Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, are arguably two of the most famous and respected MCs rapping today. Over the years, both of have worked with one another, hopping on each others albums, and even acknowledging their respective talents.

But doesn't there always seem to be an air of contention between the two? We're not saying they're beefing. We would never even want to see such a thing. After all, rappers who work together make better music than rappers who don't. Thing is, while Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have always given each other the proverbial salute, they've also made some comments both in interviews and on record that we can't help but think about.

For instance, their latest verses. Jay-Z's line on "H.A.M." where he raps, "Really nigga you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain't got my lady's money." Almost immediately after the song was released, publications like Forbes connected that line to an interview Baby from Cash Money gave where he said Lil Wayne has more money than Jay-Z. Less than a week later, a new Lil Wayne verse surfaced on the remix to Nicki Minaj's "Roman's Revenge". The line everyone's talking about? "Old ass rappers/I'm still the shit, old ass pampers." For years, rappers who take shots at Jay mention something about his age.

Who knows what to make of either of these lines. They could be about each other, but then again, they could not be. Whatever the truth is, neither will tell us. They're having way too much fun watching all of us guess. took the time to create a time line of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne's complicated relationship. For those with long-term memory loss, we took it way back to 2004. Lil Wayne appeared as a guest on the Destiny's Child track "Soldier", and industry legend has it, it was Jay-Z who insisted his then-girlfriend Beyoncé add Weezy to the track.