The 100 Best Mixtapes of 2010 (49-1)

48. Artist: Emilio Rojas
Mixtape: Life Without Shame Hosted by DJ Green Lantern
Fierce punchlines and a malleable flow makes Emilio one to watch in ’11. With hot beats and a dope guest selection, LWS is an easy recommendation.

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  • MostDopeFan

    Ahh, you’ll get #1 next time Mac !
    We your fans will support you bro !

    • 412Kid

      This isnt mac dude.

      • houston

        man the comments are about the list in general so no matter whether youre on the first page or the 50th the f*ckin comments will stay the same jezuz think before you do anything bro youre dumb

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    • DNight

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    • dfgdf

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  • TJC0MB0

    Im not dick ridding or anything, but y wasnt J. Cole’s Friday Night Lights number one!!!!!?

    • drew

      i here ya bro i still bump that j cole tape the rick ross ones were garbage and the asher roth should of been higher


      thank u wiz khalifa is ass as fuck and fabs was jus okay to me

    • budden

      Seriously? Budden deserved number 1, cole def deserved 2 tho

      • G

        cosign to the fullest

    • da gooch

      yeah im wit you.j.cole “friday night lights”#1 hands down!!!!

    • Michael Morrison

      Yo you definitely not dick riddin bruh. Cole mixtape was so good that it basically could been an album

  • Yessir

    Why 100. Give us the BEST 25, shit is too long. MM4, Friday Night Lights, and No Competition 2 better be in the top 5.

    • Mike Ron

      The best 25 are numbers 1-25 of the top 100. Don’t be so stupid next time.

      • Young Mo Fo

        He has autism, let him be.


    Wale’s More About Nothing gotta be #1!!!! That shit hit on everything with bangers from start to finish. It was so good that it was more like an album, I was shocked. I got More About Nothing at 1, There Is No Competition 2 at #2, Friday Night Lights at #3 and Kush & Orange Juice at 4

    • aq92

      yeah or atleast a higher spot. but this ish is all opinion so its whatever

  • lakers24

    xxl yall so fukin dumb shit list how is nipsey shit 49 and no ab-soul?? or kendrick lamars first mixtape or banks?????

  • HipHopismyLifeXXL

    Nice list. Cole probably should’ve been #1, but solid overall. Fab mixtape wasn’t all that.

  • lakers24

    no Dolla either??? damn smh

  • BAunique

    Wow…no MSTRD by Tiron? Epic Fail

  • nkmd

    Where the hell is GhostWridah from Miami? His “In Love With My Future” mixtape was dope as hell! XXL Fail….

  • What Tha Fuck Man !

    What tha fuck man. Where Game at? He put out dope mixtapes ya.

    Aite Red Room was crap, BWS artist promoter w/e BUT hands down BRAKE LIGHTS was CRACK. The shit even had music video and fucking Nas on it.’1

    • Ace

      Game?? Game’s mixtapes were wack, including Red Room. lol gtfoh

  • The-shizz-noodle

    Yeah Wiz Khalifa mixtape was good and all that……but J. Cole should’ve had the number one spot! He is so much better lyrically than everyone else on this list!

  • rob

    wiz khalifa is over budden & j cole? i cant take this list seriously

    and game’s mixtape should of been in the top 15

  • cyde

    no MSTRD?
    this list is a joke

    • psh


  • Casey

    No way Fab shouldn’t have been number 1..

    • Kim


  • asdj iajs

    BRAKE LIGHTS IS DEFINETLY NUMBER ONE ! Ashes to ashes comes in second by Rick Ross…. but GAME’s mixtape was classic..

    the waka flocka joint was gangsta crack music..
    Nas & Akon – street riders ….
    just to name a few who the muthafuckin MAN is!

  • zevin

    good list, crazy for lamar to be #8, followed that dude when he was kdot.

