The 100 Best Mixtapes of 2010 (100-50)

97. Artist: Terrace Martin
Mixtape: Here, My Dear
Terrace hit it out of the park with this smooth, Marvin Gaye-inspired mixtape, which is self-produced and features some of the West Coast’s best new emcees, from Kendrick Lamar to Dom Kennedy.

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  • Chyllmatic

    The only WTF moment was @ Soulja Boy’s Legendary mixtape. GTFO with that shit.

  • dee

    Where can I purchase these mixtapes?

    • Donte

      just go to to download for free…. mixtapes is free

    • kt

  • norcal

    r u serious can u just make a list, and not make us hit every fuken number retards

    • bee botch

      ayy no bullshit i was bout mad as shit when i saw id be clicking 50 different times…damn XXL we cant get a list doe????

    • Ryan

      Right???! Damn this is annoying

    • swype-matic

      Yea, xxl can eat rat ass for making 100 links instead of just making 1 single list. I rather just google ‘Every Single Mixtape of 2010′ and just move on.

  • Tru Talk

    The year of the mixtapes cause nobody buy album anymore anyway lol

  • the kid frankie

    100 mixstapes!!! too many. its not that many mixtapes even worth mentioning, just a few.
    K.R.I.T. Wuz Here
    Trap or Die 2
    Friday Night Lights
    Albert Anastasia EP (Ashes to Ashes… too soon?)
    Kush & OJ
    im probably missing some but, these are the really quality ones IMO

    • newmoney

      co sign that….barley 25 this year!! mm4…too..n trap or die 2 was 09

  • bennn

    man fuck that list really did they say diggy has competition lol and oh yeah FUCK THIS LIST

    • T

      I WTF’d at that too. They HAD to be kidding.

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  • Jaiden

    Wonder where these guys mixtapes are:

    Big K.R.I.T.
    Emilio Rojas

    • ryan

      They’re on the 49-1 mixtapes list

  • http://pap-gameHussle pap-game

    Brake Lights is The Best Mixtape Of The Year

  • D Caonabo

    what happen with that Curren$y smoky robinson shit
    ya niggas dont got the bullets aint got no name serious in there, u serious?

  • john cochran

    Hey dickheads, its only 1 through 50, calm down

  • http://xxl Dario

    The best mixtape 2010 is Freddie Gibbs Saludos desde qUITO eCUADOR

  • Matrix

    People…. This is only the first 50… lol… If Buddens, KRIT, or Yela arent in the top 50 then shame on XXL

  • darion

    how you gonna put theophelius london and xv so far down, same with fashawn, you better got some live ass shit for that top 50.

  • chubby

    This list is terrible I heard most of these mixtapes and Lil Twist and soulja Boy should NOT be this list. Redman should wayy higher aand so should Game those were two great mixtapes not some cartoonist shit from soulja boy who is the worst rapper alive or dead(look at livemixtapes/wrost scores) Lil twist hav no skills and BOW WOW? WOOOOW G2 sucked wrost than da 1st and da 3rd. XXL is losing their taste in music I hope there’s no more soulja mixtape (death note and lengendary made me want to commit sucide) please no Lil B

  • smittycent


  • Yes Science

    Click, Click, motherfucking Click. 100 random pages of shit I couldn’t even be bothered to read and no links for downloads.

    NO Chiddy Bang
    NO Hoodie Allen
    and XV only in 50′s.

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    L.E.$……beautiful Struggle!!!!!!

  • @RoneWorld

    TOP 30:
    French Montana-Coke Boyz/Mac N Cheese 2
    Curren$y-Smokee Robinson
    Trademark Da SkyDiver-Issue #2
    Smoke DZA-Goerge Kush “Da Button”
    Lloyd Banks-V5
    Lupe Fiasco-A Love Story
    Bone Thugs-Fixtape vol.3
    Wizzle Man-Kush & OJ
    Big Sean-FF Vol 3
    K.R.I.T.-KRIT Wuz Here
    BG-Money Side, Murda Side
    Jeezy-Last Laugh/Trap Or Die 2
    L.E.P.-Dnt Feed Da Killaz 3
    Fabolous-No Comp 3
    Nipsey Hussle-Marathon
    Cam & Vado-Boss Of All Bosses 2
    Wave Gang 6 (Free MAX-B)
    J.Cole-Friday Night Lights
    Waka-LFJ 2
    Max B & Young Riot-Wave Called Yes
    Fashawn-Owe 2 Illmatic
    Kanye West-Power
    Rone-Rine Iz..Da Spirit Vol.1
    Freddie Gibbs-Strait Killa, No Filla
    Mac Miller-K.I.D.S.
    Joe Budden-MM4
    Dom Kennedy-From The West With Love
    TI-Fuck A Mixtape

  • Statement

    Where’s smokee robinson? Top 10 mixtapes this year… Also the fabolous tape shouldn’t be this high.

  • Stretch

    wat happen to french montana… dude put in work with mac n cheese 2, and coke boys, and dat dud stalley come of dese guys only had a buzz in dere city i mean french alone is touring of that coke boys mixtape.. come son fix up xxl

  • T-DUNN

    check out T.Dunn I invented the remix and youtube T.DUNN you askd 4 it

  • VASH

    ATTENTION all websites. stop with the bullshit slide show lists. just compile the goddamn list and stop making folks click thru a million muthafuckin pages. FUCK YOU i am sick of this shit.

  • DonP

    Kingpen Slim’s “The BEam Up 2″ should be on this list somewhere! Was better than a lot of signed artists tapes

  • wadde100

    this was the best mixtape of the year, how did it end up at 97

    real hip hop right here baby

  • ClevelandOHIO


  • Predileto

    meu mixtape de sucesso do ano de 2010 1.000.000 de acesso
    O Bow wow é o melhor rapper sem diferença de idade é o Melhor

  • Renan

    the first would be the true position!!!
    the best G2!

  • MP3

    C’mon XXL, you guys are buggin. You have Lil Twist & Laws on there but left off French Montana’s “Mac & Cheese 2″ & Freck Billionaire’s “American Terrorist”? Ransom, Bravo, & Paul Cain’s “Repo Men” mixtape went in too. i dunno if this list was based off commercial success or whatever but i listened to about 90% of this list & 15 of these mixtapes shouldn’t be on here. BTW Vado’s Slime Flu was an Album & not a mixtape.

  • fredericintx

    Come on XXL, Put G-Side on the list. And Rittz too.

  • LAlistener

    Soulja Boy is on here but Chris Webby Best in the Burbs isn’t? Wtf XXL? Other than that, pretty good list I’d say.

  • aj

    where the fuck is french montana coke boyz mac n cheese something comee this list is fuckin bogus

  • matty21

    boosie: ‘Incarcerated’

    . . . mann fuck a mixtape

  • matty21

    boosie: 4 walls to a cell

  • TheGr8one SiRiUs

    wtf wut happened to Ab-Soul’s Long Term 2

  • D90

    how in the fuck was Cyssero’s Flight Mileage not on here?

  • naugi from the burbs

    absolute bs chris webby should be on here with something

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