It’s Complicated: Lil Wayne & Jay-Z’s Rap Relationship Analyzed [360 Timeline]

Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, are arguably two of the most famous and respected MCs rapping today. Over the years, both of have worked with one another, hopping on each others albums, and even acknowledging their respective talents.

But doesn’t there always seem to be an air of contention between the two? We’re not saying they’re beefing. We would never even want to see such a thing. After all, rappers who work together make better music than rappers who don’t. Thing is, while Jay-Z and Lil Wayne have always given each other the proverbial salute, they’ve also made some comments both in interviews and on record that we can’t help but think about.

For instance, their latest verses. Jay-Z’s line on “H.A.M.” where he raps, “Really nigga you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain’t got my lady’s money.” Almost immediately after the song was released, publications like Forbes connected that line to an interview Baby from Cash Money gave where he said Lil Wayne has more money than Jay-Z. Less than a week later, a new Lil Wayne verse surfaced on the remix to Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge”. The line everyone’s talking about? “Old ass rappers/I’m still the shit, old ass pampers.” For years, rappers who take shots at Jay mention something about his age.

Who knows what to make of either of these lines. They could be about each other, but then again, they could not be. Whatever the truth is, neither will tell us. They’re having way too much fun watching all of us guess. took the time to create a time line of Jay-Z and Lil Wayne’s complicated relationship. For those with long-term memory loss, we took it way back to 2004. Lil Wayne appeared as a guest on the Destiny’s Child track “Soldier”, and industry legend has it, it was Jay-Z who insisted his then-girlfriend Beyoncé add Weezy to the track.

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  • dynamicwayne

    Seems like friendly competition to me

    • robmarkman

      I agree, though they’d probably never admit it.

    • Don mcCaine


      both comments

  • Ugh article

    Who the fuck cares both them niggas faggots lmao. Fuck outa here.

  • hiphoplivesinthenorth

    you’re forgetting lil wayne’s verses over nas’ ether where he goes in on hov

    and the video you have of jay-z discussing lil wayne dissing him at a club is actually a video of jay-z discussing t-pain when he went off about jay-z’s d.o.a. at a nightclub

  • sealsaa

    Why people think that they’re even in the same lyrical weight class is beyond me. Lower standards?

  • frek214

    cuz jay-z is a lazy ass rapper these days, hes not even in the same lyrical weight as himself in the 90′s…

  • younghov402

    @ hiphoplivesinthenorth

    Wayne DID NOT go in on Hov on the “Ether” remix……he actually was saying that Hov is his homie. He actually said that numerous times on the song. “Fuck Jay-Z/ no no no I fucks with Jay-Z, sorry” “We bump Rocafella” etc. Get your facts together brotha

    • everythg red

      weezy rapped on ether twice, one gettin at jigga and one saluting jigga.


    Jay wasnt even in the same weight class as Tupac in the 90′s when he was lyricaly being butt fucked by pac, it only goes to show you how afraid jay z was to even say pac’s name, same goes for big, they didnt want no parts of being killed!
    (no diss to bigg) but jay acting all bad now that the real dudes is dead!! as far as him and wayne, wayne had a better run then jay did in the sence that wayne’s been ill since he was a child, jay z became famous ! and jays off his ass talking bout wayne got baby money, wayne got more money then memphis bleek or j cole or who ever jay signed, so what the fuck is jay talking about?

    • Valo

      why does it make any sense to compare Wayne’s money to J.cole’s? Cole is way newer, it’s a comparison of Jay and Wayne, that’s like saying Jay is richer than Drake..

  • NY

    @ health sin say, stfu! Jay never dissed Pac. Pac just dissed him because of his close afflication with Biggie. Which was dumb and irrational, like many of Pac’s decisions during that time.

    Also Wayne didn’t start making in impact till ’04 when he did Tha Carter and did got a lot of respect the next year with TC2. While Jay’s been respected ever since ’96 with his first album and has been hot since ’98. Another thing too, what point are you trying to make with the money line? Wayne gets compared to Jay not J. Cole or Bleek. You wouldn’t compare Jay to Meek Millz or Gudda Gudda.

  • sealsaa

    ANOTHER Tupac stan. You asked for it. That nigga’s overrated, and i’m damn sick of people pretending that he belonged in the same sentence as Pun, Big, Nas, etc. Give that shit a rest

    • Dead President

      sealsaa u mothafukkin bitch you crazy 2 make that statement bout pac overrated n shouldnt b in same sentence wit the greats. jus could he didnt juggle words like pun or biggie often mothafukka doesnt mean he overrated nigga it soundin like u aint even listen 2 lyrics jus b bobbin ur fake ass head 2 this dope ass shit u b listnin 2. fake ass mothafukkin bitch .

      • sealsaa

        @Dead President

        Take that crying and knob slobbing somewhere else, i’m not interested. I said my piece. He was overrated, deal with it.

