Face Time With Gucci Mane

Body art is taking over hip-hop – looks like the Alliance and Fabo were on to something with their 2007 single “Tattoo (Tatted Up).” It seems like rappers are taking the term to a new level. It’s not enough just to have three or four tattoos anymore, tatted up means you’re covered – everywhere. Sleeves aren’t even pushing the envelope anymore. If you wanna show you’re a real diehard ink fan, you’ve got to get the face done too. But some rappers seem to forget that once you get a tat you can’t go back – as Game so readily learned when he got his butterfly tattoo covered up with “LA” and a star.

In light of Gucci Mane’s latest ink edition, XXLmag.com came up with a few ideas for the Atlanta rap star to consider when the time might come to replace that ice cream cone!

Pick your favorite facial tattoo for the hip-hop’s heavyweight, and if you have your own face tat, tweet us @XXLstaff and we’ll post the best ones!

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    I thought these tats were supposed to be ideas for covering up the ice cream…how them forehead tats gonna cover up somethn…fail

  • amber

    I mean … the forehead tats will take attention away from his cheeks … we gotta look at the bigger picture.

  • ollie montaine

    money makes the world turn & burn..s/o to gucci,i have no opinion becuz it doesnt matter,he still goin have that tat on his face and i’ll still be working from check to check

  • Axeo

    I just hope it doesn’t get to the point rappers start putting ciroc/nuvo bottle tattoos on their face. Damm might be too late

  • YOM

    He’s a COON!!

  • Devo G

    Rap will slowly turn to NASCAR type marketing gimmicks! Just wait till you see a nicca with Home Depot across his face! Penzoil, Wrangler, Papa John’s, etc. Yup their all lining up!

  • Dead President

    yeah i like the last one haha lemons are pretty good hahahaha

  • TonyStakz!!!

    They never should’ve gave you niggas money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • New York State Of Mind

    the one with the bird on it looks tight but i’m not stupid enough to have a tattoo on my face

  • Axeo

    @Devo G It will be Louis Vatton, Ciroc, Black & Mild, Phillies Blunts and Newport Ciggeretes. 5 Car Race no matter the winner we lost

  • http://xxlmag.com the brown

    Yo! OMG, please!!! It’s painful enough to see parents of children my daughter is in preschool with have awful ink on their necks and hands; the occasional behind the ear. Even, still, those are like names n shit (which doesn’t make it better) but when I start seeing these same, folks just tryin to make it, sportin’ logos n shit on their face; I’ma have to start sayin somthin’!
    People, especially young people, how do you expect to move up in this world looking like a moron. I’ve got tats on my arms but they can be hidden in a professional environment. You stand to prevent yourself from good opportunity when your immediate first impression says “I’m a horrible decision maker”.

  • popsie..dailywestcoastIxE

    im sorry but how the fu!k can u take a man serious wit a triple scoop of ice cream on his face lol, i mean come on, thats the gayest shit i have seen in a min lol real spit

  • Jay

    i would have to say the bricks tat to cover up that ice creme tat that he has….better of matching his description.