Tech N9ne Breaks Down Bad Season Track by Track

Photo courtesy of Ari Michelson
“Bad Season Skit”
I remember somebody said, “You got anything talking about the Whoo Kid thing?” I’m like, “I got everything, man.” You know, I write my life, we document everything. If I’m doin’ interviews you gon’ have that.


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  • Gunna

    See u just gotta think outside da box!!! Strange Music Inc./ Tech N9ne settin tha new standard for Hip- Hop…..

  • deadbutcha

    a bout tech gets some credit mans been hard for years now!!!

  • paul

    way to go dude, sucks that you released it at 128kbps wish it was 320. That song called “table and chest stress” would sound even better.

  • Shokc frm KC2Indep

    Man this shit go dumb hard.I miss that old skool Tech like “calm b4 the storm” but this right here is cool!I can dig it.

  • Shokc frm KC2Indep

    dopest shit on the mixtape.

  • koo

    funky as hell xxl

  • ViNCE


  • Mike Newman

    This is tight – TECH TECH N9NE N9NE!

  • MLB CO

    First off this is my favorite pic of strange music right here, you got the kansas city king, the man behind the scenes who makes the strange music watch click, Kutt and Krizz my third favorite rappers, and Stewart “Big Scoob” Ashby goin to hard. Secondly Thanks for the shot out to Denver, CO on in my mind, and Finally i guess whoo kidd must be white trash too jumpin on that real music finally i know hes a tech fan too and now he paintin his face haha F.U.N from a technician to you whoo kidd Strange Music Baby Represent!

  • Aaron Ross

    I already downloaded this mixtape. Its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nick Wragg

      PLEASE HELP !!! how do you download the mixtape

  • That_Killa_K9

    This is the reason my 15 year old brother is getting the Tech collection for Christmas…

  • Jontell


  • big dare

    dwaaam this tape go fuckin hard like every single one of stranges releases man so man people late on this strange movement but better late then never i guess better believe that strange music will not let u down ive been a fan since 02 an its all been 100 on every cd and tour, tru originality an lyricism frm this camp plus the most loyal fan base ever! proud to b a Stranger an a Techn9cian!!!!!

  • strange is here

    Tech N9ne you hook it up! Can’t wait to see you back in Missoula, Montana! Damn Glad you made It! Can’t wait tell the outlaws comes out!
    Derek Mckinzie

  • techmotherfuckinn9ne

    ya i think if some guy kept ramblin about killin and all that shit every fuckin day just like in every fuckin track on his cd it would get old just like his music. kill kill slice n dice murder rape bla bla bla bla. its a gruesome opposite of whips, bitches, n money. Tech has to be the first one to squeeze his head into the mainstream world and onto the TV. once that happens then everyone else can follow in behind. he’s the most known, the best rapper of them all, and the one who started the shit. BLH should sit the fuck down and either go along or get lost. he should try findin somethin else to rap about too. that shit is retarded anyways. his live show during the strange days tour was like a Tech N9ne lunchbreak or intermission. it went from 1000 mph to 2. when this SM/Tech N9ne thing blows up….. im interested in seeing who all gets stupid within the crew and jumps ship or starts crap. cognito left already……….. who’s next? they need to push kutt’s shit a bit more i believe. but kutt n scoob n jay rock are all in the same field of style. tech n krizz are like outkast. they do their own thing. that formula is workin fine. they dont need hopsin either like everyone keeps cummin over. he’s another stupid act like blh with the LOOK AT ME IM CRAZY AND WEIRD OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. who cares. when tech is on mtv n bet every day and he’s a common name like kanye or lady gaga or rihanna- then the success will have been reached. till then- SM needs to grind it out and get along and keep makin shit happen. it hasnt blown up yet. the balloon is bein filled up with more helium as we listen to bad season. this will be the year though. its gotta be. TECH N9NE.

  • thiskidblayz

    if kali sounds like a girl on that track then they needa listen to more krizz kaliko lol

  • Will

    i downloaded Brotha Lynch sent me here. Im def. feelin it. Season of Da Sicc im out

  • Dave

    Shit tech…..WISH there were another verse on this favorite track on the mixtape is only a minute and a half long……on a brighter note man you tore the hook to pieces i like it when you do hooks insteda krizz and irv all the time…even the LOC hook was crazy…

  • dawg

    nobody better then Tech N9ne!!! Straaaaaaange Music

  • Dave

    Tech Tech N9ne N9ne SHIT I’M LOVIN IT

  • CoDy

    damn dis mixtape is tight cant wait for dat 50 cent naw da whole g-unit collabo with tech it shud happen cuz of whoo kid.

  • Kaleb

    ta ta ta table and ch ch ch chest stress like the maze went from new exclusive back to 06 heard this “Oh Shit”/thats some deranged fire sounds a lil different oh thats jus strange rising higher

  • Silverback Savage

    Big ups to Strange for finally seeing C.E.S. Crew for tha sickass word pushers they are. Way to move yourselves up on “Tha Food Chain” Fella’s! I’m all ove r that show on tha 15th. It’s gonna be smashin!

  • MilkDrop

    Shout out to the homies Ces Cru, they smashed on this!

  • CdotWade

    Nutthowze! Strange been doing shit! F.T.I

  • damian

    nesto murders tracks like tech both they re features are out shinin whole cd’s

  • spinksninja

    I’ve been listenin to Tech since the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004. I was like, this dude is incredible. It has been Tech N9ne all day everyday since then. Tech is definately one of my favorite rappers. I even gave him a painting of himself for his birthday on the KOD tour. DON’T SLEEP ON TECH N9NE


    D O P E…..i would spends 100 bucks for this CD

  • joey

    i dont like that who kid is shoutin out on the songs that are on the end. songs that are already tech nine classics. excpecially on this ring……

  • B-RAND


  • grabmactwo