  • fxckem

    BS wiz khalifa is whack and it put me to sleep

    • Kim


  • The Truth

    Laws & Don Cannon mixtape should have been Top 20

  • Mikey SpAdez

    iThink Sean shoulda been #1 but thats cuz I’m a BIG fan of Big Sean

  • Ronski

    IM good with fab at 2
    OFWGKTA should of been top 10
    F*** Steve Harvey

  • Redpeoples

    Where Is French Montana Coke Boyz Or Mac & Cheese 2! Top 10 – 15 at least

  • tru breez

    this iz an outrage…the best mixtape of 2010 was obviously j.cole’s friday night lights. Kendrick Lamar’s O.D. should have been right behind it. But Wiz Khalifa???!!! WTF!!!! DIS NIGGA TALKS ABOUT WEED THE WHOLE FUCKIN MIXTAPE!!! DAT AINT NO DAMN NUMBER ONE!!! DIGGY SIMMONS MIXTAPES WERE BETTER THAN HIZ!!!

  • NYC lights

    it was good to finally see laws get some recognition but that 457 mixtape might have been the best of the year lyrically he was better than everyone here & the production from dj khalil 9th wonder & justice league enuff said

  • T

    Cole’s tape wasn’t that good. He’s good but he’s hella overrated.

    • Kim

      It was THAT GOOD and not over rated.

      • glock9

        yes dumbass it IS overrated

  • Adam Shallah

    is this not just a list of every single mixtape to be released by a fairly popular rapper this year

  • David HussleSoft

    This list was more of a popularity contest then anything

  • Kid Wizdom

    Yooooo please sum1 tell me dat dey noticed LIL B wuz on dis list at #27. See dats how you kno xxlmag musta got paid by da artist or record label to be put on dis list er sumthin. Look ima be straight blunt, LIL B is wack as fuck period. Yes I am a hater towards wack artist because they are %100 of the reason that good music will never be in the lime light again. You might hear a few gems and diamonds here and there but as far as the movement. Its DEAD. LIL B is wack period

  • Rockcity

    FNL was a breath of fresh air. . . it shouldve been higher!!! I’m not mad at wiz bein number 1 dat mixtape was tough 2. . .

  • zzzzzzz

    Damn, J. Cole shoulda been number 1… FNL crashed his site the day it came out! That shit was crazy.

  • ludabam24

    No Curren$y? Smokee Robinson was a good ass tape JETS

  • Break lights top 1!

    break lights should have been at least top 5. that mixtape could have easily been an album. just nasty

  • JE

    cant take this list seriously when j cole and wale arent in the top 5.. friday night lights was by far number 1 and thats coming from a wiz fan

  • Kim

    B.o.B’s No Genre was better than everybody’s. That guy is CRAZY. Also liked Big Sean’s, J. Cole’s mixtapes but B.o.B. is just. FUKKING. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just my opinion.

  • the kid frankie

    how is Jeezy’s Trap or Die 2 not WAAAY HIGHER!?!?!!!
    really? Donnis’ mixtape is better…. like really? wtf was Y’ALL hearing!?!?

  • KiNGPiN4867

    dam tech n9ne #11 and nickel nine #15 thats wuts upp!!!

    • Haute

      Royce 5’9′s B.E.3 was nasty shoulda been higher in my opinion and nice to see they included Tech’s tape even though it just dropped…agree that banks should be on here somewhere but I’m likein this list and im glad they used so many, ive got a few different people to check out now and judge 4 myself…quit hatin on it, and co-sign to the number 1 and 3

  • NigNig

    XXL can suck my dick for this list. How in the fuck did Wiz and his wackness get the number 1 spot. Clearly J.Cole is the best rapper on this list and his mixtape was better than most albums. Krit before Cole c’mon son. smh.

    • daz-lin

      wat u mean krit wuz hear got him signed…..not one weak track on there… u must not have listened to it

  • Concerned Citizen

    No FAMxBIZ? No Hardwork&Hennessy?

