Who Had the Best Verse in Each BET Hip-Hop Awards Cipher? [POLL]

Last night (October 12), BET aired the 2010 Hip-Hop Awards. While the winners have been known for the past two weeks, the highlight of the annual awards show is oftentimes the freestyle ciphers. Taking it back to the essence of hip-hop, some of the game’s biggest, brightest and rising stars drop bars over a steady instrumental, laid down by the legendary DJ Premier who provides a few choice cuts and scratches.

This year’s session was another memorable series, as everyone from Wiz Khalifa and Tyga to Ice Cube and Rev. Run (both sidelined by their rapping sons) to Kanye West and his G.O.O.D. Music roster. With all these notable bars packed into one show, it was hard for the XXL staff to pick a best verse, so we figured we’d get our opinionated readers to chime in on the discussion.

Wiz Khalifa, Bones Brigante, Yelawolf & Raekwon


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  • M. Baby!

    All of the Ciphers were crazy. Overall my top 3 picks are 1. Kanye, 2. Yelawolf, 3. Royce,

    • Mr. Uda

      hands down Pusha murked everyone…..”came in the game 8 years prior, 8 years later yo mans on fire”….hes always been fire but as soon as he signed to good music now everyone wants to acknowledge his arrival….”came in ‘grindin’ Ye came ‘through the wire,’ met at the crossroad BONETHUGS inspired first of the month”…..its better i stop now i can keep on goin for a while….I GOT TIRED OF THE MIAMI HEAT OR LEBRON PUNCH LINE….COMMON’s part was slept on, so was THE CHEFS….2nd place has to go to YELA

      • Dean Gross

        I completely agree a lot of people slept on common’s verse he went straight hip hop on that one like he always does

  • Bronxxx

    Damn, I ain’t heard about that Bones Brigante cat, he’s nice!

  • Q461

    I gotta say Wiz, Raekwon and Yelawolf all impressed…Royce the 5-9… Diggy really made Jo-Jo look bad wow… Rev Run and Cube still got it…Kanye, Pusha and Common…. lots of new cats I never heard came off too…. lol everybody usin the Montana Fishbourne punchline…

    overall this year was weaker than last year..but the Cypher still the only good thing about the damn BET awards..

    hopin Kanye brings this type of lyricism on the new joint….

  • http://www.myspace.com/higuysimjordanclark M.C. Lovin

    i aint yelawolf but hey my names m.c. lovin check out my verses @ http://www.myspace.com/higuysimjordanclark

  • katt

    ima go..

    1. Big Sean

    2. Diggy

    3. Kanye (under diggy cause thats a verse i’ve heard from him)

  • Cereal Killer

    The white boy YelaWolf killed it.. had to play it back a few times on you tube. Good ish

  • http://drankanddank.blogspot.com drankanddank.blogspot.com

    Why only one female mc? Why not Ra the MC, she’s got as big a buzz as a few of those cats. Why no Danny Brown? Raekwon verse getting kind of slept on, listen to what he’s saying.

    • El Tico Loco

      Diamond was the token ATL rep.

  • Deadly MIME

    well I didn’t look at it cause I heard the cpyhers was gonna be weak. Until I heard bout the cpyher part with Diggy. I mean I can’t really say who had the best verse. IDK maybe next year.

  • El Tico Loco

    1. Yelawolf
    2. Royce
    3. Reek Da Villain (keep an eye out for this cat)
    4. Big Sean

    Wished Busta would jumped on instead of just doing the intro and outro.

  • Anonymous

    diggy is better than jo jo

  • jon brown

    diggy is better than jo jo

  • Jay


  • Peso

    I been heard that Wiz verse on a joint called “this plane” lol…the crazy shit is I’m a Wiz fan but I aint heard not 1 full mixtape by him just a collection of joints I got off limewire from different mixtapes by him

    He’s kind of dope to me but he’s not a lyricist or battle rapper or nothing like that but he can craft some nice music and he aint talking about guns every second lol…refreshing to hear since most of the music I love contain that element

    BUT the crazy part was when he was on that MTVrapfix thing they do when Sway interview you…he asked Wiz to kick a freestyle and Wiz said something on the lines that he forgot the verse he was gone spit on the show to Sway “its the weed homie lol” meaning he cant freestyle or anything but he can write some good shit and there no problem with that basically i just knew Wiz verse when i saw him on the cypher was gone be some writin’ shit

  • megulito

    nigga black out on some of these yelawolf killed pushat prince big sean ripped the shit i only saw two the rest were taken down

  • Peso

    made a mistake…WIZ KHALIFA verse is from a song with Wiz & Curren$y called “The Checkpoint” not “This Plane” like I said in the post above

  • Peso

    Jay Electronica would have killed the whole cypher and BET awards if he was in it…2011 is gone be his year and the rest of this one to lmao

  • beaver

    this year was weak..best verses werent shit compared to last year..
    2.royce da 5’9
    4.ice cube
    5.kanye west

    last year was crazyy.. MADD CRAZYY
    1.joe budden
    3.black thought
    4.mos def.

  • j


  • Young C

    Man imagine if J. Cole was on it…