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“Pimp Juice”

Despite a blatant explanation of the meaning of “pimp juice” in the song’s lyrics (“Now your pimp juice is anything that attracts the opposite sex/It could be money, fame, and straight intellect”), Najee Ali, leader of Project Islamic H.O.P.E called for a boycott of Nelly over the 2003 song which he and his followers felt glorified prostitution.

“If you listen to the song, it explains it. Pimp Juice is anything that basically helps you to get [something] done, what it is you need to get done. For women it might be their swagger. For a man it may be their job or it may be whatever they’re doing. So that’s what it was. That’s the first time I heard somebody really had a problem with ‘Pimp Juice.’ Now ‘Tip Drill’ on the other hand, now that was a whole ‘nother story [laughs].”

“E.I. (Tip Drill Remix)” feat. St. Lunatics

When Nelly set out to shoot a video for his “E.I. (Tip Drill Remix)” for Da Derrty Versions: The Reinvention, all he knew was that he wanted it to be fun and that’s exactly what he got. In the pre-YouTube days, “Tip Drill” had everyone staying up late to catch the sensational video air on BET’s uncensored late-night video show, Uncut. The fun-loving MC got more than he bargained for when students on the campus of Atlanta’s all-women’s HBCU Spelman College called for a boycott of Nelly’s music and an upcoming campus appearance at a bone marrow drive for his foundation Jes Us 4 Jackie. Female students were outraged at the misogynistic images of women that were portrayed in the racy video. Nelly brushed off the controversy in typical fashion.

“David Banner came in with that beat when I was doin’ the remix and that muthafucka was nice!”

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  • Adam

    where is ride wit me best nelly song ever

  • Rockcity

    Nelly got an album coming out. . . wow

  • cramzy

    NO.1 was my shit when it dropped! But yeah, they shoulda had the original EI and Ride Wit Me on here. Those are probably his best songs. I hope that’s why none of the above is winning right now lol

  • TD

    You realize he’s got the #1 song on the charts right now right?!

    ANd its double platinum?

  • Sandra

    AAWW why did ppl hatin him for his unconventional flow or this #1 soundtrack never hear it in germany??

    But Nelly 5.0 is a HOOT album too watch JUst a dream is played soo early in german TV, Radio as other song ever been played.Normaly it need 3 Month till a song is out and Hthis song never get 1 ont out peraps 5-6 days it been here out-

    And all his other songs ft KElly rowland will get too In the TOP 10 Nelly is back with an espaccially album and PPl love jUsta dream and the ft song with Kelly rowland and other fts.

  • OldSoulNewEra

    Just so you know, the “Dilemma” sample is from Patti LaBelle’s track “Love, Need, and Want You.” I mean, she was in the video and all. Y’all might want to double check those types of facts.

  • Q461

    Nelly used to be a sales juggernaut like Em, 50, Hov. Dude is the master of pop-rap. Did records with Timberlake before it was fashionable. Who else you know can make a song with Tim Mcgraw in hip-hop and have it be hot? Dude def has some joints. I fuck with Ride with Me too. They also forgot Shake ya Tailfeather with Diddy that was the joint.

    Yall should look up the track 1000 stacks… its on the new album… that shit is fire yall.

  • dui law

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