Joe Budden: “It’s Time to Move On & I Want Fans to [Grow] With Me.”

Joe Budden is fed up. He’s tired of the gossip about his romantic relationships, the politics of the music industry and hip-hop’s “naïve ignorant culture.” After years of successfully grinding it out independently, touring overseas, and helping launch rap supergroup, Slaughterhouse, he returns with Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst. With the fourth part in his classic mixtape series, Joe is opening a brand new chapter and retiring old topics, drama and beef. No, he doesn’t want to talk about his ex Tahiry or Somaya Reece, he’s indifferent about Shyne’s million-dollar signing to Def Jam and he’s pissed at the way the system has handled his recent arrest warrant for delinquent child support payments. tackled all these topics and more with Joe and discovered a new person, one who is focusing on being happy and hoping his fans will take the long journey with him into the drama-free zone. You released four trailers for Mood Muzik 4 and in one of them you used footage of your ex-girlfriend Tahiry crying. Did you get any heat from her for that?

Joe Budden: I don’t know. I don’t know if she was upset or not. I didn’t try to find out. Hopefully she wasn’t. It wasn’t to center around her. It was to show progress from wherever I was at the time those clips were recorded.

So there are no regrets about using her in the footage?

None at all.

You have an arrest warrant out for you regarding child support payments. What’s the status of that now?

There is no plan of action—you pay it. This is something going on for the past however many years. You miss two months, they put out a warrant—you pay it and that’s the end of that.

Recently on Twitter you wrote: “Just spoke 2 a few of my sheriff friends…. amazing what an upcoming election will do…” Was that in response to your arrest warrant?

Yeah, definitely.

Do you want to elaborate on how you feel politics played a role in getting you on the front page of the Jersey Journal?

Me elaborating would come across as one big fuck you to the whole 595 Newark Avenue. So I just won’t.

In the final trailer for Mood Muzik 4 you said that you don’t want the “bad bitch” anymore. Is that a turning point for you where you’re tired of being part of the rumor mill and gossip blogs when it comes to women?

No, not really. It’s more metaphorically speaking. It’s not to say I don’t want that but I’m not caught up in that. I’m not caught up in record sales, expensive cars, luxury vehicles and big mansions. I’m not caught up in all these material things and things some people put more value in than their worth.

Were you caught up in all of that at a certain point?

Maybe… Maybe.

“Maybe” is pretty vague.

No, I think that’s a direct answer; it means maybe I was. I’m not concerned about where I was. I’m concerned about where I am.

So how’d you get to this new point. What’s the story of how you got there?

It’s a revelation. You wake up, have an epiphany and that’s pretty much it. There’s no big story here if that’s what you’re looking for. You learn, grow and mature and come to a certain point. I’m 30 so this is where I’m at in my 30’s as opposed to where I am in my 20’s.

Did you ever respond to Somaya Reece alleging that you’re bipolar?

I didn’t.

Do you want to respond now and clear the air?

No. I feel like at 30 years old they asking me about a bunch of shit I don’t care about. I don’t care about Somaya Reece and all this other bullshit. This shit is worthless to me but it seems to be very important to you, which says you have an audience who this bullshit is very important to.

That’s part of the reality. You put out video blogs making your personal life public. So many people bought into that and when something happens in your personal life they want to know more and feel a sense of entitlement. Of course you have your privacy and if you don’t want to address it you don’t have to.

Okay, that part I understand but it’s a false sense of entitlement so people need to recognize that part. Also, to answer your question, if I don’t respond to it I don’t care about it. There’s not very many things I care about to respond to and Somaya Reece falls into that category.

So what do you care about that you want to discuss?

Music I care about, family I care about, friends and loved ones. Those are things that people should care about. I don’t care about responding to what Somaya Reece says. I don’t care about the top 10 list that BET put out. I could care less about these things. They hold absolutely no value to me at all.

From the trailers it seems that you’re in a space where this is the beginning of a solution for you. Would you say that’s true?

Anybody who followed my music throughout my career knows it’s always been very introspective and very personal. It’s always been somewhat relatable for the fans but a lot of topics they’ve been run-on topics. You’ve heard me speak about my child’s mother or situation with my child. Now is the time when some of these stories come to an end and it’s time to bring some clarity to some things that maybe were lacking before. It’s time to move on and I want the fans to take that step with me. I don’t want them to be shocked or surprised when it happens.

You said you’re headed to a new place. So describe that new place for your fans of where you’re personally and musically.

The music would better be able to describe that. I’m happy.

What’s brought happiness into your life?

That’s personal between me and my therapist.

Many people have a stigma within the urban community about therapy. The fact that you’re open about that has done a lot…

What is the stigma?

