Nicki Minaj Birthday Blowout


It’s a Pink Wednesday. Nicki Minaj celebrates her 26th birthday. In honor of hip-hop’s reigning first lady, XXL is hosting a Harajuku Barbie contest for all her fans.

Tweet your best Nicki Minaj impersonation, photos of your Nicki tattoos, and your Nicki Minaj birthday wishes to @xxlstaff with hashtag #xxlnickiminajbirthday. The ones we think are the most creative will be posted here on Here’s a couple examples of what we’re looking for.

This one’s good…

And so is this one…

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  • Midas Touch

    White people do some crazy shit.

    Ehy would you tattoo that buffoon on your body?

    Her 15mins will be up faster than my erection if I ever had the chance to smash Beyonce.

    • http://yahoo Sh’mecca

      oh wow nicki minaj is tha shit w.e

  • nunya

    LMMFAO & SMMF HEAD AT THE NICKI MINAJ TATTOO…W-T MOTHER-F IS GOING ON? You shouldn’t get tats like that. Eazy-E? Jim Morrison? Marley and Hendrix? Ok I understand that…Nicki Minaj? I honestly can’t stop laughing right now.

    F*** this contest. Here’s a contest, see who can give the lamest excuse for spending money on a tattoo like that.

  • j

    I wanna slap the calf off that dude….SMDH

  • bee

    That is one boney leg

    • Karim

      For one boney IMBECILE.

  • Meg

    Nicki is turning 28, not 26. She graduated LaGuardia HS in 2000…do the math…

    • Zulu1925

      @ Meg

      I can’t say that I actually know how old Nicki Minaj is, but I CAN tell you that not everyone graduates high school at 18 – especially if you’re born late in the year. I graduated at 17 (born in December). If a fall/winter baby skips a grade, they can graduate at 16 years of age.

  • http://facebook rhys

    nice tattoo

  • ms_spittuh

    Wow this coon is getting more and more popular. Wow…why not join the minstrel show?

  • jaydatbitch

    fck nicki she lame where da real bitches at???
    let me get on the track :]

  • DaTruthBeTold

    Word up ppl, I’m glad i’m not the only one not feeling Nicki Minaj right now! And, i’m feeling some kinda way that a repubtable Mag such as XXl would even be endorsing a contest like this! What the fck has XXL turned into! This wasn’t what the mag was built up on! XXL needs to get their head right along with the *ssholes running around with Nicki Minaj tats. The only one worthy of me inking my body for … would be my Mama!