  • jumua

    doesn’t matter what he talked about or who has better lyrics its how many people liked it kush and oj is the second most downloaded mixtape of all time look at datpiff if u dont believe me if u look at the greatest rap albums of all time they may have not have the best lyrics but has great overall quality

  • jumua

    and its not just just xxl many other websites and magazines name kush and oj the best mixtape of this year but everyone has their own opinion dont get mad i downloaded friday night lights haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet maybe it should have been number but you cant tell me another mixtape this year has got more publicity and acknowledgment than kush and oj

  • Makaveli_801

    Killuminati 2K11 Aint on this wack ass list

  • matty21

    Da competition has long beeen buried… “people out there really living like that, homeboy da streetz NASTY”

    Mannn, Fuck A Mix-tape

  • Steeve Ohhh(realhiphop)

    WTF where iz Lloyd Banks V5, that should hav been in da top 5. Who does this list & why is Wiz K’s kush & OJ #1? R u serious wiz is aight but come on #1 mixtape of 2010? TOP 5 mixtapes at least, Jada, The Game, Jeezy, LLoyd Banks & Fashawn.

  • IQ

    WTF Cyssero latest mixtape Flight Mileage need 2 be on here

  • ace*

    how the hell did MSTRD not make the list at all? SMH

    best mixtape of the year IMO

  • everything


  • Odom

    no shortdawg man com

  • J

    Wiz fucking ran it this year, congrats!
    Taylor Gang or Die.

  • ace

    That is bullshit, Big KRIT should be #2 & #1 should be who it should always be Mother fuckin J.COLE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sdakar

    pufff…..j cole mixtape was the illest

  • Dj KidFresh

    Taylor Gang or teabag a bear trap
    Get with it, or get flown’ over

  • @twampsaccgod

    FUCK this list.
    this is fucking nonsense.
    wale shit on all these motherfuckers this year
    more about nothing?
    red cafe aka red berry red?
    the marathon?
    fuck a rick ross.

    krit is the only one deserving.

  • sosa slick

    List is nice but coming from a huge wiz fan, his mixtape wasnt nice. Last year if you talking about flight school or how fly there is an arguement. I got bored through the top 10 , i didnt jadakiss aka best rapper alive he should been 1 or fab or cole. FUCK XXLMAG, just because 50 put you on in 03 you thinking you god or something. First master p and hot boyz winning 98 99 man of the year now this bullshit.

  • sosa slick

    Champ is here deserves top 5
    jadakiss IS the best rapper alive point blank

  • jerry

    Golf Wang

  • HipHopia


  • LiftedResearch

    K.R.I.T. Wuz Here isn’t a mixtape, it is his debut album. Nevertheless it was still one of the best albums of 2010.

    • daz-lin

      naw bra… it waz suppose to be but sha and krit decided to pulled it…. they pushed as a mixtape to get his name out there

  • Deeznutz


  • @RoneWorld

    TOP 30:
    French Montana-Coke Boyz/Mac N Cheese 2
    Curren$y-Smokee Robinson
    Trademark Da SkyDiver-Issue #2
    Smoke DZA-Goerge Kush “Da Button”
    Lloyd Banks-V5
    Lupe Fiasco-A Love Story
    Bone Thugs-Fixtape vol.3
    Wizzle Man-Kush & OJ
    Big Sean-FF Vol 3
    K.R.I.T.-KRIT Wuz Here
    BG-Money Side, Murda Side
    Jeezy-Last Laugh/Trap Or Die 2
    L.E.P.-Dnt Feed Da Killaz 3
    Fabolous-No Comp 3
    Nipsey Hussle-Marathon
    Cam & Vado-Boss Of All Bosses 2
    Wave Gang 6 (Free MAX-B)
    J.Cole-Friday Night Lights
    Waka-LFJ 2
    Max B & Young Riot-Wave Called Yes
    Fashawn-Owe 2 Illmatic
    Kanye West-Power
    Rone-Rine Iz..Da Spirit Vol.1
    Freddie Gibbs-Strait Killa, No Filla
    Mac Miller-K.I.D.S.
    Joe Budden-MM4
    Dom Kennedy-From The West With Love
    TI-Fuck A Mixtape

  • Anoc

    I knew Fab’s mixtape would b in da top 3, bt c’mon xxl, Y WASNT IT #1!?!? MIXTAPE OF DA YEAR! & WHERE’S WAYNE @????

