Waka Flocka Flame’s Most Notable Twitter Moments

This past weekend BET held it’s annual Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta. While announcements of the night’s winners usually grab the most headlines in the days following, Waka Flocka Flame seems to be getting most of the post-show buzz. Unfortunately, it’s not for taking home a trophy but for beefin’ with BET executive Stephen Hill via Twitter.

The online squabble started after Waka performed a different song than the one show producers had rehearsed and the Brick Squad rapper jumped off stage to interact with fans during his set. The unscheduled mosh pit led @StephenGHill to tweet, “BET Hip-Hop Awards. The show was going sp well… and then Waka Flak-ed. Yeah. I said it.”

Once @WakaFlocka1017 caught wind of the shot, he went in, tweeting: “ima let fans know the inside of this lame game yall call rap they want u to don’t b ya self N x u out 4 being a real nigga … pussy HILL.”

A little over an hour later, he added, “how the fuck u invite Waka Flocka and hate when i jump N the crowd to connect more wit fans and friends ….. #rappers R robots lol.”

Despite the exchange of words online, Hill later extended an opportunity for the two to meet up and squash the whole thing: “let’s you and me talk. Bring your manager. I should NOT have sent that first text…but there’s some learning here. You in?”

While the dust is still settling from this online squabble, this isn’t the first time Waka has caused controversy on Twitter. In the wake of the Hill battle and his debut LP, Flockaveli, dropping tomorrow, XXLMag.com decided to recount some of Waka’s most notable Twitter moments.


Nice try, but looks like Mr. Flame was in such a rush to flip the bird to his haters that he forgot the E.


Damn, shawty, what Martin have to do with this? Oh, wait, now we remember THIS. Waka, you so crazy!


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  • JayTL

    Coonery at it’s Finest!

  • Tiiz

    “Yall Need to Wake Up Shawty I’m Far From Dummmmm” << LMAO!!! This guy.

  • projecthallwaypisser

    I cant believe i just wasted 30 seconds of my life reading this shit. Why does XXL continue force this guy on us??? He wont be around next year. Mark my words…

    • swype-matic

      I think you pretty much said what everybody else was thinking.

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t know why he’s so fed up with the industry and calling it lame. He’s one of the main reasons it is lame.

    • El Tico Loco

      Is funny how he’s concerned with education but makes ignat ass music. The more I read, the more it shows why his school district lost their creditation.

  • ErvGotti85

    He is one of the reasons they need a updated versions of school house rock, and some of the other educational prepubescent shows from when I was younger. Because kids need another outlet to learn outside of school then listening to him.
    And I am not normally this preachy but damn.

  • Anonymous

    my ni@@az, look at 2day…xxl fell off badly…sad sh#t…

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  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J


    Yeah, the improper usage of capitalization, lack of punctuation, and misspelling of “dumb” indicate otherwise, shawty.