Happy Born Day Jay-Z — A Swagger Jacked Tribute

Lil Kim “Pink Friday”
“I’m the blueprint, you aint nothin’ brand new/Check ya posters and videos, you’ll always be number two.”

Jay-Z “Ride or Die”
“You see the respect I get every time I come through/Check ya own videos you’ll always be number two.”

Beanie Sigel “Star”
“Man I aint gonna lie, I thought that gilters was gold/and like Jay, (I watched the truth unfold)”

Jay-Z “Lucky Me”
“Since I was four years I’ve been told everything that glitters aint gold/But now that I’ve arrived I’ve seen those truths unfold before my eyes in a world so cold”

Shyne “Whatcha Gonna Do”
“Thoughts random and runnin’ through my mind/Like who’s the best MCs Biggie, Jay-Z and Shyne”

Jay-Z “Where I’m From”
“I’m from where niggas pull your card/And argue all day about who’s the best MCs Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas”

Game “The Documentary”
“If I die my niggas/Fuck it, I did a song with Mary Blige my niggas” -

Jay-Z “If I Should Die”
“In the middle of a drought I flipped pies my niggas/I did joints with Mary J. Blige my niggas”

Papoose “Bucket Naked (Remix)”
“Flyer than a piece of paper bearing my name/got the hardest chick in the game wearing my ring”

Jay-Z “PSA”
“Flyer than a piece of paper bearing my name/got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain”

Young Chris “Still the Hottest”
“Get back to rap you niggas twitter too much”

Jay-Z “DOA”
“Get back to rap you T-Painin too much”

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  • sosa slick

    Well, i allow beans to pass since he was his labelmate for a good 7 years. Jay really did influence the streets, but that nicki line isnt right. I mean Jay threw a shot at Mase saying to check his videos your always gunna be #2 ( been around the world video, he wears a #2 jersey to puffy’s 1) . Jigga should of retired after 03′, 50 had the game on lock but now both of them dead and YMCM runs this, fuck that. Id kill to go back to 2000, wear baggy gear, and1 videos, cartoons and REAL music,

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  • you mad huh

    Most of these don’t seem borrowed from him. Some do, but a couple REALLY seem like you’r reaching.

  • North

    When Jay is the most bittin @$$ rapper that ever lived….