  • Anoc

    & Lupe!?!?

  • joseofwg

    ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG! shit shouldve been second, cause Kush & OJ was pretty fucking good

  • Shyt

    XXL messin up bigg tyme wheres tity boi trap-a-veli wuz a banger wid tons of video

  • adl

    is royal flush on there cyhi da prince

  • that nigga

    I woulda picked F.A.B, Funeral Music first, then Wiz.

  • ndaw123

    This list is bs.. no Banks? cmon dude dropped like 5 classic mixtapes this year. oh I forgot we got ricky ross and dudes that like that

  • Aso

    ……Big K.R.I.T wuz here is an album, and FNL should be number one. Oh well.

  • Aso

    And where the hell is Curren$y?

  • EST 19XX

    I think Budden and MGK should have both been higher. Mine goes….

    Kush and OJ
    Mood Muzik 4
    Friday Night Lights
    Lace Up

  • Rocky

    Where is Smokee Robinson?…. You guys messed up with that one.

  • soowoo

    yall aint that stupid? freddie gibbs number 1 no doubt!! look the ni**a up

  • MattCast

    OFWGKTADGAF. fuck the other 99.

  • brea

    wiz’s mixtape was okay, it was just really hyped. J. Cole hands down number one. Wale’s more about nothing should’ve been higher. Kush & oj shouldn’t have been no higher than #12, it was the cool greys of mixtapes… OVERHYPED

  • smiley

    wtf r u kiddin me trap or die II has to be in the top 15 at least! smh this list sucks

  • http://qucci11 Devon

    Fan of a Fan should be #1 since it has a grammy nominated single “Dueces . Kush and OJ should of went #2, K.R.I.T Wuz Here #3, There’s No Competition #4, then #5 should be Finally Famous Vol. 3 . #top5

  • Richard Lesco

    No Das Racist? Fucking disappointed, XXL. I don’t know why, I wasn’t expecting much from you anyways.

  • soNC252

    So No one has heard of Big Krit!! No one decided to check out his music huh.. Give me a fuckin break; wiz mixtape was all hype; J.Cole and K.R.I.T. should’ve shared number one!! Both make their own beats and have real lyrics and budden gets a strong 2nd… Who XXL got reviewing this shit?

    • daz-lin

      thank u…. they are the only two doin there own shit

  • John Doe

    HAHA wait….wait…let me take a second to breathe

    Who did this list? and can they please make a statement pointing out the criteria…if it is who has the biggest fan base, most tweets, google searches or most downloads then fair enuff but if its solely on the quality of each mixtape then how is Friday Night Lights not number one?

    it is lyrically superior to kush and oj…plus has better beats and a much wider subject range….jcole could have released this as an album, let alone a mixtape

    someone please let me know what criteria kush and oj did well on…

  • bret

    i dont give a f**k tech shoulda been #1 people really dont appreciate music ne more. with techs speed,clarity,his f**kin vocab is off the wall it shoulda been him and his mixtape jus came out like a little over a week ago

  • 37200

    real talk young jezzy trap or die 2 should be n da top 5 u need to go back an listen sound like a album just as good as rick ross mixtape and hands down young buck back on my buck shit 2 should be top 10 produced by drumma boi every song keep 100 real trap music


    AMAFIA “LORD OF THE STREETS IS AT LEAST #2! “in my own world was cold too. Also, i didnt read the whole list, but was gucci’s “mr. zone 6″ on this list? that shit was the best mixtape this year!

