The 50 Greatest Dr. Dre Beats Of All Time

50. “Fight Music” – D12 (2001)
Album: Devil’s Night

A hard-charging, hyper rap-rock cut samples Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” showcased Dre’s versatility on the boards.

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  • Key

    California Love…the extended version… should be #1.

    • TC

      You gotta be fuckin kidding me that Dopeman wasn’t on this list!!! I was thinking that was top 5 hands down, maybe even number 1. I cant argue with Nuthin But a G Thang being number 1, but in my opinion its Dopeman. And for that track to be left off the list altogether! XXL really fucked that up!

      • triflin

        say wha? DOPEMAN?? shit was weak dou man

        • nigga hater

          fukk u niggurs

  • Key

    I thought California Love…the extended version…should’ve been #1.

  • Nigga wuuut

    Nigga u doin all this ish to promote D.R.E and Detox. We’re not blind. I wonder how much the Doc payed ya. The buzz is already at its highest level. Face it the hype aint gon get much bigga than this. DROP THA ISH.

    Sure its gon be good but u should promote other niggas albums too. Nigga i aint seen 1 article about Redman’s new album…WHICH WAS DOPE-….. or Cube’s I Am The West which was aight. Fuck KanyeWest Fuck NickyMinaj fuck i dissapointed in XXL. Got2Go 4 the Source nigga.:/

    • wilson

      fuck you too

    • nigga who?

      ayo… one, the source is nothin but some bullshit.. two, cubes new album was probably his worst album ever put out.. three, xxl actually did do a story on redmans new album, it just wasnt immediately titled “redman’s new album, reggie,” you fucking idiot.. quit your bitching

      it aint dre hypin his shit up, it’s the media, get a reality check baby boi

  • g

    Nice to see the busta bitch ass haters out ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lets you know that you’re still relevant…. stupid nigga..

  • Mutada Mullah Atari

    ^ This is a hip hop journalism web-site and magazine, they get PAID via the BIG ASS advertisments that you see pasted on eithier side of the page that you are looking at right now. You see puffy to the right, the Dirty money chicks to the left? Or the Nissan “Juke” advert? This is a FOR PROFIT Business… what about that do you not understand? They are supposed to promote the albums of the artists and corporations that PAY THIER SALARIES. Chill out… I’m a HUGE Cube fan, I believe his Death Certificate is one of the best hip hop records ever. But his new album was a fucking shit sandwich, and I need to check out that Redman asap.

    • HolyOne

      I thought XXL staff were journalist…

  • Dj

    Wait wait, We can freak it was produced by BattleCat??????Tell me if im wrong.


    Nas “Nas is Coming” that’s my favorite

  • Stainless

    I gotta say between Still D.R.E. and Nuthin But a G Thang

  • G

    I had it..

    1. nuthin but a g thang
    2. Deep Cover
    3. Gin and Juice
    4. Still DRE
    5. Xxplosive

  • dbys12

    wtf is “u cant c me” by pac??

    • Dead President

      4 REAL.???! ….lil stupid ass 14 yr old i bet. ever heard of all eyes on me.? hip-hop 1st double LP.?? fool it one of the dopest ever dropped. fresh out the pen. nigga that track on the 2nd disc homie – R.I.P my nigga Pac. ‘cant c me’ – ill ass track on an ill ass album

      • your mom

        u probably searched that on wikipedia wannabe

    • zayzkidd

      You can’t be serious with that question.

    • Mutada Mullah Atari

      Still… cut the kid some slack, that was one of the FEW skippers on All Eyes On Me… dope track, but not a good mix for Pac, word is that was a track Suge punked Dre into giving Pac as was Cali Love, those were for the follow up to Chronic that never came out and turned into the lost Dre album “The Aftermath”

      • Dead President

        no there werent any skippers on either disc homie chek ur shit .

    • StrifeDaGOD

      dbys12 Die… please. Die horribly.

  • dayum

    I can’t believe XXL actually got this 90 % right ! I disagree with where california love is, both the Eve trax, watcher, and that Mary J blige song I hated. But I didn’t think I’d see Imagine that with Snoop or Heat with 50 cent even on there. Good shit – some real rap heads at work here today…

    • dayum

      but it must be some disconnect because 2pac had a few more tracks that should have been on here !

  • Justin

    The List Looks Accurate, Just Put Deep Cover 1st, Then Nuthin But A G Thang.

  • sosa slick

    All i can say no matter what the order is they all were STRAIGHT FIRE, point blank. Im bumpin’ in da club now and i miss how shady/aftermath use to run with the world with 3 Giants

  • jburg

    I forgot how hot that “satifaction” beat was.

  • jburg

    Poppin them thangs was that shit too!

  • mytinsultin

    We Can Freak definitely was Battlecat & brings up my point that there are plenty of beats people give credit to Dre for when they are other producers whether he paid them outright for the beat, paid them to drop the most memorable pats on his beats, or he straight up gets credit for beats by association. Cause Dat Nigga Daz definitely doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  • zayzkidd

    My Top 5 Dr. Dre Beats:
    1. Natural Born Killaz
    2. What’s My Name (Doggystyle)
    3. In Da Club
    4. Nas Is Coming
    5. Hate It or Love It

  • zayzkidd

    How could they sleep on that Natural Born Killa?

