Happy Born Day Jay-Z — A Swagger Jacked Tribute

When we realized Jay-Z’s 41st born day is this Saturday, finding the right words to pay him homage was a struggle. So instead, we found the words of other rappers, a lot of other rappers.

Due to his extensive catalog of songs and verses, taking a line or two from Jay-Z’s mental book of recorded rhymes has almost become a de facto ritual. The XXL team has made a collection of some of the most well-known bites from Jay-Z’s career and in honor of his birthday written them out here. Feel free to leave Hov some birthday wishes yourself and your favorite swagger jacked line.

50 Cent, “Be A Gentleman”
“If I shoot you I’m famous, if you shoot me you’re brainless, you said it yourself” –

Jay-Z “Streets is Watching”
“If you shoot me you’re famous, if I shoot you I’m brainless”

Lil Wayne “Dough is What I Got”
“When it comes down to this recording/I must be LeBron James if he’s Jordan. ”

Jay-Z “Show Me What You Got”
“I am the Mike Jordan of recordin’/You might wanna fall back from recordin’.”

Mos Def “The Rape Over”
“The rape over, turn ya face over nigga/No God in disguise, it’s me game over.”

Jay-Z “Takeover”
“The takeover, the break’s over nigga/God MC, me, Jay-Hova.”

Jermaine Dupri “Money Aint A Thang”
“In the Ferrari, a Jaguar switchin’ four lanes/With the top down, screamin’ out, ‘Money ain’t a thang.”

Jay-Z “Can’t Knock the Hustle”
“Bouncin’ on the highway, switchin’ four lanes/Screamin’ out through sunroof, ‘Money ain’t a thang.”

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  • sosa slick

    Well, i allow beans to pass since he was his labelmate for a good 7 years. Jay really did influence the streets, but that nicki line isnt right. I mean Jay threw a shot at Mase saying to check his videos your always gunna be #2 ( been around the world video, he wears a #2 jersey to puffy’s 1) . Jigga should of retired after 03′, 50 had the game on lock but now both of them dead and YMCM runs this, fuck that. Id kill to go back to 2000, wear baggy gear, and1 videos, cartoons and REAL music,

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  • you mad huh

    Most of these don’t seem borrowed from him. Some do, but a couple REALLY seem like you’r reaching.

  • North

    When Jay is the most bittin @$$ rapper that ever lived….