically impossible. Plus if the everyman capitalized off of everything, who would the capitalists capitalized of off? Awww forget it, we'll just be happy if Game drops The R.E.D. Album in 2011.