  • whoa bad xxl

    Come Friday night lights should been one 1 fab 2 Fred the godson 3 like so many of these were not hot T.I. and i love T.I. but just not last Rick Ross clearly y’all were just trying to please the stars

  • ctgohard

    yea killing the compt was the best of 2010 no question I cought that dude fred da godson on mtv he can spit better than any other new rapper i herd in a long time

  • daz-lin

    i know alot of u are like who the hell is big krit and y is he above j.cole? but jus listen to his music he is right up there with the best of them he will most likely be in ur top 5 after u listen to krit wuz here

  • Pariah

    Mood Muzik 4 and Friday Night Lights should be number 1 and 2 (not in that order) fuck fabs mixtape, that was a whole bunch of corny punchlines

  • Mia Wes

    ya’ll are fucking with me right?
    Lil B at 27?
    Friday Night Lights
    More About Nothing
    Fan of a Fan
    all SHITTED on that mixtape and you got that cookin motherfucker at 27?
    shit Rick Ross, Joe Budden, and Yelawolf are way better than that dude.
    this is coming from a 17 year old girl (I’m basically his demographic)
    im sooooo done.

  • Matt meyer

    11 years solo, but hes been rapping for even longer than that

  • matt meyer

    wtf i posted that on the wrong mixtape lol


    i was a huge fan of Eminem, 50 Cent, Jay z, Lil Wayne and many more but when i first listened to Tech N9ne(Psycho bitch II), i was like”!@_@! what the hell! what kind of super Rap is that?” then i listened to Sickology 101 album, after that i said”damn! he suppose to be the Hardest Rapper Alive! ” and couldn’t stop listening to his songs! after i listened to KOD!(King of Darkness), i was like “Damn! Damn! Damn! i can’t wait to listen to his new stuffs!” and Now i say it so loud: TECH N9NE is THE BEST! RAPPER! ALIVE! and for me the KING OF RAP..!
    Bad Season is the No.!!! Fuck XXL MAG ppl they don’t know what Real Rap is! they are fucking 9 yr old Faggots!

    • Crandall

      you are exactly right! i have been listening sense KILLER was released but i have every tech n9ne song and feature, he is the hardest rapper out there and REAL, he definetly deserved #1, i wouldnt hate on XXL people cause they helped Tech N9ne, but they definetly should of gave hime #1. Even DJ Whoo Kid said “Bad Season” is in his top10 favorite mixtapes of all time! Tech N9ne Bad Season should be #1.

  • Crandall

    the list is like half right…… khalifa’s mixtape was’nt all that great? just cause he has been getting popular don’t mean he deserves #1. I strongly believe that Tech N9ne Bad Season shouldn’t been #11, it should of got 1st, that mixtape is in my top3 favorite mixtapes of all time.

  • n4styrico

    number 23 for now their next 1 is gonna kill ‘em all! swag.

  • Mia Wes

    Im still mad you would have Lil B so close to the rest of them. and in front of nipsey shieeeet lol

  • C.G. “ISO”

    JAY JIZZLE Kilt everyone fuck this list.

  • yuuup

    No doubt, XXL finally got something right with the Wiz #1 pick…shyt is a CLASSIC
    412 T.G.O.D byyyyyyttttchhhhhhhh

  • Zack

    Machine Gun Kelly – Lace Up
    should of been atleast top 15

  • klb2314

    where is wayne and boosie

  • John


  • Mr Rich

    Jeezy’s Trap or Die II wasn’t in the top 5?????? I’m Sorry but Jeezy’s mixtape could have been an album and it deserved to be in the top 5. Maybe we should go on and see who had more listens and determine who came in at 1st place this year

  • truthxrealist

    im wondering wheres #welldone ‘ #greenlight3 ‘ #inmyzone ? #southernflamespitta #guddaville ? Jae Millz ? Curren$y? smh
    kush & oj belongs one top #HandsDown

  • Sam

    Why is Wale so low! top 10 at least although in my opinion it’s the mixtape of the year #nodaysoff

  • sunny wiimz

    FABS tape was abeast when it dropped ….big krit shudda went number 2 tho….and albert anatsia was a beast BMf was the record of the summer

  • Damn

    Solid stuff but damn no love for Smokee Robinson not even in 100-50.
    & More About Nothing deserves a lot more than 17!
    & LOS’s shooter mixtape #100.. what’s wrong with you guys.

