T.I. Moves 160K in First Week, Nicki Minaj Outsells Kanye West

T.I. may currently be behind bars, but that won’t stop him from selling records. The Atlanta-native’s latest album, No Mercy, debuted high on The Billboard 200 sales charts, released earlier today (December 15).

According to the Nielsen SoundScan, Tip landed on the charts at the No. 4 spot after moving 159,500 units in his first week. The Grand Hustle general pushed about 15,000 more copies than projected by hitsdailydouble.com last Wednesday.

Sitting two spots down at No. 6 is Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday LP. The Young Money Princess surpassed Kanye West’s sales for the first time since entering the charts three-weeks ago, with numbers reaching 81,900. The stats were enough to make Minaj’s debut go gold. Her overall tally now stands at 561,000.

Kanye West fell from No. 7 to No. 14 this go-round. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy picked up an additional 66,500 in sales this week, making his total equal 672,000.

Rounding out the Top 40, at No. 25 is Eminem’s Recovery. The Grammy-nominated disc pulled in 49,300 in sales. In 25 weeks the Detroit lyricist has pushed out 3,145,800 CDs.

Entering the charts at No. 118 is Redman. The Def Jam vet’s latest LP, Reggie, earned about 10,500 receipts this week.

Next week look for Diddy’s Last Train to Paris and Sheek Louch’s Donnie G: Don Gorilla to impact The Billboard 200. —Elan Mancini

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  • Los Angeles Angelz

    **Dang Reggie, I sold that many last month out of the trunk!**Step Yo Game Up! Hip is is garbage anyway, we understand.

  • D.O.

    Bet Sheek sell more that Diddy. DDDDD-BLOCK!!!!!!!

    • jay

      No way… People may say they hate diddy but watch him sell.

  • jonny bizness

    Damn Tip but it was expected I’ve gave it a few good listens and it’s missing a big street record which his previous albums had and as 4 Nicki outselling kanye White america really ain’t fuckin with him no more which is a shame cos i would have really like to have seen the single’s really blow up .If Kanye releases ‘all of the lights’ the right way it will propel the album to where it should be.

    • daywalkyr

      i disagree about your thoughts on all of the lights..i think the general public will see that track for exactly what it is and nothing more: keep in mind that timbo was fucking HUGE with timberlake/furtado a few years ago and people loved that futuresex album…i mean LOVED… my point is that it is obvious to everyone that all of the lights is a very desperate (sorry fam but its true) attempt to rework the lovestoned interlude (with a little of “my love” thrown in) that timbo did for timberlake and everyone can see that: go check for yourself, its quite funny actually: “Those flashing lights come from everywhere … Those flashing lights seem to cause a glare” except timberlakes vocals, danja synth game and timbos drum game are light years ahead of kanyes attempt to copy the track…

      the reality is that most of what kanye is doing is recycled from pop artists that perhaps much of the hip hop crowd wasnt paying attention to.. i mean all this “monster” stuff comes from gagas fame monster concept–period… again check for yourself: go look at gagas old ass paparazzi video (hooking up on the fancy couch with pale model figures/dead model types laying around/ models hanging from the ceiling etc etc etc )and then go look at kanye’s preview clip for monster… i could go on and on..

      fact of the matter is that mbdtf just not a very good album: its poorly written/poorly constructed,overblown/bloated, and full of recycled material/themes/concepts and its EXTREMELY narcissistic–yes the music itself is actually narcissistic… ( a nine minute song of a dude who cant sing at all singing/groaning/vocoder whining over a beat that consists of a completely unaltered straight jacked pete rock drum loop and a completely unaltered straight jacked piano loop is insanely narcissisteic–and then calling himself a genius for doing it is actually the most arrogant thing ive ever witnessed in my life)

      the numbers are just settling down to where they would have been without the media onslaught/dik pics/mutlichannel tv takeover etc etc…the machine was in full effect–example pitchfork NEVER reviews albums until at least a full week after they come out and then they turn around and give mbdtf a 10 THE DAY BEFORE IT COMES OUT (they have only given three 10′s to non-reissues in their entire history)–then their review didnt discuss the music at all because there was no way to validate the score according to the faults they normally find in records

      keep in mind that 350,000 of his fist week sales were 99cent downloads– the price was 99cents the first day then they raised it to 3.99 the rest of the week but offered a promo coupon to still get it for 99cents– because of all the hype lots of people were willing to drop 99cents to check it out… this is going on worldwide–in the uk it dropped like 40 spots after its first week and the same in japan…

      another funny tidbit..they had set up barracades arount the best buy on 14st union square her in nyc the night mbdtf dropped (that best buy is open 24/7) expecting thier do be huge lines and crowds and there was NOWHERE thier-shit was FUKIN RIDICULOUS (sorry couldnt help it lol– i was there that night to bang on the fantom G like i do every other night when its so late that the workers dont sweat you)

      i am no fan of puffy; but i will admit that he pays big bucks to get people who know what they are doing to write/produce for him.. i ask you to honestly listen to dark fantasy and last train to paris back to back (their are very similar type records) and honestly ask yourself which record is better….