  • zayzkidd

    What about “Alwayz into Somethin” or “I Ain’t the One?” Yall don’t really have a clue.

  • zayzkidd

    I gotta admit, them early Deathrow days is my favorite era in rap by far. Them dudes vibe was tight.

  • WiseGuy

    Happy to see xxplosive as high as it is that’s my favorite


    Busta Rhymes….Break Ya Neck!!! where is that song???!!!!!

    XXL….I Knew this was gone be some B.S.!!!

  • Mitch 3K

    How the fuck is Natural Born Killers all the way down at The Bottom??………. Thats one of his greatest songs


  • MyGameJustRewind

    that eve ‘satisfaction’ could be replaced by the 50cent ‘okay, you’re right’. but that track will always be over looked b/c of 50′s weak assed lyrics on a banging track. it’s a top 25 instrumental easily…

  • Nick Wiez

    Yes still D.R.E. is one of the illest but Scott Storch did that piano loop…member Storch worked under Dre for a minute.

  • D

    did he do “Break ya Neck”? That shit always gets shit poppin.

  • JY

    i think he means where the fuck is U Cant C Me seeing as its not on the list lol. i agree it should be that track is unreal ALSO there missing The Watcher 2 and Lost Ones those beat are sick 2! my list goes…

    1. nuthin but a G thang
    2. still dre
    3. california love
    4. in da club
    5. deep cover

    xxplosive at #3? i dont think so

  • 7 Mile Style

    where in the fuck is Deez Nuts and the day the niggas took over

  • George Clooney

    “Alwayz into Somethin” birthed the entire G-Funk sound. And it was the shit. Should’ve been included.

    “Real Niggaz Don’t Die” also.

    “Boyz N The Hood”….that just seemed like an obvious one. Unless I missed it on the list.

    “Gz Up Hoez Down”….Doggystyle was never the same without it.

    “Livin Like Hustlers” by Above The Law was another early highpoint in the Dre catalog.

    Also, didn’t Mahogany produced Bad intentions?


    Natural Born Killaz at number 49? Really? That is by far top five or ten in my book.


    Man I have to agree there is a lot of heat on here, but some really worth mentioning that come to mind that were left off the list.

    The Formula with the D.O.C
    G’d up- off of G-Unit by far the best track on that album
    American Pyscho 1 and 2 off the D12 albums.
    Stan-How could you leave that off?
    Also the Dogg Pound Doggfood album was full of that Dre g-funk.

  • Hip Hop Broke My Heart

    Bad Intention was produced by Mahagony – who wrote this article omg

  • carl

    What a rubbish list. Not one track off N.W.A.’s second album. You are having a laugh.

  • Geir

    Im surprised “The Message – 2001″ aint among the top 50:/

  • still best rite now!!

    1.yall dropped the ball on this one, no “Boys in the Hood”??? thats one of the greatest Dre beats of all time!

    2.”Cant C me” 2pac not in the top 50? c’mon son.

    3.”In Da Club” wasnt even produced by Dre and that made the top 5? lol

  • biged

    what about game over with scarface,too short and cube over that ill beat from the bruce lee movie?? but fuckin eve ? jesus

  • gift

    Everyone chill on dude. He was probably saying Where the Fuck is “U CANT C ME” by Pac. SMH.

  • jonny bizness

    YO Dre got them joint’s you only appreciate him when i see all of them 2 gether like this here’s my top 10
    1,the watcher but the one on jay’s album with the electric guitar

    2,deep cover takes me back 2 the yo mtv raps days

    3,Fast lane crazy beat jada ripped it as well

    4,ain’t no fun nate dogg steals the cameo 4 me

    5,tha shitnitz the sky becomes black y’all know the rest

    6,fuck you remind me of summer 2000 devin steals it

    7,imagine classic on a forgettable snoop album

    8,Bitches ain’t shit realist shit ever

    9,dre day classic easy e diss but i liked straight muthaf…. gz better

    10,phone tap even liked the carl thomas faith joint as well

  • sb

    stranded on death row should of been on there

  • Crist

    .. slightly disappointed The Formula by The D.O.C. didn’t make the list, but Dre had a LOT of hot beats..

  • Ace

    My Top 10:

    1.) Still D.R.E.
    2.) Deep Cover
    3.) Nuthin But A G Thang
    4.) Xxplosive
    5.) Bitch Please
    6.) How We Do
    7.) Let Me Blow Ya Mind
    8.) The Next Episode (Shouda been WAAAY HIGHER THAN 34)
    9.) Dre Day
    10.) What’s The Difference

  • CptnCldCrush

    There’s not one song from Niggaz4life?

  • detroit’s most wanted

    what, no eazy e, above the law? one d.o.c song? niggaz4life the entire album? jj fad, turn off the lights? who the fuck did this list? learn your history!