  • ad

    yea right tech n9ne should be atleast top 5..bad season shittin on all this garbage

  • guest

    LOL If you idiots knew ANYTHING about hip-hop you would’ve included K-os’ “Anchorman Mixtape”.

  • itsfunnyhowmostniggaswontreadall100lmao

    this list is pretty good – but wheres James Wade’s Popular Stranger? or Wiz Khalifa’s B.A.R.? My only complaints

    • SBryNole

      Cause Burn After Rollin is from late 09 ( but still extra fire )

  • db

    WHAT THE FU@* trap or die 2 came in at #20?(some one over there dont like jeezy!!!!?) easily #1,2,3,4, or 5,!!!! but ok list??

  • 10k

    Catfish! Congrats!

  • Hell Beant

    No Curren$y? wtf Laws was better than #39, J.Cole has the best mixtape and Why is Lil B so high like foreal wtf!

  • SBryNole

    Kush & OJ still on repeat – but hows there gonna be no Curren$y on here? Smokee Robinson was on point

  • Ofwgkta

    Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang Golf Wang.

  • Eric

    Emilio Rojas Life Without Shame was ranked too low… the dude is amazing..dont sleep on him

  • East Oakland Roy

    Yall COOL




    -East Oakland Roy

  • Doug

    Freddie Gibbs under Joe Budden… Other than Slaughterhouse, what’s the last relevant thing Joe Budden has done? Dude’s flow is literally street Charles Hamilton.

  • Jon Lyrical Lizard Guthrie


  • bYRD


  • Dead President

    oh shit here we go.. nigga please i love game 2 death as an artist but this year was his WORST FUKKING YEAR WAKE UP FOOL..
    & brake lights was worth vomiting on.
    he tried 2 sound like other niggas using they voice esp shyne’s & who’d wanna sound like that any fukking way.

  • Dead President

    ^thats 2 the cats saying brake lights is classic & should be #1

  • rickdove

    Kendrick lamar ep shoulda been first. ab soul then cyhi da prince shoulda royal flush should been on there. as well as Casey Veggies album

  • LP

    I’m tryna figure it out how Lil B garbage ass made #27 let alone cracked the top 100, in my opinion Joe Budden, Big Sean, Wale, & J.Cole’s mixtapes belong in the top 5 no questions asked

  • jupe31

    Yo kill yoself if u think wiz didnt have da hottest mixtape of 2010 good 4 u xxl u niggas still sleep while xxl was awake go comp it an ride or sit & smoke kush & orange juice nigga

  • Ace

    Yeah this list is a joke. Ross over J. Cole? thats some bullshit. Wiz Khalifa #1? Hell no. C ole def deserved the #1 spot. Friday Night Lights should go down as a all time mixtape classic

  • mB

    Fan of a Fan should be top 5 hands down,,, theres even a song on it thats nominated for a fukkin grammy.

  • rob

    Where is j-dawg’s behind tint vol. 2?

  • J

    wiz khalifa and ofwgkta. perfect

  • raywill01

    j cole fnl should have been num 1 Cole World still gon shine do

  • KiD SteezE

    That a boy Mac. Helping rep PA in a real good way. Shouts to J. Cole too ? Mixtape was fire. And Wale was bangin’ this year.

  • mike

    dont care fnl should of been number one

  • TylertheCreator

    Odd future was number one for sure…. NIGGAS NEED TO CHECK DAT SHIT OUT.