      • Jdmob

        you have way to much time on your hands

      • mac

        wow extreme
        all i have to say is i dont think you can hate on someone for recycled drum loops and lyrics. You could take any album any song find concepts that have been used before. Inspiration? subliminaly remembering things you’ve heard? Alexander graham bell got his phone patented like hours before the next guy sometimes two people think of the same thing. I think its fantastically produced and think kanye’s proved hes pretty clever lyrically even from the beginning (insert disagreement) “last call?”

      • mac

        funny just refreshed xxl and what is nas’s new song called “no idea’s original”

  • Chuck D

    I bet Eminem will be outselling all three of these big releases by the new year.

  • stoneyboi

    dang cuz, u gotta shyt on red like dat. u know he officialy wit WU now, so watch your back fo the killa beez!!

  • Official Fully

    Damn Eminem triple platinum doing 50 a week.

    Im representin for the gangstas all across the world…

  • T-Mac

    Who still buys that garbage Recovery ? Support REAL hip hop. Cop that new Sheek Louch!

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    “and as 4 Nicki outselling kanye White america really ain’t fuckin with him no more which is a shame ”

    ^ nothing to do with it

    Nicki outsold him because her album is discounted in stores and packaged this week with a bracelet (collectors item). Click the name and check out ‘numb3rs’, you will have a better outlook on what REALLY goes down.


    hip hop is dead…none of these albums on the charts r hiphop

  • BeerGangsta

    West CD will go Platium!! Minaj might go Platium in 2 months!! Lloyd Banks wack shit did not make the count down!! Peace to Redman!! TI won’t go Gold!!

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    T.I.’s album is aight, too many club tracks, I was hoping he would do more conscious tracks like Castle Walls. Beats were dope tho

  • lee

    what the hell is don mccaine talking about on itunes nicki album is 2 whole dollars higher then kanyes and in the stores nicki is higher and fyi is you get the shirt on braclet with her album it cost alot more i got the shirt and braclet and paid like 23 dollars so dont try to act like that why nicki selling more she selling more because nicki has some young girl fans and they parents is probably going christmas shopping

  • Q461

    Not for nothin I think Ye and Minaj will go back and forth for awhile, depending on who drops the next couple of hot radio joints. Both will end up plat I think so no worries.

    Tip didnt do that bad considering hes doing another bid and can’t promote.

    To the dude that said Sheek will do more than Diddy : You don’t know what you are talking about . Diddy will do like 60k. Sheek will do maybe half of that. Just like Redman. Def Jam tax write offs. It’s a shame too cause I’m sure both their records are tighter than that euro-dance Diddy shit. No hate, just sayin.

  • dlcrossdresser

    1. Yeah nicki is pulling a fast one on the low because she is selling her album low(why no one mentioning that) and then she is selling her music with shlt like the guy said above, so when you add that the dumb consumer is going to go “hmmm cheap cd with a free gift? yeah I’m buying this yep” so yeah it ain’t like she can brag about it because we all know her album was bought off the hype and cheapness not her overall self as a artist.

    2. Banks? yeah poor marketing and just lack of appeal to the mainstream type of fans. I mean you have to be gay friendly and make records with whoever is hot right now, banks did his solo thang but didn’t turn out too well. And yeah people are on the “G-unit is played out” thing, yeah they could make a comeback(look at cashmoney….) but they are going by “Youngmoney” now to give them a newer look.

    3. Kayne? blah. people only bought his stuff because they are looking for a rap album. I mean the last mainstream album that came out was Eminems so people fill like Kayne is a rapper so why not buy it. so yeah he is selling because people have the urge for rap music when there’s so much pop shlt all over the place.

    The End

  • fuck yall

    dam yall if you ever been a redfan cop this shit he went a dif why but its dope i thought he would least did 20 grand dam
    its still real hip hop all day peace

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Man I swear people want to hate on Nicki Minaj as if she wasn’t featurd on multiple singles of other artists (Robin Thicke, Ludacris, Kanye, Wayne/YM, Usher, Mariah Carey, ect), building a fanbase amoung gays (which are one of the last consuming demographs), and released hit singles (“Right Thru Me” and “You Love”). I’m not even into her music but she was grinding enough for her to sell as much. Probably the main reason why She is outselling Kanye is because she gained some of the Black Eyed Peas fanbase which explains their low sales with “The Begining”. I’ve heard “The End” and honestly “Pink Friday” sounds like that but actually better because it was a rap album not a pop-electro album pretending to be a rap album. I’d rather have Nicki be considered the “Gay Rapper” due to being an actual lyricist than the BEPs.