Gun Expert Weighs in on Ja Rule’s Weapons Possession Case

The concept of rappers getting arrested on gun possession charges is nothing new, but the recent cases against Lil Wayne and Ja Rule illustrate a new trend. Both MC’s copped plea deals after getting busted with .40 caliber handguns, leading us to question the coincidence. What’s the attraction to that particular firearm?

We asked an expert who regularly contributes to several rags on the subject including, Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, and Special Weapons for Military & Police, to give us some insight into the weapons popularity.

According to the specialist, the .40 cal is very popular because it’s the same type of gun that the authorities carry. “All of the cops are carrying a .40 cal because it’s a cross between a .9mm and a .45 so it’s a bigger bullet but at the same time you’re able to hold more rounds,” he explained.

In addition, because police use the gun, there are a lot of used models on the market and they can be bought at a competitive price, the expert said.

As previously reported, Rule copped a plea deal on Monday (December 13) for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, stemming from a 2007 arrest. He will officially be sentenced to two years in jail on February 9, but as of press time it is uncertain when he will have to begin serving his time, due to a deal his lawyer worked out with the New York district attorney.

Wayne also pled guilty to the same charges earlier this year, and spent about 8 months behind bars for the crime. Both men were cuffed on the same night, July 22, 2007, following Weezy’s concert at Manhattan’s Beacon Theater. —Elan Mancini

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  • Official Fully

    How you get two years and didn’t even have a bullet. lmao.
    Might as well have been carrying a BB Gun, or a cap gun.
    Attempted Weapons Possession, ROFL!
    It’s murdaaaaaa!

  • D.O.

    The laws are very strict due to 911 in the NY/NJ area. But don’t you guys think its suspect that both of these rappers who had a concert the same night get arrested for the same thing? SET UP or WHEN KEEPING IT REAL, GOES WRONG???


    I agree with D.O. i also think its kinda suspect especially in Lil wayne case!! IMO lil Wayne pleaded guilty cuz he tryna build up his street cred. The gun he got caught with was registered to his manager (in another state), his mgr even said it was his on that episode of BEHIND THE MUSIC. The mgr and a bunch of other n!ggas were with him when they got busted by the NYPD so how come he took the rap for it? peep game why would the nigga plead guilty for something he would have beat the rap for? As for Ja i honestly think the Nigga just tryna make a come back. SMH these n1ggaz got it backwards When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • RepDaRoc

    Gun laws where strict in NY before 911, My permit is good in Ny state but not NYC. People choose the 40 over the 45(more recoil) 9mm( less stopping power). A 40cal with a 6 to 9 inch barrel gets the job done.