  • Abifornia

    I understand that Dre had so many good beats that u can’t put all of them in the top 50. But no Busta’s Break Ya Neck? No Pac’s U can’t see me? No Dre’s ft. Snoop On the blvd? Shiiiiittt!!!!!!

  • TicNitty1

    The list was good until I noticed only ONE f**king DOC trk made it. Where’s The Formula? Let The Bass Go? Doc & The Doctor?

    Where’s Gameover by Scarface? WHat about some of the ish he did with Above The Law? Whoever did this needs to step their game up real quick. How are you going to have Ho’s A House and leave off some of those I mentioned?

  • TicNitty1

    I just noticed after reading what DMW said but….

    Where the hell is the trks off Eazy-Duz-It and N4life?!?!!!! Whoever composed this list needs to be whipped with razor wire.

  • westie

    This just a rushed together list, there was no thought put into it at all, 2 tracks that shud of been there easily are Blackstreet’s ‘No Digitty’ and Busta Ryhmes ‘Break ya Neck’. and this is just another reason which goes to show who is responible for slowly killin hip hop music by trying to make us all think that kanye west is cool. Even some of the reviews they’ve given are the most inaccurate and couldnt be further from the truth, the way they thinkin is if theis person is hot out there give him an xl rating. peace out xxl

  • DJSpade

    What’s My Name? G’z & Hustlaz? Boyz N Tha Hood? Role Model? (Eminem) Should have made a Top 100 istead!

    • jay

      yea dat role model still knock

  • Hegimon

    I thought this list was the 50 best Dr. Dre beats this is very disappointing. If this was the list of the best Dr. Dre songs that would be one thing, but the best beats ya’ll got this wrong. Nothing from the Niggaz 4 Life album are you serious!!! How doesn’t the D.O.C. “The Formula” make the list and “Dopeman” not on the list WTF and I don’t think even Dre was credited on the beat for “Bad Intentions” he just rapped on it. Opinions are Opinions and in my Opinion this list is missed the point.

  • Deez

    Boyz n the hood??????

  • YGC

    dis shit is real

  • Jflam

    21. Bad Intentions wasn’t produced by Dre, but by Mahogany. Look it up.

  • oksfinest

    Where is Break Ya Neck by Busta? C’mon

    • skanless

      if its a busta beat its gotta be “holla” dam u guys suck at this hahaha

  • skanless

    umm nuthing but a g thang isnt even dr. dres beat, its a sample

  • Sean

    you stupid fucks.

    Dr. Dre didnt produced Still D.R.E. .
    Scott Storch did.
    Big Dr. Dre beat fans you are .

  • roger

    BIG EGOSS!?!?!?!?!
    WHERE IS BIG EGOSS??????????

    • P

      That was a good beat too.

  • RJII

    I thought Keep their Heads Ringing would have been higher than 30


    “Always Into Somethin” by NWA Greatest Dr. Dre beat of all time. Hands Down. Another L for this site

  • P

    What about Knocturnal’s Str8 west coast or 40 Glocc’s Finer Thangzzz or Busta Rhyme’s Holla. Bishop Lamont’s Grow up

  • tim

    start from scratch(game)

  • kedordu

    fight music shouldnt be on there when nasty mind by d12 isnt .


    The Formula off of The D.O.C. ‘S album
    Role Model off of The Slim Shady Lp
    G’D Up off of The G-Unit album
    ( which was waaaay better than the track you put on here off that album ).

  • Grim_Reaper

    still dre shud be #1

  • rutlo6

    where the fuck is deez nutts. get rid of that bilal shit bosses life top 15, been there done that lazy, 36 and 35 c’mon son 35 is a masterpiece, fuck the police us a bad mutha fucka imagine is way better than how we do. nas is coming is actually the first and last time he blended perfectly with a east coast rapper X is signature but lazy let me ride cant be at 19 c’mon son, let me blow ya mind that shit was a smash I know he was felling himself on dat shit, where the fuck is high powered and deez nutz I know somebody was arguing for dem joints, tha shiznit is like caviar for any m.c., still dre – masterpiece, gin&juice weighs heavier than g thang, fuck that bilal joint

  • reed

    lil geto boy

  • Al

    wtf no chin Check on the list


    No Black Superman? Or Obie Trices Shit hits the fan?

  • mr.4k

    what about eazy-e’s boyz-n-da-hood! dat shit still bumps

  • J. White

    I love these posts but make them one page so i don’t have to scroll down and click through 50 pages

  • joe

    next episode should’ve been #1 and dopeman should’ve been in the top 10 at least

  • South Africa

    there must be a “Doggystyle 2″ album

  • oskamadison

    Without even lookin’ at this list…Best Dre beat of all time is still…NWA’s Express Yourself remix, especially the bonus beats.

  • Matt

    Dre didn’t make the beat for Nuthin But A “G” Thang. The rhymes are so dope, but the music is ENTIRELY sampled. Check out “I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You” by Leon Haywood and tell me what you think.

  • Amanda1380

    What about Six-2 His 3rd Verse??? He’s Got them Freaky Hoes clappin their hand stompin their feet. Makem wanna put their mouth on him.

  • artist

    how can I sign with aftermath ? bngve 4life