Eminem to Star in New Film, Random Acts of Violence

With a hugly successful year in music, including 10 Grammy nominations, Eminem is now in talks to star in a new movie called, Random Acts of Violence.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  the film centers around an ex-con who’s trying to stay out of trouble despite peer pressure from friends and the FBI, who try to recruit him.

The 38-year-old spitter hasn’t been on the silver screen since 2002’s 8 Mile. Yet, as previously reported, news recently broke on another drama he has his sights on, titled Southpaw. The film is about a welterweight boxer that’s fighting his way back to the top.

Although it hasn’t been written yet, Dreamworks has already made a preemptive acquisition of Southpaw. It will be produced by Em’s longtime business partner Paul Rosenberg as well as Stuart Parr and Alan and Peter Riche of Riche Production. —Nicole LoPresti

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    Sorry Em, Mark Walberg already did that movie! why does eminem talk exactly like Mark Walberg in his movies? Any ways Theres no man alive who could fuk with eminem on the mic so i guess he has to take over the movie industry next!

  • illie the kid

    just a quick correction, Eminem has been in a movie since his 2002 release. He had a cameo in Adam Sandlers Funny People as himself

    • EReal

      He was funny as sheit too.

  • a.k man

    eminem. here is some advice from the fans who liked you the last ten years. bleach your hair again. for publicity. no more sob stories and please no more movies, its a wreckless staple for your career. Come to Canada with 50cent and do three shows. Toronto, vancouver, st.johns. You should be giving people the best of both nowadays. 50 does a song you do a song. FOrget COLLABS PLEASE PEOPLE. ORIGINAL IS STILL COOL. Forget the labels rules for a minute and dont collab with anyone on your next album. Find people who dont cause trouble, miss dates, come in late or hate life to help you get back on track.

    EVEryone is talented and hard working but its the people you listen to who cause the grief. Everyone you work with wants what you have. the curse………lol

    • http://www.youtube.com/justaphella Justa Phella

      shut the hell up. how you going to tell someone what to do with their lives…as long as EM is satisfied with his decisions, its all good, if not he would tell u to suck a dick

    • charlotte.

      hah! shut the fuck up. Every else likes eminem because he is himself and doesn’t pretend to be some gangster. Eminem is my life to be honest and I like him just the way he is and I think that plenty of other people would agree with me, and like he is gonna take your opinion on board anyway. you get to where he is before you can tell him to change who he is.

  • drox

    @ a.k man
    what track are you talking about? The man drops an album in 2010, goes over plat in a short amount of time, gets 10 Grammy nominations, does crazy unusual collabs, does he’s usual limited shows and YOU’RE STILL BUTT HURT all because he didn’t come to Canada???? Why don’t you go to Detroit and catch him there??? Better yet, support your home grown artists and stop splittin hair and bitchin!

  • ricy

    all canada has is the white reggae guy, snow.

  • miss lovely

    @a.k man they should go to winnipeg not to st john’s.my cuz lived out there n that was sum kinda place to be…anyways roudy winnipeg is the to be..

  • jk kiid

    when is it out

  • DannO

    8 mile 2002 was awesome i think southpaw would be cool coz im a southpaw lol but random acts of violence sounds more shady’s style do them both Em?