Watch Now: Dipset Gives Live Interview on XXL’s Ustream Show [VIDEO]

Fresh off The Diplomats appearance at last weekend’s BET Hip Hop Awards, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey will be coming up to the XXL Offices this afternoon (October 6) to be the latest guests on Spotlight, XXL’s live video interview series on UStream.

The interview is scheduled to broadcast in real-time simultaneously on both and Channel Live at 3 p.m. EST. Fans are encouraged to hit @XXLStaff on Twitter with their questions for the Harlem natives.

Santana will be following up his “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” rap partner Lloyd Banks, who sat in the hot seat last Wednesday. [Watch here]

Be sure to tune in to Spotlight with Dipset in less than one hour. —XXL Staff

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  • Myles R. Walker

    Shoutout to Killa Cam Capo Jim Jones Byrdgang, Juelz Santana Skullgang, Freeky Zeeky all 730 Dips & Dipset South, Hell Rell Top Gunnas, Jr. Writer & Thunder Birds, Writers Block, Fred Money, 40 Cal Skeem Team, 40 Boys, A-Mafia, Vado Slime Flu Dipset UN, Purple City Sheist Bub, Tom Gist, to the whole worldwide powerful conglomerate Dipset All day Salute! 1LUV Dipset Tourette Syndrome All DAY! Y DIG!

    • Buff Bagwell

      These niggas aint went bronze in 5 years and u call them a worldwide powerful conglomerate…. BITCHES AND GENTZ, I PRESENT TO YOU THE DICKSET CUMGUZZLER!!!!!

      Fuck you Yankee.

    • redgunn

      this was the worse fucking interview i ever seen was looking at some fucking clowns..if you act like a clown and dont even have ´the respect to give a disent interview i wont give you any respect i will fucking download your shit on piratepay.when dipset start acting like grownups maybe i will pay for there cds ..i think xxl should never give this motherfuckers any intention in the future..thi motherfuckers deserve to starw

  • charlie wingate

    u naming the whole family!!!!

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  • dipz

    wheres the whole of dipset and whos that white bitch there?

  • klass initialz

    First off where is Cam,, second how was this an interview, more like hey you guys here do wat u want……no ques… no text from fans getting in… my main question is wats up wit Kat williams he made dipset global

    Klass initialz
    klass ova da classic mixtape

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  • Aven

    I am going to give you at XXL some constructive criticism, and I hope you listen.

    1) The white woman needs to go.
    2) how is this an interview? it’s a mess.¨
    3) prepare good questions.
    4) hire me.

  • Buff Bagwell


    Fuck these old ass dirty lookin Nuu Yawk niggaz. Pink fur coat wearin ass mufuckas. Freekey deeky zeekey should just get a platinum chain made like a dildo so he can lick cam’s nuts from the back while he shoves his chain up his ass. Fuck these niggas.

  • klass initialz

    white lady is a boss at xxlmag,
    bagwell watch ya mouth wen speaking out of turn bout people u dont know,,,,New york all day by way of Las Vegas…
    Google me ni66a Klass initialz
    xxlmag holla…..

  • Hussle’s Way

    This whole shit is corny!! reunion in 2007 woulda been hot. in 2011 nobody gives a fuck

    watch ‘em go double plastic!! Jimmy Iovine gon regret investing in that project.

    and Jim Jones….he’s a clown

  • Anonymous


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