Thank God it’s Friday. Not only does that signal the end of the school and work week, but, of course, it means another addition to Kanye West’s weekly G.O.O.D. Friday Music series. For the past seven weeks, the Chicago producer/rapper has been holding true to his word and been blessin’ his fans with new music every Friday. Ever since the series kicked off on August 20, you can’t walk down the hallways of the XXL offices without hearing someone rockin’ out to that G.O.O.D. Music. But how do these new songs rank in the grand scheme of things? A few of the XXL staff jumped on AOL Instant Messenger to rate Mr. West’s latest tracks and speak their piece on all things G.O.O.D. Fridays related. Peep game. 

Jesse Gissen: Aight everybody, you ready to talk about some Kanye? As you all know, this week's discussion is on Kanye's GOOD Friday tracks

Jesse: First off, what is everyone's general consensus of the songs so far?

Anslem Samuel: #Classic

Matt Barone: Pretty much the best new rap songs we've heard over the last couple months

Rob Markman: So far the GOOD Fridays leaks are shaping up to be better than most albums that dropped this year

Adam Fleisher: He's raising the bar for everyone

Matt: On a consistent basis

Adam: Every song is like 6, 7 minutes and dope throughout

Jesse: Anyone dislike?

Anslem: Kanye makes the game exciting. From the songs with big names, beats and the SNL performance

Brooklyne Gipson: Awesome... Everything has been dope so far

Jesse: Anyone think the songs are overrated?

Thomas Golianopoulos: Not trying to be a contrarian but are these songs better than his old albums?

Matt: I think they can be overlong at times, but they feel like tracks made more for the fun of it, so their lengths don't bother me

Rob: Right, these GOOD Friday leaks sound like they come from bigger sessions where anything goes

Thomas: Are they better than "Can't Tell Me Nothin’?" "School Spirit?" "The Glory?" …nope

Jesse: My only concern is that i think some of the songs dont equal the sum of its parts

Anslem: Put these songs together for a mixtape when it's done and you won't skip much. Imagine if these are his throwaways wtf does he have for the album

Jesse: Does anyone else think some of the artists don't belong on some of the tracks?

Matt: I'm mad that Rza's part on "I'm So Appalled" is unbearable to listen to, and that's coming from the biggest Wu-Tang fan around

Anslem: Fo sho. Like Lloyd Banks #NoShots didn't bring much to “Christian Dior” IMHO

Thomas: I thought he was the best on that song

Matt: "I'm So Appalled" is my favorite of the bunch, despite the awful Rza part

Anslem: What was wrong with RZA's part all he did was the hook

Matt: I wanted him to rap, and it seemed unnecessary for him to be on it

Matt: I'm just too critical because i was hoping to hear some of his raps that I love and most others don't, Haha

Adam: I loved RZA just shouting on the end of that actually. 30 WHITE BITCHES...THIS SHIT IS RIDIKALOUS

Jesse: Rza lisp >

Matt: Actually, "Monster" is one of the songs, right? That's the best of the bunch, if so

Rob: Actually "Monster" is THE BEST of the bunch. I Agree with Matt

Jesse: What do you guys think? What is the best GOOD Friday song so far

Brooklyne: “Monster”... but who had the best verse? (You know who my vote goes to)