T.I. By the Numbers – How Many Times Did He Do This…

Earlier this week T.I. went back to jail for a probation violation stemming from his arrest last September on drug charges. As we all know, though, this isn’t his first run-in with the law. In fact, Tip has quite a rap sheet—both on the charts and behind bars. In light of his latest bid (11 months this time) XXLMag.com took a look back at the ATLien’s most notable statistics. As Jay-Z said, “Men lie, women lie but numbers don’t.” Check the math.

Number of Arrests: Over 7

Number of Ecstasy Pill Caught With During Last Arrest: 5

Total Time Free of Federal Custody in 2010: Six Months

Number of Firearms Seized During his 2007 arrest: 9

Amount of Marijuana Seized During 2007 Arrest: Half A Pound

Number of Solo Albums Released: 6

Number of Solo Albums Sold: 8.5 Million and Counting

Number of Billboard Hot 100 Singles: 20

Number of Starring Film Roles: 3

Total Box Office Intake on Those Movies: $345 Million

Number of Suicide Jumpers Saved: 1

Number of Songs T.I. Has With “Back” in its Title: 6

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  • SamSNickers

    Soooooooo what’s the end point trying to be made? That we are keeping score? I thought it was gonna be some Irony involved. Oh Well

  • PALiving

    Number of Suicide Jumpers Saved: 1


  • LdNSE15

    A black man getting locked up and XXL making an humorous post about it.


    Overall, T.I. getting locked up is bad for hip-hop as he is one of the genre’s flagship artists.

    ^The more multi-platinum artists such as him keep getting locked up the harder it will be for hip-hop to break further barriers.

    • blahblahblah

      so this nigga supposed to get like 50 chances doing the same DUMB ASS SHIT…while niggas out there getting locked for years…9 firearms seized and this nigga do less than a year…fuck that..his ass should’ve been playing it cool and getting that guap…I’m not for any man going to jail but this particular negro dumb as shit…

      • LdNSE15

        I’ not condoning what he did. It was indeed stupid/dumb. But making fun of a man that has done so much for the industry that employs the XXLmag’s writers is a sucker punch. Specially when you consider said man has kids that will miss their father.

        The nigga acted in a stupid manner. He is being punished for it. Instead of a post like this, XXL should make a post showing support as I know the times T.I. featured on their cover moved unites for them and it was written that he was mad generous with the magazine’s staff.

        This is just adding insult to injury.

        • deezel

          Yea it’s adding insult to injury but you’d think he’d play it cool while he’s on PROBATION. Fool’s a dumbass I’ve lost all respect for him, shoulda kept his kids in mind before he decided to be rollin around X and making illegal turns

        • LdNSE15

          Not trying to be rude but I don’t think T.I. or anybody else cares much about your personal respect for him..

          I’m sure you made mistakes in your life that probably would have most of us saying the same about you..We’re human..

          He’s an entertainer to you, shouldn’t be much more or much less..

          Focus on him as an artist, like his music or do not like it..If you will keep yourself from listening to T.I. because of the mistakes he’s made in his personal life than that is your loss as he’s one of the few worth listening to rappers in the mainstream.


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