  • unclesam

    Holy shit, how did Kendrick Lamar’s shit not end up at #1? That was like easily the best mixtape I’ve ever heard. It was more like an album (well actually it was an album, but was released for free later) than a mixtape. KRIT should’ve been #2, Cole at #3, Trunk Muzik and Finally Famous should easily be in the top 10. Fuck that T.I, Rozay, Loso shit. Wale should be in the top 10-15. Dom Kennedy’s tape should be in the top 10.

  • Markm

    Dead Prez should be higher….

  • Debo

    aint hating on wiz or nuttin but like 5 mixtapes that came in afta his is crushing his mixtape…. Cole budden and Krit suda been higher they shit was way lyrical

  • riley

    money can buy you anything…

  • jake

    i think yelawolf’s mixtape was by far the best followed by big krits’s.

  • Get Right Music

    Props for doing 100! We only do 10 every year and that takes time…

  • BOI!!


  • Jay Cole

    SMH @ Cole being #5. He straight up delivered an album with that mixtape..and its way better than the other 4 (Wiz?? Ross? come on now)

    and to click every single number is the MOST ANNOYING THING on this website nowadays. UGH

  • JE double F

    mac miller’s K.I.D.S. should have been rateed higher. and kush and oj aint no star power.

  • serenate

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    t is the first and best club for wealthy people and their admirers. D’ating CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, and even Hollywood celebrities is an easy experience there…

    you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there. :P :P
    nice experience! @@@@

  • ra


  • Yung Simba

    Maybe it’s just because i like his style but i think Big Sean coulda been top 10 fa sho. Finally Famous goes too hard!

  • ashley

    wiz u deserve it u came n the game strong rapping about wat people do most and life itself…hats off to wiz

  • 108 Hoxie

    How you gonna’ leave Lloyd Bank$ mixtape off here..he smashed these cats. and Wiz mixtape over J.Cole??
    this is nuts. my Couzin Turo $la$h Krazy got next in Chicago!

  • ptizzle

    umm fashawn is not a carson,CA MC he’s from

  • dan99




  • BEReal

    WTF? J. cole should have been #1 hands down. His shit sounded lika album. SMH dumb asses. Dats aite keep doin ya thang Cole. Big Krit >Fabolous>Rick Ross< J. fuckin Cole

  • http://xxlmag LouisBoi1017



    I gotta agree that J.Cole joint should’ve been higher. It was dropped late 10 but that means it should’ve been still fresh in ur head.

    Top 3 shouldve been Cole, Fab, Wiz. no paticular order because each were pretty darn good albums.

    is still pump FAB and Cole…i’ll put those two ahead. N would go with fab number one cause his joint produced a single and a dang gone remix and made it to da stores.

  • Matt

    Nipseys gotta be higher up.

  • FrankDuke

    Yo That Mood Music was one of the best albums I herd all year and i herd j.cole and krit and fab but that mood music 4 was lyrically the best period

  • Nobody

    I was about to say if Odd Future wasn’t on the list that XXL needs to get their head out of their ass, they probably still need to anyways.

  • Dub

    Friday Night Lights deserves #1, that shit was better than most albums of 2010

  • one man army

    Where is Los from b-more y he aint on here?

  • Ganja

    Big K.R.I.T deserves to be #1. Wiz is shit.

  • mr.4k

    wiz,fab & yela dope! top 3

  • J-man

    what up xxl i was going thru yo mixtap vault and Ive definately come across a guy who I feel is worther of ah shot in the rap game his mixtape is entitled “GangBanging Is Dead”:The Official MixTape I thought Id bring this up cause I seen a guy on here who took nas’s illmatic album for a mixtape concept which seemd pretty dope but I actually seen this guy Halo’s GangBanging Is Dead mixtape about three four months ago on myspace,there’s alot of guys getting a shot who’s not really worth the attention and this dude Glitz is blazeing it sounds like his music is ushering in a new era in cali hip hop so I thought I just give xxl the scoop first check him out at check him out this guy definatley deserves his hour of fame n da game!

