The Young Buck Back To G-Unit Quiz

3. If 50 Cent yells “get’em Buck,” right now, what’s the first thing you do?
A) Ride on all his enemies like a real soldier.
B) I’m a boss I don’t take orders.
C) Ask him ‘get what?’

4. What do you plan to say in your next phone conversation with 50?
A) I miss you, man. ”
B) Threaten to hurt him if he’s recording it. ”
C) Nothing. I don’t have minutes on my cell phone right now.

5. What do you think of Lloyd Banks’s new album The Hunger For More 2?
A) Amazing! I really wish I was on it.
B) It’s ok. Could have been better with me on it.
C) I haven’t heard it. The IRS took my CD player.

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