Diddy’s 5 Big-Money Lines [#3 of Top 10 Producers Turned Rappers]

The transition from hip-hop maestro to rap artist is a tough one, and not everyone can master it. But when it comes to getting down on the mic, some beatsmiths just have the gift of gab. With Kanye West making the successful leap from soulful in-house producer to one of the game’s most respected (and controversial) voices on the mic, XXL felt it only right to count down the best 10 producers turned rappers of all time in the October 2010 issue, which is on stands now.

Coming in at No. 3 is Diddy, whose rhymes always sound like good money. Be sure to pick up the October issue to get the full write up on Puff and how he earned his spot. But for now, here’s Diddy’s 5 big-money lines.

Diddy’s “Bad Boy for Life”
“We still here, you’re rockin’ with the best/Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks.”

Waka Flocka Flame’s “O Let’s Do It (Remix)”
“I got my billions up, fuckin’ with them White folks/Now I don’t give a fuck, ’cause I’m richer than them White folks.”

Diddy’s “Been Around the World”
“Was in a one-bedroom, dreaming of a million/Now I’m in beach houses, cream to the ceiling.”

G-Dep’s “Let’s Get It”
“I’m the Bad Boy flavor, light-blue gators/Not guilty, and I’m filthy.”

Busta Rhymes’s “Arab Money (Remix)”
“I’m profiling, with my billions pilin’, I’m just wildin’, bought two islands/Lakshmi Mittal’n, diamonds is salmon, ’bout to buy Fifth Ave., bitch, I’m just stylin’.”

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  • http://whatsnxet.blogspot.com Ethan

    Who is making these choices? I want a name. This is a terrible list.

    I assume Dre is next, then Kanye (maybe the other way around, if you guys feel like showing respect for your elders).

    Have you ever heard of Jay Dee? Pete Rock? Black Milk? Havoc? Kno? Alchemist? Hi Tek? I mean these dudes are not all amazing rappers, but they are better than pretty much EVERYONE on this list so far.

    You should really be ashamed of this list.

    • http://nwso.net Anslem

      Gotta pick up the issue for the full break down of the criteria, but a lot of the greats didn’t make it based on the list itself which is producer TURNED rapper. So someone like Pete and Jay, who came out and established themselves doing both didn’t make the list for that reason. Same for Large Pro. Alchemist was in a rap group before producing (name escapes me at the moment). So yeah there was definite debate in staff meetings and we stuck to the rules and came up with the top 10.

      #KanyeShrug #DiddyBop

      • http://whatsnxet.blogspot.com Ethan

        What about RZA? He came out doing both.

      • Chaka

        I dont understand how Diamiond D can make d list and Dj Quik is left out.Quik is not only a super duper producer but a dope rapper.Also,I think the idea of having Swizz beats and Pharrel on the list is forced since they(Swizz especially) cannot be regarded as rappers by any standard(not even on Timbaland’s standard).Whats wrong with Eric Sermon,Daz,Warren G,or even Soopafly?They too are producers turned rappers.Again,to me,Kanye West is on the same plane with Diddy as far as rapping goes.Both of them have a couple of decent lines but they are by no means dope rappers.My list would be:

        1.Dr Dre
        2.Eric Sermon
        3.Dj Quik
        4.Kanye West
        9.Mannie Fresh

        Peace with love from Africa

      • El Tico Loco

        If you put RZA you should’ve put Pete Rock or Dilla Jay Dee on the list to make your argument valid as far as being established doing both. But hey, ya’ll know where your bread is buttered so you gonna do what you gotta do to pay bills.

  • bless

    nigga any line from young g’s
    especially release date bigger than mandellas

  • s DOT

    How many of these lines did he actually write?

  • Q461

    @ Ethan

    Co-sign man. Prob Kanye and Dre left, maybe Pete Rock. Havoc should def be on this list. Large Professor maybe???

    as far as Diddy goes, he’s one of the greatest hip-hop executives in history. A brilliant mogul and marketing genius. A man that wears many hats and who really knows about self promotion. He also has a great ear for music. He was behind Biggie, the Lox, Mase, 112, Total etc. Like it or not, his solo debut sold a shitload of records and he has put together a nice string of hits for himself from I need a girl 1 and 2 to Satisfy you and Last night with Keisha Cole.

    But bottom line is that like Jermaine Dupri, Diddy sucks as a rapper. He can’t write lyrics for himself and his flow aint all that impressive. He’s jus an opportunist and a successful one at that, but he’s not a genuine MC.

  • Dick B.

    HaHa, you guys at XXL Magazine sure have a sense of humor. Diddy>RZA ahahaha

  • http://whatsnxet.blogspot.com Ethan

    @Anslem, Alchemist was in Whooligans, but if it is what they ESTABLISHED themselves as (as you said), then Alchemist would definitely qualify, and I think Dilla and Pete Rock would too.

    It seems like you just picked the 9 most popular hip-hop rapper/producers and Diamond D.

    • Chaka

      I guess Diamond D was thrown into the list to make it look respectable.How they missed DJ Quik and Eric Sermon is far beyond me.Even Warren G has a better record than Diamond D.Remember his first productions”defination of a thug nigga”for Tupac and “indo Smoke”for Mr.Grimm.That was way before he went on to release “Regulate”.And yea like you pointed out RZA came out doing both.

  • Dick B.

    HaHa, you guys at XXL sure have a sense of humor. Diddy>RZA ahahaha

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Damn Anslem…

    No lines from Puff’s ‘Benjamin’s’ verse?


    ‘I Love You Baby’ w/Black Rob???

    #KanyeShrug #DiddyBop

  • Q461

    @ Don McCaine

    I gotta co-sign that Victory has probably Diddy’s greatest lyrics/flow.

    My other thoughts:

    DJ Quik should def be included. I also wanna throw out the name Lord Finesse who hasn’t been mentioned. Erick Sermon was a rapper before producer. I co-sign that comment about Warren G, but don’t sleep on Diamond D.

  • El Tico Loco


    Lord Finesse was rapping before he hit the boards, I believe is the same for Quik.

    But I was just thinking, with the exception of Marley Marl everybody that produced tracks on Cuban Linx 2 should be on the list.

  • Dante

    My favorite Diddy line:

    “I’m a Bluetooth nigga, but i don’t have any cavities.” lol

    (from The Future, written by Pharoahe Monch)

  • sean

    diddy over rza ? realy ?
    diddy over hovac really

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