There is a stigma around therapy and seeking help—especially for men. Men are thought of to be supermen, so to address emotions is not something we normally see…

This is the simplest logic in the world; niggas pay escorts to fuck and leave and that’s a service. Therapy is nothing more than paying someone to listen without judgment and with confidentiality. Only in hip-hop do we correlate therapy with being some sick twisted weirdo because hip-hop is just a real naïve ignorant culture for the most part—70-percent of the time.

That’s why I was giving you credit to make that statement. If more people went to therapy and expressed themselves emotionally there wouldn’t be so much beef.

I agree 100-percent.

So any updates on Slaughterhouse and the rumored Eminem deal?

Not at the moment. None that we are able to share with the general public. Everything is as it last was.

Do you think Shyne was worth a million dollars for his Def Jam deal?

Maybe not. Do you?

Personally, no but why don’t you think he was?

I don’t know if he is. That remains to be seen. If he comes out and sells three million copies I’ll say, hell yeah, great investment.

What are your thoughts on rumors of L.A. Reid getting fired from his Def Jam post?

None. None at all. That also falls under list of things I could care less about. —Souleo

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  • B.K.O. Management

    Its crazy how you let people in to your life…open up on your fears, pain, regrets, and most desired in life. And people take that and use it against you. People hurt you and tear you down. That happened with Joe Budden.

    Keep your head up Joe. Stay focused. Most important keep moving forward.

    Bryant K. Oden
    A&R Consultant/Artist Manager

  • Brass Tacks

    Great interview. Buddens stays honest in his media sessions…

  • Fireforreal

    Always like Joe’s interviews. That nigga keeps it honest without trying to be the dumb tough guy.Mood muzik 4(Just like the other 3) will murder damn near everybody’s albums this year. It’s good hip hop.

  • beaver

    Budden is the truth.
    great interview.
    real dope artist.
    true to his fans.
    get that MM4 mixtape.

  • ron vaughn

    this fool budden is so wack. weakest on slaughterhouse and his only hit was from like 01. hes never getting another popular song cause now hes too “mature” for it. your too old breh give it up.

  • pioneer

    hahahaha Joe Budden went to therapy
    hahaha he is wack!! Maybe he need´s a shoulder to cry on loooool

  • jane

    What a fregginnn bumm.

    FEED YOU KID sucker.

  • janeblazze

    What a fregginnn bumm.

    FEED YOU KID sucker.

  • Q461

    Joey is the truth. Fuck what anyone says. Dude keeps it 100. Go cop that MM4 niggaz.

  • JCity2412

    Look….Joe Budden is no differant from your boy you chill with on the daily….a regular dude with issues….sh!t I got issues too… His just happen to be public because thats what he chose to an extent. I’m sure there are things he really wishes people would mind their own or at least look into the mirror before they judge. You never know the decisions you would make until you’re put into the situation to make them. Joe is undoubtedly in the top 5 underated MC’s that actually have a purpose in the R.A.P. scene. The truth is always hard to hear and maybe thats why most “FANS” stay away. Real Recognize Real and yeah I’m from Downtown Jersey City so thats enough said bout that. And you wonder why tru hip hop doesn’t get recognized? There aren’t enough Real R.A.P. Fans just a bunch of listeners that don’t know the real herritage of Rhythem And Poetry.

  • tash

    gotta love Joe Budden (at least I do)..He tells it like it is. Wish they would’ve talked a little more about MM4 though, questions were kind of lame. And MM4 is the truth!

  • CEO254

    Joe Budden is God


    Budden is one of the few artists that I actually care to read/listen to his interviews.

  • kat

    this man is not a rapper he’s the epitome of a true artist (he’s literally naked in his lyrics) and if you are not a fan of him you have to reconsider your reasonings for that. This game put a lot of hate around him, why? his fame sabotaged by other rapper scared of his success. he refused to sell this soul, but if you listen carefully he sells his soul in his music. BUY any project and listen without prejudice. People either love him or hate him there’s no in between, he strikes a chord you can’t ignore. if your hating him maybe your scared of looking at the truths his lyrics mirror you. he might be too honest for the fakeness in our time. either way he’s before pac in my book, and its a shame your not going to recognize this shit till he’s mourned.
    thank god he has the heart to keep on making it on his own, god has a plan for you, joey keep doin it.
    real eyes, realize, real lies….

  • Emmitt Fickert

    Why do the article jogs my memory of some other the same a single I read some other place?

  • Mitch 3K

    One of the few artist left that has the guts to be himself in front of the camera and not do the Jigg-a-boo shuffle the rest of these idiots do for the money

    MM4 is the truth

  • Robin Ginolfi

    Why is it that your content reminds me of another corresponding one who I just read some place else?

  • http://girl abdulaziz