Internet favorite, Lil B the Based God, has inked a deal with independent label Amalgam Digital. The digital only label announced the partnership earlier this week, while also revealing plans to drop two discs from The Pack rapper in the coming months.

The first disc, Angels Exodus, a prelude to his debut solo disc, Glass Face, will drop on January 18. Amalgam will handle marketing and worldwide distribution of both LPs.

“Shout outs to Amalgam Digital, they been ahead of this for a while,” B said in a statement. “We are putting out these two albums called Angels Exodus and then Glass Face. It’s going to be historical works of art with these albums. On Angels Exodus it’s going to be real hip-hop and sticking to the script. I’ll be going far outside of the boundaries and staying far away from the script too. The Glass Face album will live up to it’s name. These albums are something everyone will understand. They are the reason why I’m 10’ tall and everyone else is just 6’7’’…no diss. You know I love everybody.” —Elan Mancini

View the cover art to Angels Exodus below.