J. Cole Vs. Fashawn – Who Had the Best Verse on “Relaxation”? [POLL]

Rap fans have seen plenty of collaborations between this year’s XXL Freshmen—Freddie Gibbs and Pill have several songs together (“Run Up to Me,” “Womb 2 the Tomb” and “Do Wrong”), Gibbs and Jay Rock’s “Rep 2 Tha Fullest,” Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle appeared on French Montana’s “I’m On It,” etc.—but last night (October 4) a joint between two of the class’s lyrical heavyweights, J. Cole and Fashawn, leaked onto the ’net, leading us to wonder who came off with the better verse.

The song, titled “Relaxation,” (which also features a verse from rapper/producer Omen) finds the North Carolina wordsmith and the Fresno spitter doing the exact opposite on the mic, as both spazzed out over Cole’s hook-less, laid back instrumental.

The Roc Nation star starts the track off first, showcasing an excited, fast-paced flow, while also exhibiting his penchant for making listeners hit the rewind button. Boasting, “These niggas quote my lines like the Lord’s book.”

‘Fash grabs the baton from Cole at the 1:20 mark, switching the quick-fire flow to a more distinct rhyme scheme, emphasizing on the last syllable of every line, which he stretches out to a lasting effect. (“Every time a nigga roooooolll/Old school whip and it’s sittin’ on voooogues”).

Question is which student made the grade? —Jesse Gissen

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  • Cmac

    I vote they do more songs together and not worry about whose better, I enjoyed this alot, did alot of rewinding so I can hear the verse and both of them came out strong. Looking forward for more rookie duos.

    • VR

      Seriously! I hate that on every collaboration, cats always wanna compare and do the whole “he killed him on his own sound’ crap!

  • Critique

    I haven’t even listened to the song yet, but i’m gonna say J.Cole. Then i’m gonna listen to the song and come back to second myself

    • Fu&%(* Retard

      You are dumb as hell. These rappers are on par with each other.

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com Candid BACKshotS

    YEAH,im feeling this feature. Discussing who got the hottest verse….whose metaphors are on point….that’s what Hip Hop is all about!

  • Hannibal Cannibal

    Fashawn will lose this because he is lesser known….for now. Obviously people just follow hype, like Critique did above, but they both killed it. Im giving the edge to Fashawn though

  • Anonymous

    its hard to say but i gave it to Fashawn

  • Chris S

    dude…who did the last verse?? cuz whoever that was killed it!!

    • K Deville

      Omen, he had a raw ass verse on The Badness by J. COle too

  • Anonymous

    real sick…fashawn is dope but its a COLE WORLD

  • the purple giver

    i heared of fash before i knew about cole, so i have no bias but ima give it to cole, the flow sat better on the beat. but you cant overlook omen on this, he held his own. they all killed it but ima give best verse to cole

  • JHat

    Fashawn Def Wins this one! Grizzly City!

  • JimmyIovinesNephew

    yea I actually thought Omen killed it the best, kinda disrespectful of xxl

    • K. DeVille

      The main focus was to spark up a debate over who had a better verse between XXL Freshman of the year, but with that being said they could have mentioned him too

  • str8 killa no filla

    i agree with ya’ll who saying they shouldnt compare verses but ever since renegade people couldn’t help but compare verses.

  • Anonymous

    “hit thecorner like a 8 ball, man i concentrate like adolf” i had to rewind dat shit

  • DannyD

    I like both, but Fashawn kills it. He’s been on point for the last 2 years.

  • piece22

    I gotta say both rappers respectively dropped some good bars but i gotta give it to my cali native Fashawn ON THIS ONE. Like the article says its a laid back instrumental which is what the westcoast rappers embody in there flow.

  • Sierra

    NeverMind This! This Whole Sonq Goes. All Of Em Did hey Thing And It Was D-O-P-E! Im A Hugh-MaddaFact Im J. Cole Number 1 Fan. Is A Cole World. But This Sonq Slaps. And Thts All There Is To It.