Devil’s Night: 10 Hip-Hop Halloween Stories


Halloween memory? Man, throwing eggs and getting locked up. I was about 15, 16 got caught for throwing eggs… I only stood in the precinct for about an hour, though, they let me go. But still that was a bad feeling. But I had to be brave about it though ‘cause the cop car was right there and I still threw it.


My favorite Halloween memory is a party that I played in London, England on Halloween. It started at midnight and didn’t end until noon the next day and I actually played for about six hours and everybody that came to the party was there in costume. You had to go through three or four doors before you got to the actual party. It was probably next to a bunch of Jay-Z parties that was probably the best party I ever played. That was the perfect Halloween.


My favorite Halloween I’d say was in 2003. All of The Roots did a show at the House of Blues and we decided to dress up as the ghosts of soul past so all of us were a different figure of soul music that passed. I was Barry White, Black Thought was Curtis Mayfield, Kurt, our guitarist, was Jimi Hendrix, our percussionist at the time was Rick James, Kamal, our keyboard player, was Big Pun. I think that was it, so basically we were just the ghosts of super music past. That was a very good Halloween.


Growing up as a kid in a New York, I don’t know if I would call it my favorite memory, but I’d just say it’s the one that stands out. Everyone used to stand at the bus stop, wait ‘til the bus door opened and then throw eggs at the bus driver. It was a neighborhood thing and it just stood out to me.

After a while I questioned that, like, you know, why is that funny. And then they used to take the eggs and let them sit out for a whole week and get rotten and then climb up on the school roof and throw it at people—everybody did it. I was like a kid in elementary school when I did it.

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  • Caine

    Lettin da eggs get rotten, now dats classic… Ya’ll betta be safe out der, halloween is the night a lot of hood niggas hit licks…

  • The187Worm

    I see this Mac Miller is a bitch ass muthufucka….lettin his boys get jumped and shit…i know kids younger then that…that would never let this shit go down…his music is bad anyways…pussied out in front of a club i seen too, for stealin an unknowns beats..then they confront you on camera lol…pussy ass chump

  • Money Mitch

    Nothing from an artist from Detroit?? I mean damn half the city burns down every year!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Devils Night…cuz I came back to rule this time
    Cuz I came back to take whats mine

  • Anonymous

    @the187worm –I agree with you one hundred percent. If I was one of his (boys) I would had the crew jump him.

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