  • Dedxsad

    trash big KRIT number one J Cole number 2 Gangsta Gibbs number 3.

  • cp

    friday night lights is way better then kush and oj wiz has no lyrical rap flow


    How LOS (Baltimore Los) aint in this top 10 nevermind these mf’s aint even put’em in the top 50…….

  • Pete G

    fabolous got em

  • Diggz

    Kush and OJ was dope as hell. Probably my most bumped tape over the last few years
    2. KRIT WUZ HERE – It was actually my ALBUM* of the year
    3. Friday Night Lights – Amazing but not the Warm Ups level
    4. Fab – Dope tape
    5. Mood Muzik or Vizzy Zone – Both dope as fuck


    i love mixtape

  • tbfanss

    Young Jeezy Trap or die mixtapes are the best hands down!
    Still waiting for 103

  • tbfanss

  • SMH xXL

    XXL Fail how is FNL not #1? Cole brought the heat on that i still listen to 2face everyday wtf xxl

  • DNN

    fabulous looks like a happy man

  • Hpnotic

    this list is completely biased to say that kush & O.j. was better then Bad season, trunk muzik, TINC 2, Bar Exam 3, No genre, and Revolutionary but gangsta..wiz khalifa is wack compared to tech n9ne, royce da 5 9, b.o.b., fabolous and dead prez.

  • Hpnotic

    and yelawolf.

  • James Carrington Lane III

    James Carrington Lane III POP MIX CD !!!!

  • James Carrington Lane III

    James Carrington Lane III is ROCK-N-ROLL CROSS OVER TO HIM AND JAM!!!!!!

  • James Carrington Lane III

    James Carrington Lane III MADE MAN MAFIA HEAD. CRIP HEAD THE FIST GANG NOT BLOOD BIRTH DAD AND MOM BLOOD! James Carrington Lane III OVER 43 tigerings no boxing or marshallarts training.

  • James Carrington Lane III

    IF you are like me you don’t know spainish I am 33 and just learned what POPEYCHOLLOW means I am sicilian and a GODFATHER FROM James Carrington Lane III.

  • James Carrington Lane III


  • James Carrington Lane III

    COLLAGE OF START OUT CHOICE NEW YORK UNIVERSITY !!! FOR James Carrington Lane III and children and woman!!!!!

  • Sirtiano

    You mean Wiz Khalifa had a better mixtape the Joe Budden’s Mood Music 4? Go eat a dick !!!!

  • James Carrington Lane III

    James Carrington Lane Jr. is the person the one that sat biggie life in danger from James Carrington Lane III I WILL TAKE THE STAND!!!!!

  • James Carrington Lane III


  • Kyd Chyllen

    IMO, Friday Night Lights should of been #1

  • RAF

    y’all got Jadakis in the 30′s but got Yelawolf in the top? GTFOH THE CHAMP IS HERE MIXTAPE WAS DEFINATELY TOP TEN MATERIAL EVEN TOP 5

  • DNN

    Where is positive music at?

  • TC

    How is Finally Famous vol. 3 not in the top 5? The only mixtapes that were arguably better were Kush&OJ and There Is No Competition 2.

  • Sansy44

    Kush & OJ No1… Impossible

  • smd

    smd all you hater

  • Mulberry bags

    I just love my new bag :-)

  • ERIC

    I Totally Agree On Emilio Rojas Being Number 2 His Shit Was Mad Dope ..But It Should been like this

    2.Emilio Rojas
    3.Nipsey Hussle
    4.Mac Miller
    5 Laws

  • Kanye West promo cd

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  • Ralph_Folauren

    trap or die 2 def shoulda been number one follow me tho @ralph_folauren

    • T.DEKA.Dro

      Without a doubt. Came here to say this. This nig be on some real shit.

      This list be all fucked up forrilla tho jizzle ain’t even in the top 10 so i was like this must be some lame ass fake shit.

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