Nas’s Support Payments to Kelis Cut in Half

2011 is starting off right for Nas. The Queensbridge rap vet was successful in getting his child and spousal support payments to ex-wife Kelis significantly reduced.

According to TMZ—who obtained legal documents filed with the L.A. County Superior Court—God’s Son will now have to pay around $5,000 a month for child support and about $20,000 in spousal support. This is about half as much as he was ordered to fork over in December 2009. Back then L.A. Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III ordered Nasty Nas to give Kelis over $51,101 a month in support expenses.

The gossip site reports that Nasir used the bad economy as an argument to reduce the payment.

The ex-couple’s divorce became official on May 21, 2010. —Elan Mancini

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  • caino

    Small win for Nas, still having to pay far to much tho, 25G a month, man l wish lol. Distant Relatives was an awesome album.

    Land of Promise
    Count Your Blessings
    Tribes of War, all good tunes (shout out to $yk, to name songs 2011)

    even tho l’m smoking a fat one listing to Biggie ( Bukka, Bukka, Bukka ….Gimmie the loot)

  • Q461

    Good shit for Nas….25gs per month is plenty to live on…plus that triflin hoe Kelis got her own money anyways….

    That album is so dope! Some other dumb site had the nerve to say it was one of the most disappointing joints of last year.

    I fuck with the name tracks movement too.

    As We Enter
    My Generation
    Strong Will Continue
    Africa Must Wake up

  • Mama_Mia

    Who would’ve awarded soo much child support for 1 child! you’d never hear about Kimora & Russell, or even 50′s baby mama drama! I looked at kelis like such a classy a$$ woman, back then.. I would’ve advised Nas to get a pre-NUP,,,, But we all know How Lavish she wants to LIve Esp in her hometown NYC… $25k a month doesn’t getcha that FAR (if that’s her only REAL income)–Cause She Ain’t Selling no Records here- not sure about how the REST of the world FEELs about her SINGING career..

    • Mestizo

      i dont give a damn about her singin career and ho w much nas has to pay for child support etc. that shit aint got nothing to do with music. i am white and from germany:)

      • khalil

        What does you being white have to do with anything bra…!and what u initiating by that stupid comment is that music got nothing to do with life come on get yourself together Mr Im white and im from germany pick up a book and read or something

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  • khalil

    I wouldn’t be surprised if uncle sam attempts doing to Nasier axactly what he done to Tupac because Nasier is appearing in the news just a little too often for my liking and as for Kelis i got no comment because all this comes as no surprise