      • Dead President

        let me tell u something. i dont ride draws & i dont stay quiet to things that matter. thatz the day u start 2 die .

        • sealsaa

          @Dead President

          Add “don’t spell correctly” to the list of shit you “don’t” do, you illiterate fuck

          • Dead President

            hahaha tight pant suit n tie latte sippin stiff pinkie finger raisin ‘correctly spelling’ critic . sorry i forgot 2 put the last letter on couple of these words – make u upset ? hahahaha

  • black jesus

    old ass rappers better stay on tour. your like 44, i got a 44, im 24, i could murk you and come home when im 44.

  • a second opinion

    there have been many eras in hip hop so the greatest ever is to opinion. some niggas grew up wit krs and shan others pac and big and then nas n jay or 50 n ja. u no what i mean. props to every rapper. i think jay is the best since he has been very consistant since his debut and hez made a shit ton of money. but he aint my favorite. yall understand. its 2011

  • kingt

    yo wayne can’t fuck with jayz on no money level or gay baby jayz got big money he a 40 40 coming to chicago yadig me son where wayne and baby club at jayz that nigga niggas was not like that when pac and biggie was here pac sells more albums then big did wayne got hot in 04 jayz been doing that shit jayz really give 2 fucks about this rap shit no more his name big as hell yadig me bleek always going to money jayz said that shit already jayz dont give fuck a fuck what wayne and baby say they money can’t see or fuck with jayz money yadig me chicago west in this bitch.

  • mar

    big isnt even top 5 anymore 2 albums doesnt make u the greatest east coast has the most bias …. nas and jay em and dare i say kanye had a better run then big … t might have been due to his untimely death j but if u compare the catalogs of music there is no comparison …. pac is only still up there because he had a more extensive catalog then big and his passion/impact was greater then anybodys we have seen yet ….as u can tell by all the pac stans/wannabes out there


    Look Tupacs picture onced rivaled a jesus christ picture in Amercias house holds! you think Jay z’s little wordplay that he does is so Greate? Jay z had a 14 year head start after pac died! Imagine if pac left off from the year he died how more sick his lyrical word play would be! go hear “holla if ya hear me” pac coined the fraze “holla at me” how many emcees and individuals still use that fraze! jay z aint never been immortalized! jay z aint got no “hail mary type dark shit! Jay z is jay z! thats it! he will never be idolized! hes famous for who knows what? I dont bump jay z music, Im not saying he aint good!! Im just saying when you compare the two men pac and jay, pac s music was way more emotional and devious ! jays music is just semi biggie shit!


    THE problem is all you gay niggas want to stay away from trouble with your gay ass litle v-neck white tees and you gay little vans, and your gay skateboard emo wack fake dread rasta head lil jay z black t shirts and your tight jean reality t.v rap era doing your best imatation jay z bobble head movement dance!! jay z is for you kind of people!!
    real niggas dont listen to jay z!

  • Sametra

    no diss,no beef,no drama: are the 3 no’s of the year because damn Nicki and Kim still going at it. They need to quit and yes Jay and Wayne are undercover beefin because it’s all about Wayne sayin he best rapper alive and Jay said “how could you be best rapper alive and the best rapper is still here” What yall think?

  • shadygradybitch1316

    that wayne line is garbage,he need to start writing, and jays way better than this lil nigga anyway, we nned dedication wayne back, currensy had him on his toes in my opinion but go head n hate lmfao

  • ArielTheBarbie16

    OK im about to say wat i think:i think jay z & wayne were cool until wayne & beyonce did that ‘soulja’ track, && they started to get close becos lets face it:we all know wayne likes her or ELSE hed diss her too, & we all know she thinks hes a cutie…AT THE kno how protective jayz is over her.he saw that they were flirting & ever since then hes been leery of wayne. Then they just started beefing & beyonce didnt want 2 start any trouble so she avoided wayne, but ya cant help who your attracted to. in 2007 they did the ‘love in this club remix’ 2gether & she started to flirt again, thus him & jay continued to beef. & when beyonce accepted her award sshe ddnt speak to wayne but he grabbed & hugged her becos he KNOWS she likes him, maybe even loves him a little bit, & that she wouldnt stop him & embarass him. && Jay changes the subject by talkin about ‘u aint got my ladys money’ he probly meant thats the ONLYthing she ddnt give Weezy. Its a big love triangle, beyonce loves both of them & wayne knows it

  • Jay

    if these niggas got beef or not can’t really tell but all I know they got mad cash and set for life…theirs no reason to beef for

  • liberty reserve

    An unputdownable speech is worth annotate. I conceive that you should create solon on this message, it strength not be a sacred individual but mostly group are not enough to verbalise on specified topics. To the next. Cheers like your It’s Complicated: Lil Wayne & Jay-Z’s Rap Relationship Analyzed [360 Timeline] | XXLMAG.COM.