Some birthdays are big moments. At 10, you hit double digits. At 21, you can drink. At 30, you start to feel old. At 50, you really start to feel old. And at 18, you become an adult, can enlist in the army and can buy cigarettes and porn. That doesn't mean that you must do any of these things. But it's an exciting day, nonetheless. And today, January 11, 2011, marks that special day for Lil Twist. In honor of Young Money's young spitter approaching manhood, XXL offers some dos and don'ts for his career and beyond.

Do follow the footsteps of your Young Money brethren, but don't try to be Weezy, Drake or Nicki.
There's a great team already in place around you, and it's a team that has realized a ton of success in the last couple years. Trust and follow the blueprint that's been laid down, but just be yourself. We've already got a Wayne, Drizzy and Nicki. Just do you.

Do keep building #TeamTwist and don't stop tweeting.
You've been able to gain a legion of passionate fans, so keep catering to them and letting them know that you appreciate 'em. One of the main ways you've been doing that is through communication on Twitter, so keep up the access that fans have to you. It makes them feel special.

Do keep maintaining your own style and don't cut that mohawk.
Until you're good and ready, that is. The ladies seem to love it.

Do make records with Justin Bieber but don't let him outrap you.
Listen, we know you and the Biebs are boys. That friendship can definitely result in some solid musical output that will have teen girls screaming for weeks. That said, Bieber has a clear love for hip-hop and has already spit on a record or two. The kid's not bad, honestly. Just make sure if he decides to drop bars on a track next to you, that prove who's the real professional.

Do try your hand at producing but don't lose focus on your raps.
The recent word is that you may be doing some producing on Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV. That would be a dope look, young'n. And if you become a skilled producer, that makes you that much more versatile. Don't forget what got you here, though, because it's that same thing that's gonna take you to the next level.

Do keep acting but don't abandon rap.
Noticing a trend here? You had a nice little guest spot in Lottery Ticket, and expanding your resume to acting is a good look. More movies down the line, maybe? Maybe a show? Either way, even when you're on the movie set, again, don't forget the potential of these here raps.

Do embrace that you're now an "adult" but don't lose your child-like excitement for your experiences.
They say when you turn 18 you're officially an adult. That's cool and all. You can take more responsibility and make more decisions. But every now and then try to take a step back from everything that's happening and simply realize you're in a privileged position. Enjoy it.

Do keep repping Dallas but don't expect the Cowboys to win anytime soon.
Sorry. This writer happens to be a big Giants fan. But it's the second round of the playoffs and we're sitting at home, too, so not much more shit-talking can be done.

Do get Drake on a hook.
Weezy said it best, "We gon be alright if we put Drake on every hook." Having one of the game's biggest stars on your chorus certainly wouldn't hurt.

keep saying swag.

It seems to be one of your favorite words, as you often end your tweets with it. It may be a thing of personal taste, but we're just sort of sick of the word. It doesn't have to do with you, per se. In fact, you have plenty of swag...Fuck...Guess sometimes you just gotta use it.

Have a swagged out happy birthday, Twist!